Prostitution Report
from Russia

Okay guys as promised here is my latest (and tastiest!) report on Moscow. Arrived back in London yesterday and in recovery mode today. As you will see I took my latest little toy - my new digital Canon IXUS 400 camera. In advance of reading this I ask for only the following:

1. Do not be an arsehole and tell the girls you saw them here – or anywhere! Even if you stupidly think you can earn `points` with them… I offer this as information to fellow `hobbyists` to help them. If anyone reports here that these girls have been told it will be the last time I share pics with this board – please don’t be a jerk and ruin it for everyone.

2. My biggest plea – all the girls in the pics were sweet, GFE’s and honest with me. Please treat them with respect and kindness and you will gain an awful lot more in return. They are not trash - don’t treat them as such.

3. Enjoy the information I share here in the right spirit, no flaming please as I only share what I found. Each experience is personal and only my reflection on the experience. I am sure others will find differently – it’s what we have described so often here as `the luck of the draw`. That, together with some kindness and respect, gave me some wonderful and lustful experiences.

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I had a great time but like all trips it was mixed – with a couple of great times, mostly good times and one or two poor times. I will report as faithfully and truly as I can.It always seems the same but the poorer experiences came at the front-end. I’m sure some of this is my cultural adjustment and my eagerness to dump my luggage and hit the town regardless! I also have this stupid `weakness` of going off chatting to other girls when I have a gorgeous one in the bag – this has cost me dear over the years as most will `give up` on me and find someone else and this trip was no exception! :o) Anyhow, I went to Russia with my travel pal who is into the hobby but not in the way I am – he still has delusions of romanticism and wants to find his `dream Russian girl`. Most of the experiences here were me going solo – which also has its advantages – in fact I am thinking of travelling solo in the future as it avoids having to worry about someone else and who they might have in the next bedroom! This last point does make some girls nervous – not surprisingly. Okay so landed at Sheremetyevo on Friday night. Rented an apartment from Kirill through his company `Kirnat`. Used the same apartment on most of my trips and apart from his irritating insistence of having to “confirm” about 5 times before I arrived and having to fill out his “transfer form” on his web page even though I have confirmed by email everything was fine and I sued his driver for the transfers even though this was more expensive I just didn’t want the hassle of another driver trying to find the apartment on Fadeeva – which no taxi drivers in Moscow seem to know!

I got a great ticket from London only £194 and had paid to get a Business Visa so no more worries about that for another year. Whilst on this subject it is important to know that I believed you had to register this visa only once in Moscow for the whole year – but on arrival I am told they need the passport for 7 working days and they have to present it at the foreign ministry – so I only got a `hotel` dodgy registration for the one week I was there. I managed to find a company in the UK who would prepare the `invites` etc. for a fee – including `my company` etc.

Anyway I digress… so in true traditional fashion we dumped our bags had a quick shower and off to CF – we were tired and restless and not relaxed bla bla bla. So picked ourselves a nice couple of devs and back to the department. So here comes one of the poor experiences covered fucks – okay no problem lets have some oral too… “I don’t do oral without condom” fuck!!! I was in no mood to take this at all (as normal) and she was not particularly nice with it……oh and by the way guys my “be nice to them” only rule ONLY applies when they are sweeties I don’t take shit from any of them…

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… on with the story. I looked at her sweetly said some nice things about not worrying and relaxing etc. “no way” she says “okay” I say now “just open your mouth” I slipped the condom off gave her a stern look and she knew what I meant I take her head in my hands and so she goes at it – it was okay but not the normal standard! Anyway I cum in her mouth “yuk” she says “that’s bad” – boy had I had enough “get the fuck out of my apartment” I cry – she goes – no extra 100 roubles for taxi (very unlike me) God I think I hope this doesn’t continue... naturally it doesn’t :o)

So Saturday comes around and its… Social time! Had a great time there picking up three girls for future fun (I call them “bankers” as I meet with them during the daytimes taking them for drinks and setting things up for my next trip – before anyone flames me I never tell them I am after a `serious` relationship). Anyhow had a great time with 200+ girls and only 24 guys.

Saturday night off to CF and it comes around to 3am and I pick up a `regular` non-working girl and her cousin (for my pal). That was a mistake – back to our place her mate is fine and goes off with my friend to his room – my one goes cold… “I don’t want to do anything” “I am waiting for my cousin” shit – not again I’m thinking. God how much I regretted not taking one of the other cuties home – P4P does make things simple without these sort of complications. What a start to my little holiday I began thinking things were not going so well… but being experienced I knew they could changed so easily.

Sunday daytime linked up with one of my two Moscow regulars – did I get my brains fucked out! (sorry guys – one rule of mine - I never post pics of my non-working girlfriends).Monday daytime dating a `social` girl – Monday evening down to Papa Johns – dead, dead, dead.

Tuesday – one of my regulars during the daytime and tried 5 (yes 5) line-ups during the night time. I was very disappointed at these but as I said during a short post the other day I think it was my mistake for asking for a BBBJ – all refused. I should take the advice (and will in future) of not asking for this but EXPECTING it and TAKING it. Anyway ended up with nothing :o(

Tuesday daytime fun with my girlfriend night time picked up Anna a lovely, warm hearted girl from CF ($100 all night). She claims it was her first time (who knows and I don’t really care) she was great – fun, sexy and she licked me all over including hands feet and everything in-between – she is the real definition of a genuine GFE. I hope you like her as much as I did – Hmmmmm just thinking about her makes me want to get right back to Moscow! Some pics:

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Wednesday took the advice of another members of the board and tried the “Moscow Times” – with some apprehension. God was I pleased when young Vika walked to my apartment – I hope you will agree from the pics she is a real cutie – 19 year old – claiming she is a student at Moscow University. $100 for two hours of sweet, sweet bliss – made me cum twice. Once inside her lovely and tight body and again in her sweet mouth – God was she cute… what do you think??? Here’s some pics: Thursday – spent with regular during the day and the other during the nights time – great meal at “Cheese” a great restaurant in Moscow but I doubt you want to hear about that so I’ll move on…

…Friday went to Papa John’s which was shit – not sure why people say it’s good – it was crap every time I went – maybe I was just unlucky. Went on to “Dirty Dancing” a club full of Russians with onlt myself and my mate as foreigners and standing out like a sore thumb – time to make a quick exit. My opinion? Could be great hunting ground but my friend is a little conservative compared to me and only went because I wanted to check it out but wasn’t willing to push the envelope – if I was there with someone more experienced and willing to “push it” a bit it could be a good place – music was very, very loud though which dampened my `seduction techniques” somewhat! Back to CF and picked up this nice little girl – not as attractive as the others and the pic is poor and does not do her justice – normal staring at $200 – I laugh and it rapidly comes down to $100 all night. 19 years old and great in bed – good attitude and took it everywhere as good girls should! My KY came in very handy ;o) and all uncovered of course!!! Great girl. Here’s the pic:

Saturday night was “say goodbye night to girlfriend” so fucked her all night long and she came to the airport to see me off yesterday morning.Great trip – learnt some more. A few other points you might find helpful:Went to the pyramid café most days but could pick up nothing at all – very sparse. Could be the weather, which has been rainy and poor. Walked around the Kremlin garden’s as suggested by other posters but found nothing – obviously I went at differing times to both places but didn’t even get a nibble. Maybe others could suggest what specific times and specific locations are best?CF is still great but attitudes have hardened a little... which is a shame and hopefully not a trend.Hope you have enjoyed reading the post and that you found it helpful.As I have mentioned before it would be great if someone could take the trouble to mark “with a cross” on a map the locations of line-ups – scan it and post it. This would be really helpful and not take an experienced hobbyist very long to achieve.

Also any info on day-time fun not mentioned here (any line-ups?) would be useful.

Looking forward to Kiev and St.Pete as my next trips!

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