Prostitution Report
from Japan

On May 20 I posted a message asking for advice as I was going to Tokyo for a world cup weekend and I wanted advice and I got a load of good advice, thanks to all replies. I promised a report whether I was successful or not so here it is.

Well got into Tokyo at six pm Saturday night and immediately joined a few friends to watch a match in the Sports bar in Rappongi, next door was a club called Fusion where I was told naked girls swam around in a huge tank didn't get to check it out though, then onto Paddy Foleys Irish Bar down the street lots of drunken Paddies and Brits all over the place, drink a bit expensive but didn't stop me.

Went on to another bar can't remember the mame not much action so far but I did notice three girls in this particular bar who seemed to be in the business but before I could find out my buddy decided to go to a lap dancing club called Seventh Heaven. We wandered around asking guys on street corners directions a few offered girls if we wanted them. Eventually found Seventh Heaven but he decided that it was Private Eyes we wanted, expensive to get in but two free drinks on admission. Inside many fantastic looking chicks, Australians, New Zealanders, Czechs and Thais (most seemed to be surgically enhanced). They do the usual pole dances but if you want to go private upstairs its Y7000 and you get to feel and kiss everything outside the bikini bottoms but no lip kissing. I went up with a beautiful Kiwi girl 36 yo but looked (and felt) about 20 fantastic dancer and lovely personality I stayed for five dances (I know but I told you I was drunk!)

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My buddy was stiil upstairs having his eighth dance (he is paid far too much) so I headed out to see what action was to be had on the street. Almost immediately a very cheerful little old mamasan (old enough to be my granma) asked me did I want a girl I agreed and after warning me to avoid the cops (there were hundreds of them after all the English soccer fans were in town)she took me into some building and up a lift to a nice little bar room. Only two girls on though both pretty enough (about 7s)I was offered drinks and chatted to one of them a girl from Laos anyway not wishing to waste time I asked what was the rate. Boss lady came over and told me Y80000 for the whole night in my hotel wow! far too much(the drinks came to Y18000)I tried negotiating but no shifting her and then two more guys arrived so my negotiating position crumbled.

I paid for the drinks and heade out again came upon a couple of massage parlours offering special massages for Y15000, more my rate. Upstairs I was told to take a shower and went then into a dimly lit curtained off cubicle with a futon on the floor. A woman (not the girl I thought was going to do the job) came in and started giving me a hand job she was about 30 and about a 5 but she rather excellently got me stimulated (quite an achievement given the amount of drink consumed). Anyway after a while she still was fully dressed and all I was getting was a grope but I couldn't get her to go any further she said she wasn't allowed. I really didn't feel like coming as I wanted more, next thing she goes out and brings in another girl, about 27 pretty (7) who helps out, obviously the first one reckoned I was unable rather than unwilling to climax, well as neither would go any further I decided to pack it in and go back home it was 4am.

Next night I headed out again and looked at all the places I'd seen the night before but they were all closed as it was a Sunday. I went to Gas Panic as everyone in the site recommended it, there I was attached on to by a thirty something not terribly attractive but extremely friendly girl, she was really rather pleased with her catch and called over her friends I was flattered but not temted and went home.

All in all thanks to the contributors at this site I had a good time in Tokyo and can state that it isn't so hard to get some action there as has been suggested, good luck to all who go there.

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