Prostitution Report
from California

was recently on business in SD and had the opportunity to cruise ECB. For the most part SD is essentially dead. I saw a few girls out, but very poor quality and I didn't waste my time.

However, I did witness a sting in progress and had the chance to watch the scum in action, and thought I would share my observations. Keep in mind how the cops operate in SD may not be the same in your area, but it does seem to be the case here. I also spoke to a fellow hobbyist, and he confirmed and added a few details beyond what I saw which I will also include here.

This sting happened Wednesday afternoon around 2 pm. It was being done in front of a run down motel 1 block east of Texas street on the north side of ECB. I saw this woman (decoy) standing on the corner. She was blonde, and dressed in sweats and tennis shoes. I wish I had had my digital camera as I would have taken her picture and posted it!. She is fairly good looking, better looking than the other girls further up on ECB that were true hookers. She was staying on the corner, unlike the other girls that were constantly walking up and down the blvd. She was fairly aggressively making eye contact and waving at guys. When the guys would pull to the curb she would go the driver's side of the car and talk to the guys. This is something NONE of the other girls would do. They usually just jump into the passenger seat without much discussion. (I have seen this several times). I saw several guys drive away after talking to her.

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I was kind of suspicious so I did not approach her, although I did cruise around her area a couple of times and parked across the street on the other side of ECB to watch what was going on. At one point, it seemed that some guy had agreed to something and he pulled into the alley behind the motel. The girl walked up the block a little and disappeared in a adjacent parking lot. This seemed REALLY strange to me, so I start drive down, looked through the parking lot and sure enough, the guy was being arrested by SD's worst. There were 3 or 4 cops, one of them was talking to the girl. I drove around the block and there she was again on the same corner. The cop car was gone as was the guy. His car was parked in the parking lot.

After this I drove around just to see what would happen. After another arrest, another girl showed up on the corner, this time brunette with similar clothing. I didn't get a real good look as I decided to get the hell out of there.A couple things can be learned from this, although some of us have learned this, it is worth repeating.

1. If the girl looks even marginally too good for what else is on the street, be VERY cautious. The blonde definitely looked better than the other girsl, I couldn't tell with the brunette. 2. Street girls, keep walking and do not stay in one place. These bitches were staying on the same corner. 3. The decoys were not as overtly dressed as other girls. You can't necessarily guarantee anything by this, but it should be a warning sign to be cautious. 4. The decoys NEVER got into the cars. This means if the girl refuses to get in, leave immediately. Make sure you NEVER, EVER discuss anything about money or activities until she is in the car and you have driven at least a block or two!!!! Those bitches wear wires and are recording every conversation. If you mention something even if you drive away you can and will be arrested (according to my new found buddy). 5. The street girls have become very discreet and leery. They will never overtly flag you down. They might be dressed as whores, but they won't act like they are trying to flag you down. If you see this, be very careful. It is probably a trap.

6. If you think you smell a trap, hang back and observe from a safe distance. Either cruise around the block at uneven intervals or park. Cops can't stop you for being in a legally parked car. Watch what is going on. If the girl who stays on a corner gets in the car, watch to see what happens. You may even want to drive the same general direction for a block or two just to make sure that no cops or flashing lights suddenly appear. 7. Drive around the general area and look for cop cars or side streets and alley ways where a bust could go down. This might help in trying to see if a fellow hobbyist gets nailed. It will most often be away from main view, but not far from the area the decoy is at. The cops don't want to be to far from the decoy in case the decoy gets into trouble and to prove the guys intent when he pulls into a driveway or alley way as she told him to. According to my friend, all the cops have to show for an arrest is intent and intent is indicated by doing what she indicates like "pull into the alley and I will meet you". 8. If by chance the girl is legit, albeit stupid by not walking around, and she drives away with a friendly competitor, don't worry, she will probably be back in a little while. There still may be other street options, or better yet, just wait until she gets back (20-50mins later).

9. If you are uncertain about a girl and there are no other real girls in the area where you might have seen some prior, be really careful. According to my friend the cops will clear out the general area of real girls to make sure the only alternative is the decoy (scum!). So if they disappear or there isn't an alternative be very very careful. 10. It may be worth cruising the street semi regularly to get a sense of who might be street girls. I cruised both Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and saw the same 4 girls on both days - being picked up and coming back. None of them were worth the effort. The blond decoy I had never seen so while 2 days hardly constitutes being an expert, it did make me concerned. 11. Finally, be aware of your surroundings and what is going on around you. Don't do something supid while driving that will attract attention or worse yet, give the cops reason to pull you over. Be sure to watch in front, in back and on your sides. Always know where all the cars are and notice any weird movement that might be a cop. Again the key is cruise safely and don't give the cops any reason to pull you over. In case they do, make sure you have a good story.

Hope none of you got caught!! Hopefully these tips will help. Good luck, until I am back in SD on business!

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