Prostitution Report
from China

I began in Tulufan (Turpan) with a binge. The evening started badly and continued mainly because of my desire for better sex. I began at my hotel, the Turpan Oasis Hotel (Luzhou Binguan), 41 Qingnian Lu, Phone: 852 2491 Fax: 852 3348 which is an okay 400 RMB ($ 50) three star hotel with a nice VIP room in the hotel massage parlor, but only two girls, neither of whom were that attractive, and both of whom were over priced at some thing like 800 RMB ($100) including their tip for two hours in the VIP room. I had a decent massage and so-so sex with one of the girls (a 7), then had a taxi driver take me to a massage parlor in town where for 400 RMB ($50) I had an hour with a beautiful 9 (5 foot 2, long black hair, and a wonderful face and body) who however only provided desultory sex and no real massage to speak of in a very shabby room. Dissatisfied I asked yet another taxi driver for his recommendation and hit the jackpot - the massage parlor at the very nice and highly recommended Kazar Well Hotel, 888 Xinxinmen Cun, Phone: 0995-8557206. This is where I will stay on my next visit to a very interesting city. There I met Malia, a tall 23 year old Uighur girl with red dyed hair from western Xinjiang who while only a 7.5 provided for 400 RMB a wonderful massage, bbbj to completion (no swallow), and two shots of sex without a condom over a 2 hour period in a nice well appointed room with a large bed.

Malia was so nice that I called her the next day from Wulumuqi and invited her to spend the next three days with me at the Wulumuqi Holiday Inn. She suggested that she bring Halida, her 18 year old girl friend with her and after some bargaining we agreed on 3000 RMB for the two of them for three nights. That was a memorable experience as Halida turned out to be a wonderful 8.5 or 9, with an almost pre-Raphalite beauty, who had only recently entered the game we love so well. While Malia and Halida were quite shy, refused to do any lesbian sex, and never did learn to swallow, we did progress up the ladder during our time together in Wulumuqi beginning with bbbjs and sex in separate beds the first night, to bbbjs and sex together on one big bed so I could alternate girls the second night, to renting a room in the hotel night club the third night and taking them both in semi-public with one of the nightclub hostesses and one of the managers joining us in our own little orgy. The manager was so impressed that he ended up recruiting both Malia and Halida for the Holiday Inn night club. So far as I know they are still there now and available to all of you.

Compared to Wulumuqi the sex on the rest of this trip seemed pallid. I had one or two hotel girls in Lanzhou and Xi’an who were fairly perfunctory as well as a minor fight in a Lanzhou night club which tried to put the squeeze on me for 1200 RMB for just half an hour in their establishment (the old game of charging for unwanted food and drink and hidden fees).

I did, however, enjoy my last night in Chengde where I stayed at the Yunshan Hotel 6,South Nanyuan Road, Chengde, Hebei, China +86-314-2026473 +86-314-2024551 which is relatively shabby for a 400 RMB three star hotel, but has a very open KTV/Massage parlor on the first floor with 6 to 10 girls. I stopped by before dinner and chose one girl out of the lineup to be sent up to my room as an after-dinner treat. She was 23 years old and in the brighter light of my room a 7 rather than the 8 I had thought with a smaller chest due to the ubiquitous Chinese padded bra. Still she was very sweet and the sex was enjoyable, bbbj and intercourse without a condom. She ended up staying the night for an all-inclusive price of 800 RMB which while on the high side for Chengde is a lot less than an over nighter in Beijing. I did her three times, ending in the morning with a CIF.

Overall the quantity and pricing are far better outside Beijing and Shanghai although the quality is better in the big city.

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