Prostitution Report
from Philippines

I was twice in Cebu, April 2000 and September 2000 (total 3 weeks ).

How to go there from Manila : I used Airplane and Sulpicio Lines ship. Ship fare is about 900 PHP for the air con dormitory deck and includes 2 meals and last 20 hours, leaves dayly, end of afternoon (if not Sulpicio, WG&A etc). Airplane fare is about 2000 PHP one way by PAL. September 2000, there was a promo about 1000 PHP one way.

Weather: September, despite the monsoon, was fine, not that much different then April, just a bit more cloudy.

Casas Girls / Bar girls / Down town Street Girls
Casas are kind of brothel dispatched all over the city in anonymous places. Ask any taxi driver to give you a tour. I ve spent 2 hours searching that
way for 4 or 5 casas in Cebu city: the girls there were not better than the ones you can find in street downtown (that was what I expected) : may be wrong taxi driver or time (quite early in the end of afternoon)?
I ve been once in a girlie bar (Silver Dollar right side of Osmena Bld just before Fuente Osmena), one girl was really stunning but I was accompanied (damned). These girls are supposed to be much more expensive than Street girls (twice but no personal experience)

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My favorites are Street girls. Good choice, good service in general, cheap (short time 500-700, all night 1000-1500 PHP). You can get a discount if you keep your girl for more than one day (700 to 800 pesos a day). If the girl is not ok (menstruation or inactive or …) you can bring her back to her papasang/tout in order to exchange the girl. The girls generally supply french kisses, BJ and any position fuck (just ask before to the girl if you want to be sure, but DONT believe what says the tout about that)Touts: touts are guys waiting for lonesome westerners to bring them to places where are the girls or even bringing the girls to their hotel for selection. They get commission. You cant miss them, they are everywhere, every time of the day, specially at night time in the down town area (corner Pelaez street and Del Rosario close to Mercedes Hotel). You are supposed to give all the money to the tout, once you have chosen and before the girl go with you. A Papasang/Mamasang takes directly care of the girls (supplies food, home & protection, discusses money issues, keeps their money) generally an old man or old woman. After first contact theu the tout, best thing to do is to try to avoid to deal with touts and to directly deal with papasang. The girl will bring you with good will to the papasang to negotiate a discount for more than one day deal. Very often, she prefers to avoid touts that seems to be hated.

Which Streets:
Corner Junquera/first parallel street to Landon street going downtown: there is a little plaza with many girls.

Jakosalem street between Bonifacio and Sangiangco.

Beaches where to bring your cutie: Panglao Island in BOHOL (1h30 by fast ship from Cebu City to Tagbilaran Bohol, then 1/2h van or trike to Alona
beach) , Moalboal in Cebu (3 hours small air con van 70 PHP ), Bantayan Island (3 hours bus + 2 hours boat), Malapascua Island Island (3 hours bus + 1/2 hour pump-boat)

Warnings: Richard, a tout who will always bring you trouble at a moment or another. They are many many other more reliable touts /Jobelle, street girl : a thief / Mercedes Hotel: a good central place for down town scene but charges you extra 200 PHP when you get a companion short time or all night (very few hotels of this middle range do that) / strip show in Century Hotel 5th floor: quite a good show but the minimum entrance fee is 500 PHP not 150 PHP as written at the gate: the real minimum fee includes 2 lady’s drink.

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