Prostitution Report
from Pennsylvania

i am a fan of the AMP's in philly, as they will almost never rip you off, you will always get full service(although in the course of human affairs nothing is absolute, this comes close), and the price is comparatively cheap. i have been to japan studio three times, most recently around christmas, so this'll be three mini reviews in one.

first time, about in aug of '00, i went and saw an absolutely gorgeous thai girl. thai girls in philly parlors are really rare, as most of the ones i've seen and heard about are korean or chinese, with a minority of vietnamese. this one was absolutely gorgeous. i'll bet the only reason she didn't work independant at some ungodly hourly rate was because she spoke no english. anyways, gorgeous body, a cream-on-me-aphroditic-type face, and nice natural rack. legs went straight up and made a complete ass out themselves. tight, shaven, and good smelling pussy. i came quick.

second experience not bad, but nothing to write home about. nothing to differentiate japan studios from any other mp, this time. girls tend to be prettier at japan studio than at other philly studio, although this is a point the tbd boys may disagree with me on, as that board seems to have a callowhill fetish (although for good reason). no need for further details because if you've been to a amp, that's what happened.

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the third time was at xmas. i'm new to the board, so i'm not sure if i'm allowed to mention tbd, but i will say this about them: the tbd boys generally love japan studios, but they make note that japan studios is very tempermental, and sometimes inconsistant, in their service. they are generally right, i would have to say from my three visits to japan studio. the third trip, i picked the prettiest girl out of the line up. she had on a tight, too small and too short, adress on and a pair that could have killed. she APPEARED to have a gorgeous body; i could have lost it right there just looking at her. got into the room, and when she came back in her towel, she took it off, and at that point i could have sworn, if not for her face, that it was a different girl. first off, the boobs were noticably smaller and flatter, and her stomach now had this noticable pooch, and her butt was sagging a lot. this just turned me off, so needless to say, the rest of the session i was a bit down (literally). i came nevertheless. i almost felt like they baited and switched me.

i notice that there aren't too many reviews re. strip clubs in philly. philly clubs are kind'a lame, after all, why go to a strip club, when you can spend less and actually get laid at a mp; howevr, there's a different and intangible allure to a strip club. my definition of a good strip club is one where you can actually get laid or at least finger the dancer. i used to live in california, and some of the strip clubs there met this criteria: like the deja vu in ontario (easy to find sex durng the day, but also at night on mondays and tuesdays before "Lucious" got fired for fucking; where ENCLOSED booth, not open bench, lap dances were only $10, and at $10 a song, you could fuck in a booth for over half an hour).

i've been to this place called wild thangs (near the china town area), and this is probably the nastiest strip club in philly. i've actually been groped, sexually harrassed, touched in obscene ways, told filthy things you wouldn't want your mother to hear, and propostioned while in this place. however, the place is mostly a black strip club and the dancers are almost all black. i don't mean to be a racist, i'm just stating a fact. if you like black strippers this place might be for you. if anyone has any other reviews of philly strip clubs in philly that might fit my definition of good, i'd appreciate some posts.

avoid Signatures, which is a titties bar directly south of wild thangs, while it may look good, it's actually a rip off. the dancers enforce the three foot rule as if Chief Timmoney himself was watching. but if you decide to check it out, tell the door man that last time your friend went here he was given a bunch of free passes and you had yours but you lost it. he's a little scum bag, as he'll really pocket the money if you pay him; he has a million free passes in his hand that he gives out like candy, but he'll hide 'em if he senses some sucker getting ready to pay the door fee.

take care, my honeycomb kids.

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