Prostitution Report
from New York

QUEENS BLVD/YELLOWSTONE - i was stopped at a red light and picked up a scragg in her mid 30s.she was Italian with big tits.i thought she was a regular women just looking for a ride.then she started asking me if i was cop.then i realized she was a whore.she bragged about how tight her pussy was because she never had kids.i drove to a quiet street by a warehouse and pulled over.we did'nt have any condoms so we agreed on a bareback bj for $20.she sucked pretty good while i felt her tits and pussy.i started to finger her ass by she screamed "you're hurting me".i came in her mouth and then she spit my cum into my beer cup.

QUEENS BLVD/AUSTIN STREET TRAIN STATION - i was hitting on girls coming off of the train.i said "hello" to a pretty latina that turned out to be a freelancer.she was 25y/o from Guatamala.she was tall and thin.she came up to me and ask me if i smoke.i said "no, but i'll buy you a pack of cigarettes".i bought her cigarettes and we started talking.she told me "you have very beautiful eyes".i asked her "te gusta hacer amor"? she said "si".she said she was out of work and needed some money.i told her i had $40.i got her back to my car and started kissing her.i then sucked her tits and then made her take one leg out of her pants.i put on a condom and she got on top of me.we started fucking.after i came i dropped her off and gave her my phone number.

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JERSEY CITY/NEWPORT MALL - i was driving by the Newport Mall and asked a crackwhore for directions.she was thin and black.i figured why waste a good crackwhore.i told her i'll give her $20 if i can jerk off in her mouth.i stood outside of the passenger side of my car with the door open.she got on her knees while i stood there and jacked off.she was sticking her tounge out and laughing.then i shot my load in her mouth.i gave her the $20,jumped in my car and said "thank you".she was wiping her mouth off as i sped away.

BRONX/BOSTON RD - i picked up a 24y/o Puerto Rican girl at the corner of Baychester ave/Boston RD.i was pulled over in the gas station and she asked me if i wanted a date.i told her to get in the car.we agreed on $50 to fuck.i found a quiet street and pulled over.i put her in the back seat and started feeling her nice C-cups.she pulled her pants down and i put on a condom.i fucked her for about 10 minutes.she was moaning "aye aye".

BRONX/CONNER STREET - i also had a couple of negative experiences we can learn from.i was getting some work done on my car by Conner Street.i took a walk around by the motels to kill a little time.i saw 2 hot girls sitting in a black Spyder asked me if i can give them $5 for gas because they ran out.she was making a phoney cry.she was really hot.she had brown her and a killer body with huge DD breasts.her friend was half black/half white and pretty turned out they were strippers about 21y/o.but why would they be broke asking for $5? i still don't know.i told her i'll give her more than that if we can fool around.her friend got in the backseat and i hopped in her car.she said "you wanna hang out".well of course.she did'nt know her way around the Bronx and was from White Plains.she said she had to make a stop first.

she had an address and i showed her how to get there.while we were driving i felt her tits.i figured she was going to get drugs.i kept asking her to pull over and i'll give her the money after we have sex.she was persistant and i got caught up in the moment.i gave her $20 and she went up into a building.she came back down and we drove by a park.she pulled out a pipe and started smoking crack.her friend was just laying in the backseat.i figured she would get high and i'd have my way with her then all of a sudden a car pulls in front of hers.a big fat black guy walks out and says she has to go.i say "i'm okay right here".he must have thought i was a cop and went back into his car.she started getting hysterical "please i have to go, he's gonna get mad".i got pissed off and ripped her gold chain off and ran out of the car.i threw it in the sewer.

BRONX/MORRIS PARK - i met another girl that turned out to be a crackhead.she works at Sue's Strip Club in Mt Vernon.she's 28 and P'Rican.i had her number and went over her house.i brought some beer and felt her tits every now and then.something always came up when we were about to have sex.she was smoking crack and then i asked to use the bathroom.she said something was wrong with it.i got suspicous and barged the door in and saw her crackhead boyfriend sitting on the toilet all high.i got mad and before leaving smashed her crack paraphenilia on the floor.

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