Prostitution Report
from Indonesia

Day One - Tuesday January 22, 2002

I finally arrived into Jakarta courtesy of Air Garuda from Surabaya. I quickly cleared customs and didn’t get any of the scams upon arrival in Surabaya. I decided to opt for a silverbird Taxi to whisk me away to my hotel. I had decided to stay at The Ambhara upon a recommendation by a friend. I must say the Ambharas staff were very professional but didn’t like my room very much. From their Website my room didn’t look anything like what I thought I would have been getting. After I had unpacked I decided to venture outside. OPPS. It was pouring outside, in bucket loads so instead ended up wasting time at the hotels Website, which was painfully slow, and eating in the Indian Restaurant located on the First floor of the hotel.

Afterwards the rain had stopped so I made across the road to the mall which I couldn’t work out, as it all seemed to be was a Spencer & Marks department store. As I was leaving I discovered the food hall and took a walk around McDonalds. There seemed to be a couple of freelancers but was probably quiet due to the rain. I went back to the hotel and took a shower and put on my evening clothes before heading back out. I asked the bellboy where Oscars and Topgun were located? He pointed out that it was just across the busy intersection and first right. I saw the lights of Oscar’s flashing and the doorman welcomed me in the door. As it was around twelve midnight it wasn’t particularly busy. And the beauty talent was only so-so, After my first drink I walked down to Topgun. Topgun was closed already so I walked back to The Ambhara and caught a taxi to JJ’s bar. I didn’t realize JJ’s was so far from the hotel but we got there about 20 minutes later. On the way down I saw another cab with a huge smile on a girl.

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She had been heading to the same place as me and she tried to strike up a conversation with me but she didn’t really pull my funnybone so I decided to have a walk around the bar. As I rounded the corner of the bar, This rather attractive lady pushed a flower in my face. Oh, well I better see what she can offer me. Her name was Fia and she was in a group of people. She introduced me to two or three girls and a gay guy whom she claimed was her brother. She really enjoyed dancing she I propped up the bar with her, talking, dancing and chatting and finally left JJ’s around 4am. When I arrived at JJ’s there weren’t that many people in the bar (maybe 50-60 pax), But there were probably around 250 when we walked out. There was a lot of desirable looking woman in the bar. We left with her girlfriend who Fia wanted us to drop off at her house. She is married to a European and some guy wanted to take her out of the bar but she told the guy that she couldn’t because she is married. It would never happen in Thailand.

After we dropped her off, We continued on to The Ambharra. Fia was a great conversationalist and we spoke about a lot of things. I told her I wanted to transfer my hotel to a more central location and she offered to help me the next morning. All I will say now is that Fia was my body come true. I love big breasts on a small structured body, nice rounded ass, not too fat, but not bone slim either. Fia was all that. She told me she had a boyfriend and she was going to apply for a visa in the morning at the Swiss Embassy. She had already tried with the British Embassy with another guy but was denied. I told her the guy is very lucky. She asked why? I told her because she has a body a lot of guys would want forever and wished her well with her boyfriend. Unfortunately for Fia she never made her planned application for a visa at the Swiss Embassy as we didn’t get up until about 1 PM and I missed my free breakfast.

Day two - Wednesday January 23, 2002 After we got up, having completed a second round we cleaned up and took a cab to Central Jakarta. Fia introduced me to the hotel Capara where I took an inspection of their rooms. They had cheap rooms at 140K but the room they were showing me was 280K ++. I really liked it but Fia suggested I take a look at some other hotels before committing myself. I said goodbye to Fia who had to go home. Very sweet girl. After she waved goodbye to me from her taxi I walked up the road and looked at about four or five hotels. There were two Ibis properties, Hotel Presidente and then found Hotel Cipta. I looked at about three different classes of rooms before I found one that was suitable. He only wanted 240K incl. taxes so I booked it for the next night. Still preferred the first hotel that Fia took me to but thought I had better watch my pennies as my creditcard was beginning to max out. After choosing my hotel I decided to do some window shopping. I ended up at Robinsons. (Robinsons must be the same as Woolworth’s in S.E. Asia) There I purchased a very beautiful long sleeved pure silk shirt that was on special, And as

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I was walking towards Indonesia Mall this bule approached me and he wanted to know where I was from etc., etc. I really wanted to be myself so just told him I was looking for Internet café. He showed me where the Wartel office was and this would continue to be my Internet café of choice for my duration in Jakarta. Good speed and nice ladies on the staff. I told the bule I would be about one hour, So I thought I would never see him again. One hour later and he was back. We just walked around the mall looking at the shops and the beautiful ladies and told him I wanted to go back to my hotel. I was beginning to think he was after money but when we made it to my hotel (about one hour later in heavy Jakarta traffic) my fare was up around 20K. I asked him how much more he would need to get to his place. He thought 30K, So I just gave it to him to be rid of him. He was a nice guy though but I just had an uneasy feeling after being Swindled in Cebu, The Philippines in the late Nineties. I took a rest then decided to check out Topgun before it closed tonight. I walked in and there were a few girls milling around so decided to stay for a drink. I ordered a Carlsberg and was just enjoying the scenery when this girl and her friend wanted to interrupt my privacy. Damn those girls, Although honestly I didn’t mind. I bought Anna and her girlfriend a coke each and they asked which hotel I was staying at. They suggested that we adjourn there for a threesome. Mmmmm I thought to myself with carnal pleasure. They wanted 200K each so I counter-offered with 100K each or 200K for one (and I knew which one I preferred) when I asked about barfine, they told me there was no barfine. No, they would both come back to the Ambhara with me. I paid up for the drinks and off we went to the Ambhara, through the lobby to the lifts for our little private party. Once in the room the girls undressed and wrapped themselves in towels before heading to the bathroom together. If only I had a hidden camera installed there. Once I was also squeaky clean I was having tits and clits thrust in my face, very delightful too. Unfortunately one of the girls didn’t want to be photographed so never got any shots from the uglier one of the two. It was more of two girls on one guy than a truly bi experience. They did the odd suck on each other’s tit and touch each other’s pubic area but that was all I got to see. I humped both girls but finished with the uglier of the two. Anyway at 100K each for a shorttime with both you would never get to do that back in the west. I let them go and gave them 100K each. After they left I realized that a very small amount of notes (around 200- 300 rupiah) had been swiped under my nose but hey it was a small price to pay for a bit of three some fun.

After the girls had left, I ordered some room service, rested and then dressed up for the night ahead. I asked the taxi to take me to Tanamur. It was about 1am when I walked in and this disco seemed very much larger than JJ’s the night before. I ordered a Bintang beer and then decided to seek out the talent. The talent didn’t look as delightful as last night as all the ones I desired were with partners. Just as I was thinking of going to JJ’s this big busty woman walked up to me and asked which sort of woman I desired. I went with the flow and just said young, slim and sexy. Forgot to tell her I like big tits as well. Next thing she is introducing me to Lisa and next thing we are having a drink and then we are on the dance floor. Lisa was nice enough but she didn’t set off any alarmbells. As we were dancing there was a girl on the dance floor smiling at me that I would of liked to have gone home with but in the end after a few beers Lisa went back to the Ambhara with me. As we left all these dodgy taxi drivers wanted me to ride with them but I was looking for bluestar. I grabbed Lisa’s hand and started walking down the street past JJ’s and they started driving, following me. In the end Lisa just suggested that we go with him. Who was I to argue in big bad Jakarta.

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