Prostitution Report
from Macau

Darling 1 is located in a building called Casino Jai-Alai, which is neither a casino nor is jai-alai played there. After going through customs and immigration on the Macau side, exit the ferry terminal on the taxi level and follow the footbridge. There are always some shady looking characters on this bridge, but I've never been bothered and I've never seen anything bad happen to anyone there.Follow the footbridge all the way to the end. At one point you will pass close enough to the Darling neon sign that you can almost touch it. At the end of the bridge, take the escalator down, even though it never seems to move up or down. Turn right into the first door you reach. There is an HSBC ATM on the front of this building if you need cash.Go through the entrance. On your left is the China City Nightclub. See other posts for more info. Just ahead on your right is an elevator. Take the elevator to the third floor (the one marked with the little Darling sign). When you step off the elevator, a host or hostess will ask "massage?" as you enter to make sure you don't think you're walking into a bar, although there is a bar inside.

Inside, along the far wall will be 30-40 girls: Thai, Filipina, occasionally Taiwan Chinese. There are also some Koreans, way in the back. Given the demand for Koreans, I thought they would be in the front. Closest to you, the customer, when you walk in, are the "Thai models," the best of the best, at least in terms of looks and body. The girls against the back wall are $1,300; the Koreans are apparently $1,300 + $200 according to an earlier post (don't know, never tried); and the "models" are $1,700. I always pick a model. Beware, I've gotten two women with breast implants from this lot ,but I enjoyed both immensely.After you select a girl, the host directs you to the counter, where you pay. Note that if you receive any coin change, it's in Macanese Patacas, not HK$. Get rid of them with the old ladies who bring you tea. More on that in a moment.

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Once you're paid up, they give a key to the girl (VIP rooms are $150 more if available; you can ask for one, or they may ask you. They're a little bigger overall, including size of bed and bathtub. There are also a couple of theme rooms, one is Japanese, done with fake bamboo).The girl will take the key and lead you by the hand to the room. She also leads you back out at the end, so no need to remember how you entered this labyrinth. All I'll say is that if there's ever a fire in that place, a lot of people are going to die, it would be tough to get out of under pressure. Also, there are no toilet facilities once in the room, and there are too many people around to go sneaking starkers down the hall. The girl invariably points out the men's room on the way in, use it if necessary. Besides, you'll come more slowly on an empty bladder.When you reach the room, she'll help you take off and hang up your clothes. She'll also put the television on. She'll put on one of two things--whatever she wants to watch, which is usually Cantonese news; or whatever she thinks you want to watch, which is the in-house porn channel.Before the clothes come off, an old woman will bring you both glasses of tea. She will "EM GOI" and smile the shit out of you until you tip her. Give her any patacas you picked up or some small change. Then you strip, then the TV.

One thing has always struck me as interesting about this place and this process: throughout, the girl's in control. She makes sure you're naked first because it probably puts you on the defensive, even slightly. This comes up again later.Once you're naked, the girl will then take off most of her clothes, and begin filling the tub with hot water and bubble bath. Then she'll take off whatever she's still wearing. I usually let the girls fool with the tub rather than feel them up at this point, otherwise the water gets excruciatingly hot.When it's filled with water and bubbles, she'll invite you into the tub. She'll take you hand and help you in, as if you're the 45 kg. little thing in need of help. Then she hops in and begins to scrub you. She'll ask you to turn over and do certain things so she can accomplish certain tasks, like cleaning your back and giving your cock a nice rubbing. It's definitely clean by the time she's done, that's for sure.

Even though you're skin to skin at this point, there generally isn't much contact, if that makes sense. In other words, she's doing things, she's touching you, but you're not touching her a whole lot, although you certainly can. At this point she begins giving you a wet body massage. These girls are in shape, especially if you imagine they do this many times per night. She rubs you down with her breasts and the rest of her body. I found the women with breast implants to be particularly good at this, because the implants helped make it into more of an actual massage than just some slipping and sliding. This is done first on your front, then on your back. Then she'll as you to sit in a little seat on the side of the tub, and she'll do this to your front with her front and back. Lesser men lose it at this point. You paid for an hour, but if you shoot your load prior to penetration, you'll have to pay the girl more for another round, otherwise you can try to have an interesting conversation with someone who may not speak English well.

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Some girls give actual massages, some don't. Last time I was there, the girl gave me a brief massage with baby oil while the tub was filling; that way the oil was washed off during the bath. Each one handles it differently.When the bath and body massage are finished, she'll dry you off, the dry herself off, and ask you to lie down on the bed. As if you're not at attention already, she will now do her best to turn you on, by kissing you in various places, and kissing and licking your nipples. Note to girlfriends out there--if you're not playing with your man's nipples, you're not doing everything you can to light his fire. Whores do this almost invariably. Think of it this way--they're professionals. It must work for a large number of men if they're doing it.Once you're at attention, she'll give you a blow job with condom, for about five minutes. Again, don't lose it unless you enjoy pidgin English with a woman who doesn't spend a lot of time watching CNN. After that, she'll mount you. If you're into woman on top, fine, she'll knock herself out to get you to cum. Sometimes they tucker out, or they stay on top for a while and then expect you'll want to finish off on top. At some point, the phone will ring once or twice. That means time's up.Here's something good: if you want more time, just tell the girl you want more time. She calls the front desk (or answers the phone when it rings) and tells them you want more time; it's like a 30-minute sexual snooze button. I only did this once, and it was funny: the girl and I were both ready to explode, and it was a challenge for her to compose proper words when she spoke to the desk.You should tip the girl two or three hundred extra for overtime, but that's up to you if you want to be a cheap jerk or more generous.

When you finish, the girl will shower you off and clean your nether regions with the shower head. She'll indicate that you can get dressed, then she'll spend more time cleaning herself. This is the only time (usually) you get any sense that they don't love their job because they spend about twice as long washing themselves as you.Tip the girl. Unless she really was terrible, and at Darling that's never true, she deserves a few bucks. She doesn't get that whole lot that you paid at the counter, not even close, and by the way, these girls work up to six months at time, with their passports confiscated upon arrival. I usually take $1,700 girls and tip them the rest of the $2k. I gave one girl $500 once (the overtime woman) because she absolutely fucked me silly.The girl will show you out and walk you to the elevator. BTW, you have to go back through the lobby to get to the elevator. This means that you could potentially run into a friend, your boss, or your wife's father out there. Long shot, but factor this in. The elevator arrives, she says goodbye, and you're outta there.For those feeling energetic or still under the effects of Viagra, a nice nightcap is picking up a freelancer down the way. To walk from the ferry pier to the Hotel Lisboa is about 25 minutes, and it's direct, so from Darling it's about 20 minutes. It's also an interesting slice of Macau; you get the ferry pier, the place where almost all of the MSAR's 9 million annual visitors arrive; Darling and its surroundings, and the ironic realization that prostitution is legal in Macau despite being under Chinese rule; followed by a large and obvious People's Liberation Army base; to your right or north, Macau's historic lighthouse; and eventually, the Lisboa, the sickening Stanley Ho architectural nightmare, the symbol of all the sleaze that makes Macau such an attractive destination.

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Of course, there's gambling in the hotel's gaudy casino. But we're looking to spend money, not lose money. When you begin walking the perimeter of the casino, you will notice (at least speakers of Mandarin will) a large number of young Chinese girls asking just about every man they pass "go upstairs?" DO NOT BE FOOLED. These girls are trawling the shallows because they know that any guy looking for action who sees what lies beneath in basement level won't even look at these tarts on their way back. Pass these girls by.Get downstairs to the gift shop level. Because the casino is circular, I always get confused, so keep walking around until you find the escalator that leads downstairs. You'll be glad you did.On this level, circling like sharks in an aquarium is some of the finest 20-something mainland pussy that you will ever see. It's like a fashion show held before a heavy metal concert. In any case, take your pick. Some of the girls go in pairs. Although normally it's better to negotiate up front, I suggest you do your negotiating in the room. You won't pay until your done anyway, and if you start talking about money in such a public place, the girls aren't going to come down in price when there are other girls around, and they're certainly not going to initiate a price war for one guy. If you bargain hard and you're Chinese, you can get 600, Mandarin speaking foreigners can get 800, not much discount for colonials. The girls all have their own room, so find one, get their attention, and deploy to an upper floor.

Also on this level are Russian chicks. These are particular favorites of the mainland cadres that come to Macau to gamble away the People's money. Remember that when you stick your cock into one of them. I've seen them quote prices to said mainlanders of HK$1000, don't know what it would be for others, I think they're extraordinarily nasty, not a single one of them knows how to die their hair blonde and you can tell.The mainland babes are short-time, 25-30 minutes. They're very un-self-conscious; you agree on a price, you strip, they strip, you get it on. If you want them to do the work, lie down on your back, otherwise indicate what it is you want. Oral is negotiable, as to w/ or w/o condom, etc. Tip them if they're good, as in any other service industry. They don't stay long, so if you have one that you like, don't expect her to be there when you go to Macau next.

Other than that, food in Macau is good and cheap, especially Cantonese/Chinese food and seafood. Macau is a completely different place during the day. Sure, you could pop into Darling 1 at 2 pm and fuck your brains out, but mostly daytime Macau is a somewhat backward place where things are cheap, good antiques await the patient, and otherwise stuff just costs less.

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