Prostitution Report
from Costa Rica

Trip Report July2nd-12th

My first time visiting Costa Rico or any other Latin American country for that matter. Thanks to the good advice of people from this board like TriggerT, TpaGringo and others my 1st visit was fantastic.I took the recommendation to utilize a tour guide for my first trip. Orlando who has been mentioned frequently on this board and others. An excellent fellow, friendly and speaks perfect English. He picked me up at the airport when I arrived July 2nd and basically made sure I was taken care of for the whole trip. His number for those you who are first timers and want to be assured a safe and enjoyable trip---506-292-8628

What can I say, Costa Rica is a beautiful country and the girls are beyond belief. Although I did not get to visit many of the ‘hot spots’ mentioned on this board, I did check out the Blue Marlin on all the nights I was in San Jose. I had a different beautiful girl each of those night. A columbian girl, a Nicaraguan, but my favorite by far are the Ticas with their light brown skin. In particular I met a rather quiet Tica sitting away from the bar at the Blue Marlin on the other side of the blackjack tables. I asked her if she would come back with me to the Presidente to “teach me Spanish”. She replied with the normal $100 to which I countered with $60. She accepted rather quickly. This girl was easily an 8 or 9 in terms of looks, but turned out to be a 10 in the personality department and with sex. We really did start out by her teaching me a little Spanish (however this was with her completely naked--a definite advantage for a ‘spanish teacher’)

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Sex was marvelous with fantastic bbbj and just about the best kisser, not this little pecks like girls back in the states (working girls that is) but full deep kisses with tongue. She had beautiful full lips. Her name was Brenda and indicated she was a student. I’m not sure whether this is true or not, but her quiet and non-agressive attitude at the Blue Marlin certainly supported this. (Being a so-called semi-pro that is.) She made no effort to leave even after sex we spent time speaking Spanish and hugging. What a sweet girl! My 2 side trips were to Quepos/ Manuel Antonio (4 days) and then Tabacon Hot Springs (2 days).In Quepos I was introduced to 2 beautiful girls named Adrianna and Yvonna. Both were young and beautiful 18 year olds. I ended up spending parts of three days with these lovelies. Adrianna ended up being the ‘sweetest” one. We spent the night together my 2nd day in Quepos--Pretty good sex, but her youth and beauty were what really did it for me. I have pictures of here in a pink seethru outfit I brought for just such a deserving girl.

I went to Mt Arenal/Tabacon with a group of fellow ‘enthusiasts’ including TriggerT and a ‘guy that shall remain nameless’. We traveled with girls that were all semi-pro sweeties and stayed at Hotel Paraiso. I recommend this as an alternative to Tabacon Resort (not to be confused with the Tabacon Hot Springs--which is separate from all the hotel, cabins, etc.) The best view of Arenal Volcano and the price is right at $85 a night for the deluxe rooms --air conditioning and breakfast included. The girls were beautiful and the Tabacon Hot Springs exceptional surroundings. The girl I was with, however, stuck close to her girlfriend for most of trip and didn’t make that much effort to give me the attention I desired. Helen was beautiful, sweet and shy, perhaps a little too shy. My lack of Spanish speaking skills proved to be a problem with this girl. On my next trip I don't think I’ll take a girl who doesn’t speak at least conversational English--either that or I think I will be taking Spanish classes this Fall. Anyway perhaps I was getting spoiled with all the sweeties I’d meant up to that point. I was grateful to have my new buddies on the trip--I guess the point is be careful to make sure the chemistry with the girl is something you check out before you take her on a trip. Helen headed for the bus in the morning --my choice.

On my last day I visited a small massage place in San Jose-3 hours before my return--to get my last minute taste of Tica beauty, where I met a girl named Isabella. Isabella was an excellent masseuse that gave incredible bbbj and full-body massage with the tips of her breast. Quite frankly there’s no place in the States that I could see this happening all for about 10,000 colones ($30). Pure Heaven and a great way to end my first (certainly not my last) trip to Costa Rica.

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