Prostitution Report
from Cuba

We look for casas & chicas. I get three chica's direcciones within 1 hour of arriving in town, no lookers though. Major headaches finding available casas here. The infamous "one room / casa rule" has decreased the number of available rooms by 60%. Every place we knew was taken & soon everyone is calling for us. One of the better ones - owner Migdalia - lost her license because she did not follow the Rule. We finally find a nice place - Mirta's that has another owner / room upstairs. Very nice place but Mirta is a major bitch. That night I pick up this semi-pro cutie sitting on the steps of the main square. Trust me, this is not a good picture of her.

Not the greatest in the sac, but I adore her physical appearance. Petite, tight bod, & a most exquisite shaved little pussy, beautiful skin, only one small scar on her leg. By the way, every one of the chicas I was with on this trip attracted me in some way. I do not "settle for less". If any of you think my girls are ugly, or you would never "do them" or you think I am paying too much, or I am a fucking newbie who doesn't know what the fuck I am doing: UNLESS you want to

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1. make some plans to hook up with me in Cuba, & give a little instruction in person, or even just chat on the phone and pick your brain for an hour or two & give me a few good connections
2. have some TACTFUL, DETAILED (unambiguous) advise to write here,

I am going to tell you to GO AND FUCK YOURSELF. In the past year I have read 95% of the posts on this Cuba board, as well as a few books on Cuba & taken 5 months of language classes. My real life experiences are now 4 trips, also since December, 7 weeks total. I am fucking in love with the Cuba, but DUH, I am still not going to know every trick in the book how to deal with Cubans. I am 38 years old & consider myself pretty cynical, which as my hero Bill Mahr says is the antithesis of naivete. So, my friends, my e-mail address is above, in case you want to talk in detail for an hour & help out a fellow global player, I am a good guy, not an asshole. So please no more BS, unless you have some TACTFUL, DETAILED (unambiguous) & NON-OBVIOUS advise to write or tell me, then FUCK OFF, capiche?

Also I do not need sex 3 times a day, or even every day, to enjoy myself in Cuba (unless maybe the girl is a perfect 9 or better and a non-pro). I think it gets real boring real fast at this rate, not to mention the tiring, energy depleting effect it can (will) have on you (when your 38, not 18, & not staying in nutrition lacking Cuba--see The Multi-Orgasmic Man for more info). If I skip a day, my next session is MUCH better--I am more horny & enjoy it a lot more. I do not have this goal in Cuba to fuck 50 women in 2 weeks, I am simply not 18 anymore. Also sex 3 times a day means 3 times more chance of getting stds esp if your constantly switching women.

Ledys spends the night for which I give her $15. She comes back later that afternoon. She is being a bitch (no doggie style, no 69, little good bj action). So after 25 minutes of this I tell her to leave, no $, chica malo. I am sure this is the last I will see of her, what a bitch, I can get this shit in the states. My 2 friends & I drive around town, chatting up chicas wherever we go. The crackdown is worse than Florida but less than CdA. The biggest problem is not that the chicas are scared of police (which they are a little) but the late-night police casa "inspections" to make sure the chica is registered in the book & is of age. If not, MUCHO PROBLEMAS for the casa owner. Also, chicas who get their name written in the casa books too much are sent to prison for prostitution. So a good way to know if a chica is hard-core is if she refuses to have her name written in the book & will only go to an illegal casa. We met at least one of these.

Some girls we picked up near a small bar/restaurant
That night, a Friday, I decide to go stag to the much talked about town discoteca, not content to socialize & drink in the bar half the night with
my 2 buddies. $5 entry ticket gives you 2 free drinks. See Lidia, blow each other off at first. No looker chicas are catching my eye, & the place was ~75% full, maybe 150 people. To me, Lidia is pretty much the best looking girl in the place & one of the few that doesn't seem to be with a cuban novia. One looker that I stopped to chat, a beautiful mulatta wearing a very revealing tight dress, was with her esposo. As the night went on, I saw more and more chica/yuma couples. Lots of fat old italians with average chicas. Anyway pretty soon I am dancing with Lidia who slowly made her way to my side as her friend would give me sips of her rumcoke. We all get pretty trashed and dance for about 2 hours. On the street at 2 am I tell Lidia she can spend the night with me if she won't hold anything back, "todo sexo, no restricciones". So we get to my casa & we have 2 hours of very sloppy, wet, exploratory sexo together & she spends the night.

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The next day my two buddies have to leave for CdA to catch their flight. I have one more week. Tonight I finally find my non pro novia from my last trip, who's casa I had been avoiding for all the other distractions in this town. When we get to my casa though at about 1 am, Mirta won't let her in the door: no carnet. She lives a half-hour walk away, & is too tired to walk back (not enough time to rent a scooter yet today).Sunday afternoon decide to pick up Yanni, who my buddy saw two nights ago & highly recommended to me. Not a real looker, but said she was very liberal in the sac. Get a scooter at hotel las tunas ($18/day for 6 days) & take her straight to my casa & find my buddy was correct. Here is Yanni: I spend the next 2 days with her. We go to the Playa La Herradura, a 2 hour ride north by scooter. This first scooter I get is a piece of shit (surprise) but it was the last one available. Usually it takes 5 or 10 minutes to get started, via kickstarter to boot. Sometimes it doesn't start at all, & I have to call the mechanic over, wait for an hour...Finally I get a new one, no problemas this time & 10 kph faster.But they are fun. I spend lots of time cruising around. 1/3 the price of a car. But I find the chicas are much less willing to chat or ride, esp in the day, than in a car. It helps when you dress up nice--long pants & dress shirt.

Tues night on the prowl again. Cruising I see many chicas giving me the eye but I am not looking for just any...several girls smiling & waiving to me I pass over. I meet this cool monger from Windsor who is real helpful, speaks fluent spanish & 4 other languages, has a house & two steadies in santa clara & practically lives in Cuba. He knows most girls here & tells me the nice ones. I pick one who I rejected earlier because no carnet, a real petit, curvy hottie. Vince tells me she really did lose her carnet & she is a sweetie. He knows some illegal casas but after 90 min of knocking on doors & waking people up in vain I give up. I get Alicias direcciones, give her mine, tell her to call me as soon as she gets a new carnet. She never called. I could have easily had twice the opportunities in Tunas if it weren't for all these fucking rules.

On mi moto Wed afternoon, hear a psssst! turn & there is fucking Lidia, standing next to some hot dog stand with some friends. I almost don't stop, its still early. When I get over she looks great with her boobs pressed up firmly against a dark blue net shirt, nipples clearly visible. We agree to meet at my casa at 8 pm.

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I spend the rest of my trip with Lidia, with the exception of a very hot quickie in the shower with the mulatta in the "cubanas R us" photo. One hour later Lidia arrives and I have more fun with her. Went to Playa La Herradura again on Friday. This time with Lidia. After a couple days I discovered your scooter will go 10 kph faster--to 55 kph--if you put air in the tires right after you rent it & every 100 km after. Amazing! Also it can make for a good photo op for your hot chica.The mosquitos here were worse than I think I've ever seen. They were actually swarming over us, landing on the skin 2, 3 at a time. With repellant on. So we got the hell out of there, made it home in 90 minutes this time. Saturday I take Viazul bus back to Ciego de Avila. $14 for an airconditioned, smooth, 5 hour trip. Got to town at 12:30 am. Not much of a "street party" tonight. By the time I get settled into the casa it is 1:30 am. Find one young slim hottie on the street that I chat up but she seems very nervous to talk to me & impatient with my poor spanish. Well it is 2 am anyway, I don't have a permissive casa & tired to boot so I hit the hay.

Las Tunas seems a little overrated to me. I like Santiago better, there was more up-to-date info here on Santiago & I was much better prepared. Siriuss I wish I saw your last post 3 weeks ago I might have had a much better time. In Santiago I found the hustlers much easier to spot. I bet it was a lot better in Tunas 3 years ago, hell it was a lot better 4 months ago. In Tunas there are more light skinned girls than Santiago but not a lot of lookers and fucking rules rules rules. The lookers, if they exist, are either hiding with their mother in their casa or getting out with a yuma. Lidia showed me a picture of her friend that got married to a canadian 1 month earlier & moved to canada & she was really beautiful, the sweetest smile you ever saw, I would give her a 10. Cuba is going to shit guys. Shitty food, everything is broken or breaking and the fucking "rules". It is only going to get worse when the embargo is lifted. I mean, what the fuck do they expect us tourists to do here, study socialismo & the writings of Che? Everything is FUCKED, & now they're restricting the chicas! The whole way home I was thinking this, and my next trip will be to Colombia, with palatable food & cute non-pros everywhere & freedom to be with them everywhere. But fuck, if I still don't miss Cuba right now. Those women, even the semi pros & hustlers, drive me fucking nuts & put these northern bitches to shame. As I told Lidia on my last night with her, I never really lived, until I came to Cuba.

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