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from Argentina

Last night I went to one of the high end clubs in Recoleta (name is Somona, will update address later as I don´t have the card with me now). Talked with few different girls there and they all said business was very slow now, as there aren´t as many men in the clubs now. With the economic mess, it seems that less local men seem to be visiting the clubs.Took out a very nice looking girl with a tight body who started asking for 200 pesos for an hour but was eventually happy with 100 pesos after some negotiating. (With the dollar at 3.2 to 1 peso now, it was only about $30 US, so I started to feel bad about negotiating too hard).Most of the girls at this club did not speak much english at all, only a few basic words (hello, how are u, what´s your name, etc.) My spanish is very weak, only a few basic words and phrases, however, I was still able to negotiate with her and she understood me eventually. I think if you have some decent spanish skills you will do very well here.At this club (and two others I went by and talked to the doorman but didn´t go into including Black) you are required to buy 1 drink for yourself (minimum 20 pesos) and then two drinks for the girl to take her out of the club (it was another 50 pesos for the girl´s two drinks).

At this club, the girls wanted you to buy them a drink after talking a bit, so to keep your bar tab reasonable you will need to just say no and try not to buy drinks for a girl until you´ve talked to her a bit and are sure you want to take her out.Total cost for the night with a hot tica and about 75 minutes of great sex, including DFK and BBBJ was 185 pesos (100 to the girl, 70 to the club for her 2 drinks, and my 1 drink, 10 in tips , 5 for taxi from Recoleta to Centro).Also the girl gave me her phone no. and wants me to call her Sunday evening, as she doesn´t work on Sunday. If I decide to see her again I won´t have to pay the club drink fees, and she said she wanted to spend more time with me on Sunday.

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The Recoleta area is very safe to walk around at during the night. An upscale neighborhood with lots of people outside walking around till very late. I also walked from Centro to Recoleta at midnight along Julio 9 and Ave. Alexar and didn´t feel unsafe as there were several people and couples walking along Julio 9 which is a huge street with lots of cars also driving along it. Of course it would be safer to take a cab, and it is not probably not very wise as taxis are easily available and inexpenisve.Also the food in BA is very good and very inexpensive with dollars. I had a large portion of grilled fish and a salad yesterday for dinner at a nice restaurant for 16 pesos.Today I am going to walk around town and see some of the parks and monuments, and then perhaps check out Black tonight.The name of the club I went to my 1st night was Sodoma and it is on the 2200 block of Vincent Lopez. There are several other similar clubs in the same 2 block area (Affair, Passport and Solid Gold). They all have touts on the sidewalks handing out cards and trying to get you to come in.

Yesterday afternoon had Aracelli (girl number 26) from www.escorts-argentina site, over to my hotel. She was much more of a pro - covered BJ only light kissing and no kissing with the tounge. She also appeared to be a bit older than her pics, she said she was 27 but I think she is about 30. However, she was the girl in the pics on the web site and does have great tits. Price was 200 pesos for an hour and half including a massage.At night around 1am went to Cutty Sark, in Recoleta (at corner of Junin and Vincent Lopez) a bar where some hookers hang out. It is next door to a disco named Barneys. Drinks are about 10 pesos.

It was still early so there were only about 10 girls in the bar. Didn´t want to hang out here long waiting to he see if the bar filled up with more girls so I picked up a girl with a really tight and skinny body for her asking price of 150 pesos. Probably could have tried to negotiate her down some, but decided not to negotiate since she agreed to BBBJ and DFK, and assurred me of a good time. She performed as indicated, was very nice. We spent about 90 minutes together with 2 shots and a massage.

Afterwards I returned to Recoleta and hung out in an outdoor cafe/bar up the street from Cutty Sark till 5am listening to live music (a guy was singing covers of alternative American bands, Pearl Jam, Creed, Nirvana and was surprisingly good). Meet two students in their 2nd yr. of college sitting at the next table. One was really beautiful, with a killer body, and the other had a pretty face but with not as nice of a body. Bought them a few rounds of drinks, they both spoke english pretty well, and were good company, although when they spoke to each other in Spanish, I couldn´t follow their conversation.

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Unfortunately they seemed to be good girls, as I attempted to try to set up a time to meet the prettier one for dinner the next day but she politely said she would have to study Sunday night and would also be studying on the weeknights and could not stay out late. Still slipped her a note with my hotel and room number, just in case she changes her mind, and I get really lucky.After the 2nd night initial impressions still holding up - good girls at good prices based on the strong dollar.

First, a correction to name of the place in the post above from Sun. May 12. The girl I picked up in Recoleta on Sat. night at the was at NEWPORT (not Cutty Sark which is in Centro on Reconquista not in Recoleta - as El Mujerista noted above I'm bad with names). I had gone into Cutty Sark one night for a drink around 10pm, but didn't find anything of interest. There were over 20 girls there and only two other guys at the bar, most of the girls appeared on the older side. I also walked by Cafe Orleans several times and went in once for a drink, but like Cutty Sark, the girls appeared on the older side - definitely over 30.I went to Black around midnight on Mon night May 13th. There were at least 40 girls, elegantly dressed in an upscale environment. The girls look nice but since they are dressed rather conservatively and the place is fairly dark it is tough to really check out their bodies. The best looking girl there was a dancer behind a window along the wall opposite the bar. She was young with a tight body, dancing in a bikini and looked Brazilian but of course she only danced and wasn't available. Unlike the clubs I went to in BA, the girls at Black will not approach you unless you first initiate a conversation.

Met another guy from the States who was staying in Recoleta, and was also a first timer at Black. Ordered a drink (20 pesos) and we talked about our travels and some of the clubs we had been to in BA. I made eye contact with a nice looking girl and motioned her over to the bar. Turns out she is from Paraguay, and spoke English fairly well. She said she was one of 2 girls from Paraguay at Black, and that there were also a few Brazilians that worked at Black. I got down to business, fairly quickly and asked her early on what her price was and was surprised when she said 250 dollars (yes dollars not pesos!). Asked her if this was a "gringo price" but she said no that this was always her price. (Yeah, right!) She then tried to get me to buy her a drink, however, since I had just found out her asking price, I politely declined and saved 40 pesos.

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The other guy I had met also talked with another girl who asked him for 300 Dollars! We had a good laugh at the girl's asking prices, finished our drinks and headed out to Playwomen.We arrived at Playwomen around 1am and it was fairly crowded, with the ratio of men to women around 1 to 1. The guy I had met at Black said he had been here early on some other nights the previous week and there were a lot more women than guys at around 10 and 11pm on those nights.Quite a few of the girls were all ready hooked up with guys but there were still a couple good looking girls dancing in a small area across from the bar. All the girls at Playwomen seemed to be dressed to show off their bodies, which was a welcome change from Black.I started talking with a young looking girl with a tight body that had been dancing up a storm and we left the dance area for to a sofa in the corner.

The nice thing about Playwomen is that you can get to know the girl a lot better without a problem. We were able to french kiss and engage in some mutual groping on the sofa. You could not do this at Sodoma and definitely not at Black. The girl wanted 150 pesos to go back to my hotel for an hour and I didn't negotiate on price, although I got her to agree to a BBBJ. We took a taxi back to my hotel and had a good 1 hour session although she insisted on receiving the money up front, which was the first time this had been requested of me in BA.

Based on my short visit to Black, it didn't appear that the visual quality of the girls was vastly superior to the other 2 clubs I visited in Recoleta. Also, if the prices quoted by the two girls we talked to that night are indicative of the prices for the other girls at Black you can do much better at other places.Of the few clubs and bars I visited in BA I would recommend the Playwomen club (at Azcuenaga 1968) and the Newport bar (corner of Junin and Vincent Lopez), both in Recoleta.

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