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SYDNEY – Western & Southern Suburbs

As a continuation of my Dec 2000 report on western Sydney brothels I will cover a few new areas.GENERALLY – there is a growing trend for Credit Card and EFTPOS to bear a 10% to 20% surcharge over the cash prices due to Tax Reforms (clampdown) and the high bank charges on EFTPOS and Credit Card transactions.

ST. MARYS – Western Sydney between Blacktown and Penrith.There are 4 brothels within walking distance of the rail station.JOANNA’S is a suburban house one block back off the main shopping street at Cnr Gidley St & Ross Place. A plain neatly presented house, basic but reasonably furnished and clean. FS AU$160/hour – no suitable ladies when visited on a Tuesday evening but definitely worth a revisit. Probably only 2 or 3 ladies working at any one time.STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN 130 Queen Street. FS AU$130; rough to reasonably presented premises with girls to suit. Being 2nd best in St Mary’s is no real recommendation.STUDIO 9 (& other names) 43 Queen St FS AU$150/hour in premises that are best described as shabby. Not recommended.FINAL TOUCH 249 Queen St (associated to Studio 9) – same style of operate, poorly presented premises that were shabby at best and a poor selection of ladies.

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CHICS OF BLACKTOWN – 5 Flushcombe Rd (close to railway station) is a shabbily presented upstairs parlour in the shopping precinct. On the night I visited they were quite busy with last lady was just going into a booking when I arrived. Very pleasant receptionist and a place well worth revisiting.RAPTURES ESCORTS – 141 Stephens St. This is without doubt the roughest brothel I have seen in Sydney – It is located in a semi-abandoned small shopping centre that is all boarded and shuttered up. The 1st floor premises are reached up a side stairway. I was quite relieved to get away from there NOT recommended.

JINGLE BELLS 14 Sleigh St in a modern industrial area. FS AU$220. The premises are new, fresh and well furnished; there were 4 pretty and desirable ladies available (probably 6 or 7 in total) but the cattle parade where the ladies did not come within 20 feet in a dimly lit reception room, combined with an absolute bitch of a receptionist means give it a miss. (Casablanca - Liverpool is almost a good premises with much better reception / meeting facilities – see my report earlier this week)

INGLEBURN (between Liverpool and Campbelltown / Southern Sydney) - INGLEBURN ANGELS – 14 Lancaster Rd (about 1.5kms from rail station) is located in a 20 year old industrial area. The ground & 1st floor premises are neat, clean and quite reasonable – but not plush or spectacular. FS AU$160. 4 ladies from 20yo to early 30’s – all quite pleasant and desirable if not spectacular.ULTIMATE RELAXATION CENTRE – 31 Stanley Rd (directly opposite rail station) was closed when I visited so I can’t report upon it. It is an ordinary suburban house.

ASHFIELD - 295 Liverpool Rd (Bodyworks) is an Asian operation in 1st floor premises that are dirty and undesirable - $150/hour but give it a miss.CROYDON 219 Elizabeth St – close to railway station. $140/ hour in older but well presented premises. 3 workers ranging in age – reception and introductions were pleasant and friendly with a chance to briefly chat with each lady. No one to my desire when I visited but well worth another visit.BURWOOD – 4 Burliegh Ave (Tai-Pan Studios) is 20 years+ parlour of quite good repute. located in an older house it is slightly worn but reasonably presented. $140/hour with a selection of 3 or 4 ladies. Well worth a visit. Close to rail station.AUBURN – Moonlight Ladies (opposite railway station) $150/hour in renovated and much improved premises – a selection of 9+ ladies who were en-mass introduced in the lounge by the receptionist – no chance to converse with any of the ladies – this is all right if you are just looking to hire a body for a short time, but useless if you want to select a lady to interact with. This parlour is much better than it used to be but their introductory techniques leave much to be desired.

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RYDALMERE – 1 Clyde St – Can Can Club – A club type meeting room with pool table, bar and dancing podium (used Friday nights?) can mingle and chat with the ladies – The downstairs rooms are neat, clean and modern – however they don’t have in-room showers. I believe the upstairs rooms have spas and showers but they were fully booked each time I have stayed there. Lady selection is usually reasonable, find out what other ladies are on the premises before making a selection – well recommended.

The next two are related businesses. HOMEBUSH – 91 Park Rd (The Site – also next listing) These premises have operated for over a decade and were extensively refurbished 5+ years ago – while quite elaborate they are starting to get a bit worn. $190/ hour with 9+ girls for selection. The introductions were quite perfunctory, merely walking (some only to the door) saying their names and walking out again – no chance to evaluate the lady; when will parlours learn and get their introductions right?

GRANVILLE - 8 Wentworth St (The Site) 10 minute walk from Clyde rail station. Located on new commercial premises with under cover parking. The premises are clean modern and well presented. $200 / hour commands a better class on worker and seems to work. In my opinion paying +$30 to +$60 for a better selection and class of worker is well worth it. Porsche is a 5’4’ brunette in late 20 or early 30’s of medium to busty proportions who gives an excellent service – recommended. Introductions are similar to The Site – Homebush but not quite as rushed, maybe reflecting a better receptionist approach.

GRANVILLE – 61 Cowper St (Mings) An Asian operation in dirty premises with bad attitudes –I won’t be returning.

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