Prostitution Report
from Spain

I spent several days in Barcelona in October.

If you are in a hurry and don't want to read my whole post then just spend your entire time at Club Riviera. A couple of cabdrivers confirmed that Club Riviera is recognized as THE place to go. They are open from 5PM to 5AM and have dozens of girls, many of them beautiful. Many of the girls are Brazilian, Colombian, Dominican, or Chilean. Some are Russian or Polish. I did not meet any Spanish women there.

You pay 10,000 pesetas (about 50 US dollars) for a half hour, although I never had any girl mention the time; you get one pop, and the session ends as soon as you are done plus a couple of minutes of cuddling. For 20,000 pesetas you can have an hour with the girl, although in my opinion it would be more fun to go with 2 different girls for the same price. I never paid a cover charge to enter the club, although when I went in I sometimes saw people standing at a window looking like they were paying. I just walked straight in past staff who were standing in front of the enterance and no one ever stopped me. The room is free, but you have to pay 200 pesetas for a clean sheet, and are sometimes pressured to give a tip of a couple hundred pesetas to the woman who hands out the sheets. You can also rent a towel for 200 pesetas, which is not a bad idea, since the girl will wash your groin before you start and if you don't have a towel you will have to dry off with paper towels.

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I saw about 10 girls. About half of the girls would do bbbj, they would tell you truthfully whether they would or not if you asked before going upstairs with them, and the better looking girls were a little less likely to be willing to do this. All the girls except one would french kiss, though a couple of others did so only reluctantly. One pretty girl let me do a facial that was as good as in any porn movie I had ever seen, but she was the only one who agreed to do this. Many of the girls will do 2 girl sessions with real lesbian action, and one girl offered to do a 2 guy session (no gay action, I assume) with me and a regular customer of hers who was interested.

On the down side, the drinks are expensive - about 2,000 pesetas, and there aren't enough places to sit in the main room where you meet the girls. So if you plan to spend some time there you will be standing uncomfortably in a corner in a crowded room a lot of the time and not drinking anything unless you want to pay their ripoff prices. After you have connected with a few girls you will be able to spend some time talking to them, but they will not want to spend a lot of time with you if you are not taking them upstairs and there are other guys in the room who will. The girls are required to work 6 days a week 12 hours a day. Some of the girls sleep in the building. They are not slaves, but I like to feel that I am having fun together with someone, and if they are working this many hours it is hard to believe that they are having a good time. As soon as you enter the main room you are likely to be approached by some of the more aggressive women. Most of them will take no for an answer without too much problem, but I feel a little less comfortable going back to them later if I decide I am interested. Finally, the showers in the rooms are not nice.

Club Riviera is on "Castelldafels 17.9". Castelldafels is a highway that goes towards the airport, and the 17.9 represents the km. marking on the road (the distance from the city center, I think). Actually I am not sure if the 17.9 is exactly the right distance or not, but you can verify the correct address in the Guia Del Ocio or other sex guide, which are available at all newsstands, particularly on La Rambla. Getting there from downtown near the cathedral cost about 3,000 pesetas with a cab and takes 20-25 minutes. It is on the right as you approach it from downtown Barcelona and there is a big sign which is hard to miss if you are looking for it.

One cabdriver mentioned Club 240 as an alternative. It is at number 240 on Aribau in downtown Barcelona. It is about the equal of club riviera in terms of number and quality of girls. I did not consider it to be an attractive alternative because of the price. There was a cover charge of about 2,000 pesetas (I don't remember the amount for sure) and this included a drink. The only service option was to take a girl for a full hour, and the cost was 30,000 pesetas. In addition, if you wanted to take a room in the club that would cost you an additional 5,000 pesetas. One girl I spoke with there explained to me that she had a whole routine that she would do for me which included dancing (e.g. more time spent not f***ing), and to impress upon me that she was classy she explained that she would not go to a hotel that did not meet her standards. It was pretty crowded and I did not understand how such a place could stay in business when it had to compete with Riviera just outside of town. Maybe some people are willing to pay much more not to have to go outside of town.

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Farther south on Aribau was a club called Club Aribau. This seemed even a step down from Club 240, although it was a little less expensive, and might have been the second best club in terms of value after Riviera. The girls there asked for 20,000 pesetas and I think there was an additional charge for the room, although I don't remember for sure. The big turnoff for me was that as soon as I entered the place I was pounced on by several girls who demanded that I buy them expensive drinks and then quickly and snippily said that they wouldn't talk to me when I declined. There was a good supply of women, and many of them were attractive, but the attitude was bad, and I did not get a good feeling about the service I was likely to receive.

I visited a couple of saunas, but did not stay. A cabdriver told me that this is where you should go if you want to meet Spanish girls. The girls I saw were mostly uninteresting, but a couple were cute. The prices were 20,000 pesetas for a session, and I assume that this included the room. I did not like the atmosphere as much; you sit on a sofa and are "introduced" to all of the girls. After saying hello to each one you make your choice. There is no opportunity to talk to them and see if there is any chemistry. You could probably ask the madam about special services or skills, but it would be a little more awkward and maybe the girl could tell you that you were misinformed if she decided that she didn't want to do something.

At the bottom end of the spectrum is Flor del Caribe at Muntaner 16 near the university. Look carefully; the door is dark and easy to miss. You can really get laid for 4,000 pesetas, but you get what you pay for. I went in the early evening and they had 2 "girls" who were about the equal of the girls who cleaned the rooms at Riviera.

I walked around the Rambla, but didn't see anything other than a couple of sex shops with no action. Cab drivers told me that there are women there at night, but I never saw any and, based on reports on this board, never looked very hard.

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