Prostitution Report
from Brazil

A light day. Went to 4x4 in the afternoon, my first visit—what a place! So big you can get lost in it, and I did. Finally found my way to the bar, which had about 50 lovelies on hand, all clad in thong bikinis. After feasting on the eye candy selected Ailena (sp?), a 25 year old with a beautiful face, large breast and shoulder length white-blond hair. She was a little thicker in the waist than some of the recent spinners, but at least an 8 in the body overall. Go back to the cabine before 5:00 thus avoiding the terma admission fee. Already sporting wood, kinda embarrassing walking around like that (!), especially since we have to wait a few minutes for a room to open up. Finally we are there, shower off and start with a nice BBBJ while I sit on the edge of the bed and she kneels on the floor, a good position to play with her very nice D cups. In the bar area I had noted that they were ample, but these are more than ample! In a few minutes I’m ready for some horizontal dancing, so we suit up and go to it.

She is an Energizer Bunny, and I have to get her to slow down or even the thick Brazilian rubber won’t keep me from popping. I had already verified, while in the bar, that anal sex was OK (still kinda strange asking that of some girl you just met, even if she is a terma girl!), so we lubed up the pucker hole and I dove in. She favors high speed sort strokes, I like to mix in long, deep thrusts—both look good in the mirror! The condom is a little dirty when I exit, and after removing it, take a 30 second rinse of the area to satisfy her concern. That done, I insert it into her mouth while she sits on the side of the bed and she does the rest. I provide a gusher on the ripe melons, really hose them, as she strokes me to completion. While I’m still gasping, she’s grinning and playing patty-cake with Rambone Jr. on her cream soaked boobs. As they say in the beer commercial, nice finish!

Later, as I am back sitting in the bar, still glowing from the sexual romp, the DJ plays the “39-21-46” song. In a moment I am transported to nirvana, a real peak experience as I am made giddy with an endorphin rush while I sing along with the music, as does the rest of the crowd. Thoroughly enjoyed it, reveled in it, as I haven’t had one like it in years…

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Day Five: Damn near a peak experience. This is Saturday, and I figure I better go out and do some sightseeing, take some pictures, be able to prove I visited a least a few of the (non monger) tourist spots. I arrange for Franscisco, who brought me from the airport and took me to 4x4, to take me to the Christ Corcavado statue, all the way up the road rather than the train. Having dealt with him before for the previous trips I neglect to ask him how much this is going to cost, big mistake. My plan is to stop at the Solarium Terma on the way back, since we have to pass near there on the return. Anyway, we go up and Francisco waits with the car while I go up and enjoy the terrific view and take lots of happy snaps.

After the descent we find our way to Solarium and I ask how much for the day’s activities—it is twice the amount I had estimated, I’m a little shocked. Although I don’t protest, he senses my upset and pulls out the rate sheet and shows me the published prices, which is what he quoted me. I pay him and send him on his way, but now I just barely have enough money for a Solarium bout, a couple of drinks and the cab ride back. But the important thing is I DO have enough, so in I go.

The staff is courteous, one of the counter girls speaks English quite well and explains how things work there—generally makes one feel very welcome, a good start. Shower off and head for the boite. Small, especially in the bar area, after 4x4! I like the atmosphere though. By count, at this time in the afternoon there are 4 guys and 20 women present, and the gals are all in thong swimsuits. All of them are fuckable and half are worthy of wet dreams. Not much seating area, but I find a spot on the couch. Apparently the girls aren’t supposed to initiate touching with you, so there is practically a parade of hot gals strutting up before me, gyrating to the music and shaking those magnificent asses. This is bunda heaven. Too many choices! One young blonde is pretty persistent, but since she is a virtual clone of last night’s session (albeit about 15 pounds lighter) I’m not that interested, thinking of a little variety perhaps. Then she sits down beside me, leans close, and says in perfect English…

”I want you to fuck my ass!” Now she’s got my attention!! Apparently a mind reader, and beautiful as well! I think she noticed the immediate response of Rambone Jr., lurking beneath the soon-to-be inadequate cover of the skimpy robe, because she’s soon squeezing and stroking him through the thin cloth, right in front of everyone. This, combined with some real sweet neck and ear kissing and I’ve got a boner so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it! I give up any pretense of resistance and the cutie escorts me upstairs, shaking her fine ass in my face as we head up the stairs, with me vainly trying to conceal the tentpole I have in the robe.

In the room, I get a chance to sample her most excellent kissing for a few minutes before she swallows Jr. I notice she has perfect B+ tits—big nipples, totally firm, as good as they get in that size. After lots of standing oral, she slips on the condom with her mouth, and I lay her down. This is after she gives me the doggy view, puckering her asshole in anticipation of things to come. I enter her pussy, to appropriate moans and groans—she’s a high-speed fucking machine, very enthusiastic, need to throttle back some to make it last! Do the legs-over-the shoulder routine, etc., end up in cowgirl and then some pretty wild doggy. She has pussy muscle control developed to a high degree! Get ready for the main event;

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she applies the KY and assumes the position. I slip it in with little difficulty, and soon I’m doing balls-deep long strokes in her. She’s giving kissy gestures to me in the mirror as I pound away. She’s not just tolerating it, she’s as enthusiastic as I am! The plan is for an oral finish, so I pull out, strip off the condom and she’s jacking and sucking. Only disappointment was that she only took the first squirt in the mouth, unexpected because I asked her twice in the bar if a full oral finish was OK. Damn good session, though!!

We relax, and I finally get around to asking her for her name—it’s Vanessa. She’s 24 years old, been there one year. Soon time is up and I head down to the sauna room for about 15 minutes in the steam room and about the same in the shower. Drained (pun intended) but somewhat restored, I go back to the bar for a beer re-infusion before heading back to the apartment. More guys in there now, actually a little crowded, but still a good ratio. Vanessa is there, but she stays across the room. So I’m standing at the bar when Vanessa’s girlfriend, Paula, saunters over—she is also a white-hair blonde, fairly tall, a hot number. Apparently Vanessa has briefed her on my preferences, because she’s immediately rubbing up against me, and whispering something in Portuguese in my ear that I don’t fully understand, but it does contain the word “culo”-- “ass.”

Just to make sure I get the point, she’s rubbing her beautiful butt up against my rapidly hardening member, practically a stand-up lap dance! Grabs my hand and guides it in for a titty squeeze—I am totally (and happily!) compliant, but after the expensive trip to Corcavado I’m also out of bucks. I tell her so, but Paula is undeterred—in fact, she kicks it up a notch. Now she’s breathing in my ear how she “gosto o leite en boca!” – read that as how much she like (my) milk in her mouth, this while squeezing my dick through the robe. She then guides my fingers through the back of her thong to her little pucker hole, and gives me a couple of squeezes with it to make sure I haven’t forgotten about the other end! Meanwhile, Vanessa, still sitting on the couch across the room, is playing with her pussy through her swimsuit.

Through the sweat now dripping into my mind’s eye, I’m seeing two things in my future—a dupla, and debtor’s prison. I take a deep breath, sigh, and thump Mr. Happy into submission. I kiss Vanessa and Paula on each cheek and say goodbye, never to see them again. Tomorrow I’m outta here, regrettably, but I won’t soon forget them!!

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