Prostitution Report
from Mexico

We started talking, and it was a lot easier without the loud music. She still had a heavy accent, but her English was a hell of a lot better than my Spanish, so who am I to complain?

We had a good time at the restaurant. The meal was good, and it was the cheapest date I've ever been on. Whole thing cost me $3.25 total. We talked about a lot of things that night. She's a student working her way through school and going for a degree in Psychology. She still had the rose I gave her, and she put it in a water bottle to keep it. I asked her if she got a lot of flowers from guys, but she said that she really didn't. The other girls a lot, but not her. I asked her why she thought that was, and basically it was because she wasn't a prostitute like a lot of the rest..

I asked her all about herself, and she did the same to me. I know it is a cardinal rule of dating to never talk about your old girlfriend, but she brought it up and kept trying to get me to talk about it, so I finally did. She was actually a very smart girl and had some good incites into my character. A lot of the stuff she told me was stuff I'd heard before, but she saw it and had only known me for a short time. She said I had a low self-esteem problem and then went on to list my good points, and hey, who doesn't like to be told by a beautiful woman that they are cute and fun to be around? She said that I was being effected extra by this because it was my first serious relationship, and she thought this was just so cute.

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We talked for another hour or two about nothing and everything until the restaurant closed. We touched each other a little, nothing major, just a hand on an arm here or a palm on a leg their, but it was nice. We walked in the town for a little while, but as all good thing must the date soon came to an end. She was staying with her sister and had to get home by Six Am or so. We waited in the cold pre-morning air for a cab. I wanted to share one, but we were staying on the opposite side of the peninsula. She was shivering a little bit, so I put my arm around her to keep her warm. She smiled.

But then the cabs arrived and we had to part. We gave each other one last hug and headed toward our separate cabs. Throughout my life their has been various times when I've met someone and I know I'll never see them again in my life. They've touched me in some way, and I've needed to express my feelings to them somehow. So I said to them what I said to Daphne.

"Daphne," I called as she was entering her cab. She pulled her head back and looked at me. "Have a nice life."

She looked puzzled for a split second, then smiled. "You too." Then she went in the cab and was gone.

I know it sounds silly but that one brief encounter with a nice Mexican stripper really helped me. I think the thing that affected me the most was just being with a nice beautiful gal who I honestly think just liked me for who I am. I had a real fun time with her, and am pretty sure that she enjoyed me too. That increased my ego which has been taking a real beating lately in the finding a girlfriend department.

Now, I still miss just being in a relationship and just holding a girl close to me, but Daphne helped me realize that I don't miss my ex, just the relationship. Over the last few months I've actually thought about if their was anyway I could get her back together with my ex and how much happier I would be if we were still together. Not any longer. I recognize that the relationship came to it's natural end and the breakup was for the best. That's an important step and one I don't think I would have made yet if I hadn't gone to Mermaids. So wherever you are Daphne, thank you. You helped me in a way I'll never be able to help you; so all I can do is repeat what I said when we departed, "I hope you have a good life." You're a nice person. You deserve it.

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