Prostitution Report
from Hong Kong

First, the street situation in late 99 and early 2000 was not consistent.. I heard that Macua was amazing great but in my visits in 99 and 2000, sometimes lots of girls and sometime very few,, I think the inconsistency was due to the china turnover,Macau was keeping place clean for the change, Since the middle of 2000, there is more consistency but you never know,, There are crackdowns so it is all timing,, My last visit was oct and it was great. Also, july and aug were great.

The intersection of Avenida de Almeida Ribero and Rua Visconde Paco de Arcos (near the waterfront and Floating Casino)is the area that is prime.. There, you will find 3 to 4 hotels,, Before, the girls would stand outside and signal to you but now, they must stay inside and Wait for you to enter,, You will find 15 to 20 girls at each hotel—mainland Chinese, though I think a few thais,, I prefer the Chinese girls, They are very young, none seemed older than 24. My type- small waist, long hair and big boob , and the selection Was ample.. In my October visit I got to the hotel at about 3pm,, You can find girls from noon, but bulk of them work from 2pm to 7pm. Went into the first hotel and I was literally overwhelmed, About 5 girls approached me and there were 2 with nice big, boobs.. They wear low cut outfits and as plastic surgery is still new in china, many girls are natural. Decided to survey other hotels, All the hotel are Within 2 blocks, and some are on a backstreet. Anyway, the girls at other hotel were similar..

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But the girls at first place seemed younger so went back,, Bascially, prices vary,, If you are a foreigner, they will ask for 500 HK+( 75 US) but you can negotiate to 300($45US) relatively easy.. I do not speak Chinese and girls do not speak English, so the girls use Fingers—2 finger for 200 Hk, three fingers for 300Hk etc ( on the fingers one warning, holding out the thumb and last finger is 600 HK, I think that when the thuimb is used, that is 500HK and other finger is another 100HK, So in negotiating do not use your thumb and ensure she does not use her thumb.). For 300 hk, you get one time, 30 minutes.. I picked the girl with long hair, slim wait, and with big boobs. She took me up to the room, and undressed.. Again, the reputable girls will not ask for money upfront,, You pay at end,, This is one advantage of asia, Unlike West, where you must pay in advance, in macau, I paid at end so girls had lots of incentive to make the guy happy,, Anyway, she undressed , took off her top and showed me those boobs—must have been “C”, but on a small wait, they looked double D. She gave me a nice shower, put on me on the bed and started with BBBJ. When I was hard, she put on a condom and started to get on and put me inside,, Used missionary, switched to doggie and then sat on bed with her on top,, and well, it was great, After, she gave me a shower And I departed hotel. During that trip, I saw 2 girls a day,, at that price( $45), cannot go wrong,,, On looks, rate 7/8 and attitude 8/9. Showers were nice but learned not normal,, Half the time I no shower. Also, I started to ask for a massage at end of sesion and half the girls followed. Again, as I did not speak English, communication by using hands.

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If you are looking for model types, then Lisboa Casino is your choice Many of the Chinese girls dress well, rated looks of 8/9 and very young They walk on basement level and tend to work by 3pm to midnight. Price is higher and you can negotiate to 500/ 600 HK,, I hit 600hk., The rooms are upstairs.

Also, if you like Russian, outside the casino, saw Russian>. They work From 7pm to 11pm but expensive- 1000HK( $150 US) for 30 minutes,, They Command high prices as asian men do not get to bang white women.While they are nice lookings, I prefer the chinese. But the russians spoke english.

Go and visit,, Better than Hong kong, ferry departs every 30 minutes. As with all places, be careful if you walk alone,, but in day light, there is lots of action and I had no problems.

Last, do not try to screw the girls,, I had no problems but the place Is controlled by the Chinese mafia(triad) and if there is a problem, You maybe in trouble,, Again, I do not know, did not see any mafia lookings guys at the hotel etc and i treated all the girls well,, Also, only tipped ( another 50hk, less than $10 US) once in while,, Most seemed happy with HK 300.

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