Prostitution Report
from Thailand

Hi, i am in thailand right now, i will try to complete as i go. i won't do a day to day all the time since i am staying one month. there will be no pictures.
i have already been 3 times to thailand but this is my first report. i came partly for the Eden Club, and partly to try the center north east of thailand (Isan) and maybe Cambodia.

i arrived early in the morning of the 17 of june. i took a taxi from the taxi booth outside the airport. i went to sukkhumvit, i wanted to avoid the Khao San crowd this time. i first went to the Atlanta and found a crapy oozing old building with a big sign "SEX TOURISTS NOT WELCOME".... well too bad for them, so i headed instead for the Premier Inn, soi 20 where i got a nice suite for only 1200B. that afternoon, i directly headed for the Eden Club. it was my first time but i came for that. one of the things that i didn't see emphasised here is that the E.C. is a place that specialises mainly in making fantasies come true. you can also have the good old in/out with a lesbian show, but that's not really the point. so that afternoon there was little choice in the left side (anal, the naughty ones), so i picked from the right side. i took PIM and AND, i found pim is one tof the pretiest thai's i have ever seen (sorry guys to contradict you but i found more 8 to 10's than 6-7's as said in other boards). so they worked on me like buzzy little bees. i got the double BBBJ, the ass rimming, the lesbian show, and sex. i came out with a smile. yes it's expensive (3400 for two girls + tips + drinks -total about 5000B) but i found that it was worth every dime. the main thing is that those girls have a great attitude, and made me laugh like a kid. i hanged a bit in the bar, and since i like Pim so much, i took her home with me. we had a verry sweet time, but i was so tired that i couldn't do much. still it was nice. the only thing that bothered me a bit is that it was so sweet it was starting to feel gfe, which i didn't want at that moment.

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i had booked pim and and again. i went there, i was so tired that even christ couldn't have ressucitated that one. still they were able to make me come. they were great but i decided to change girls, so i booked another duo for the 20.

day 3
still tired,don't know why, the weather? relaxed the whole day in front of the TV. at night i went out, wanted someting different. i walked around soi 13, there is a whole bunch of streetwalker there and also another clump near soi 3. i am not speaking of katoe's, i know the difference. so i see this fat, young thai. i kinda always wanted to try sex with a plump lady. this was OYY, i took her for 500B (yep 500B in bkk, didn't think it was still possible). i took her to my room, it wasn't to bad, but let's say that she was worth her price like the eden girls were. the thing is that i had a hard time to shake her, was following me after i dumped her. i thing she wanted to rob me or scam me or something. on the other hand i understand, she was an 18 y/o farmer girl from the north and was visibly hungry, or maybe just too gready (she dived for my hotel room fridge and emptied it....)

Day 4
i went to the eden club again, i had booked COOKIE and NOI. boy, boy, boy....cookie is well worth her reputation ( in the E.C. site)....boy, she the most naughty little piggy i ever went with....i came out with a big smile, and she too made me laugh like hell. great attitude and so pretty with that.

day 5
that day i ended up piking a slender girl from the street walkers place. her name was ANN, she was 23y/o, 40 kg. it was not too bad, she was ok. she had bloodshot eyes though and had scars in her body. but in the room she was ok and i didn't feel she was trying to steal from me. like the previous one. a good value for 500B

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Day 6
i picked up a friend from the airport and we went back to the E/C. i took back PIM this time with POUM, where do they take those names, i don't know... it was quite nice, i had a good time of gfe with pim while the other one was suking me like a vaccum cleaner. poum was great at bbbj, she was'nt that pretty but it was ok since i was deep tonguing pim while she was vacuming. i was pretty tired afterwards and went to bed.
(btw, little tip, while marc, the ec manager says the best time to go is 12:40, i found 7 pm to bwe quite a good time)

Day 6-7-8

i went to Pattaya, and beleive it or not i did not go with a single girl in there. i don't know, partly because my friend was pretty tired, still in jet-lag. also, most of the girl didn't look apetizing... also, i kinda like streetwalkers, but in pattaya, chances are that she is a he. so i din't induldge in the hobby. today i came back to bkk, but still no girls. i am looking forward to tomorrow...another eden or a massage parlor.

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