Prostitution Report
from Dominican Republic

Once more I was met at Puerto Plata airport by Juan and whisked away to Blackbeard’s. We stopped at the Orange office in Puerto Plata to get my cell phone hooked up. There were several gorgeous women in the telephone store, but we escaped unscathed, proceeded to the ATM for chica fodder, then to La Barba Negra for check-in. As La Barba Negra offers a 10% reduction for cash, I had taken several large denomination dollar bills for that purpose, intending to use ATMs for pesos, and the dollar bills for backup, as they can always be used at home, which the pesos cannot.

On my last trip I had spent my final two nights in the passionate embraces of a woman who wanted to be my novia, and I had spoken to her a couple of times on the phone, though not in the last week before my trip. I had some reservations about hooking up with her again, not because of any doubts about her ability in the lovemaking department, but because I thought that she might soon get bored with me, and that if I made a long term commitment, an eight-night stay could turn into a nightmare.

In the bar at La Barba Negra were a number of young ladies, all of whom made discreet attempts to catch my eye, none more so than ‘Julia’ whose pupils seemed to have a direct connection to my gonads. Try as I might to avoid her gaze… it was hopeless. As I have said in previous reports, I have a strong predilection for girls who are tall and dark, and while ‘Julia’ wasn’t as dark as I usually like, she was definitely above average height, which meant that I had no defences against her.

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So I offered her a drink, and a short while later I was enjoying the view of her freshly shaved pubic mound from extremely close quarters. I had a very nice session with her, followed by a bite of supper, during which she offered me some extremely tempting terms if I was to spend the whole of my stay with her, one of which was that we could dispense with the condoms. This was quite tempting, but to accept her offer when I was trying to avoid a similar situation with another proven performer would have been, almost literally, from the frying pan to the fire. So I took her number and promised to give the matter some serious thought and that I would call her on the morrow. My self restraint was quite amazing, and though she very nearly had me back in the bedroom again, I fought temptation manfully, and, for one of the few times in my life, successfully.

After a while at Blackbeard’s you become fairly used to the fact that all the guys lie to the other guys about things like how much they pay the girls. This undercuts the other guys by luring them into offering the girls unreasonably low amounts, and enhances the reputation of the liar who actually pays full price, but claims to get 75% discounts. What is less well-known is that the girls lie to each other too, all claiming to use condoms at all times, while secretly trying to undercut the opposition by offering sex without condoms.

Of course my success in resisting temptation turned out to be purely temporary. A short while later I encountered the girl I will call ‘Silvia’ with whom I had a couple of quickies on an earlier visit. I explained to ‘Silvia’ that I was unable to entertain her due to the fact that I was still convalescent from my recent romp with ‘Julia’ and that I was scheduled to go out on the town with Juan a little later. She offered me a highly unusual deal—that since I was tired, if I took care of her womanly needs now, she would come back tomorrow and service mine. However this conversation was reviving my spirits, and we reached an agreement that I would take her upstairs right away, but that although I would take care of her first, she was not to completely flake out, as she had done before, because I would be wanting satisfaction too. Everything went to plan, and in fact, in my bathroom she found a loofah on a stick which delighted her, and she took that in lieu of her normal fee.

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An hour or two later Juan and I were headed towards Long Beach, when we stopped to pick up what we both thought was a female hitch hiker, though it turned out she was looking for business. We bought her a drink in a Long Beach bar, and made further plans. I was not really interested in this girl, who, while reasonably presentable by most standards, obviously didn’t have the nice clothes, manicures, eyebrow plucking, and other accoutrements of the high class operator. Juan and I intended to go into Crystal, but then our new companion started to wail floods of tears. She was sad because she was not attractive and didn’t have money for nice clothes and didn’t know what would become of her. She had nowhere to stay because she had no money to rent a room.

She did have a point. With all these stunning women everywhere, how was your average women supposed to compete and make a living? Call me stupid, if you like, but with some misgivings I agreed to take her for the night in exchange for 800 pesos. This effected quite a transformation, as she clapped her hands and said: “Now I am rich!” I have to think that she is a bit simple, though possibly she thinks the same of me.

Back at the hotel she was quickly into action, and gave me a taste of her wares (not literally), offering sex with or without and then announced that she had to go home to get a babysitter, and that if I gave her the money now, she would be back in an hour for the rest of the all-nighter. “Not so fast, young lady” sez I. Anyway, after some discussion I agreed to give her half the dinero now, and the rest on completion. Quite honestly I did not expect to see her again and had already fallen asleep when she came back a couple of hours later to finish the job. The sex was not very noteworthy, but I did manage to finish, and went back to sleep.

Why did I spend the night with this ordinary little woman who was actually or virtually homeless.? Just curiosity, I guess. One of the great things about the DR is that it enables you to act out all kinds of impulses that you would normally never even admit to.

Next day, I was with Juan again and was introduced at the beach in Costambar to an extremely pretty young lady with fair skin and light eyes , who looked as if butter would not melt in her mouth. However , clearly it would have melted, for I understood that she had a baby a couple of months earlier, and had been an enthusiastic participant in a recent four-or-five in a bed romp. We adjourned to one of the Costambar cabanas, my first such trip, which was very interesting. As you probably know, cabanas are sex hotels, but what interested me so much was that these places are clearly where the money is, as the grounds are superbly landscaped and the rooms beautifully equipped to a better standard than all but the most luxurious hotels. For a couple of hours this cost 360 pesos (less than US $10) including a free Presidente beer and condoms. Quite a deal, and the Dominican condoms, while best avoided for sex, make great souvenirs of your trip.

Back at the beach, I was starting to think that it might be about time to think about calling the dreaded novia, when I saw, less than fifty yards away, a fine example of the last species on earth I expected to see on the beach in Costambar in the afternoon… novia dominicana, previously though to be exclusively nocturnal, but now on the prowl in broad daylight.

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