Prostitution Report
from Cambodia

I just finished a one-month stay in Phnom Penh and I thought that I would put together a report of sorts for those planning on traveling there in the near future. I stayed at the Paris Hotel and I still think that the Paris is probably the best value at $15 US per night.

Phnom Penh is rapidly changing, now the city is much cleaner and there are streetlights on all of the major thoroughfares throughout the city. It isn't like the old days when all of the streets were dark and not that many travelers ventured out at night. This trip I really felt safe no matter what time of the night I ventured out. IMO to truly discover the delights of Phnom Penh you need to stay more than three or four days being driven around the city in by a taxi driver/guide. Go overland from Thailand for a truly adventurous experience and get around on motos then you will have a completely different take on the country and its people.

Now for the recap of the P4P scene. There weren't all that many changes since my last trip of six months back. Martini and Sharky were still going strong with there being much more action at Martini's. Choup Tep, the area close to the Lucky Star Hotel, had more babes than I had seen there in a long time and Hun Sen Park had the usual selection of Khmer babes. Between Choup Tep and Hun Sen Park, Choup Tep had by far the best selection. Sixty-third Street still had a fair selection of houses but you have to walk down past some of them as they are disguised as restaurants, guesthouses, etc.

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This trip there were two locations that were not there my last visit, Le Cyree (sp) and Cafe 9999. Le Cyree is very similar to the bars that you find on Soi Yodsak in Pattaya. Immediately upon entering several girls wearing no undies attack you and try to get you to take them upstairs. Lots of guys like it but the girls are a little aggressive for my tastes. Le Cyree is located close to the Hawaii Hotel and short time on the premises is ten dollars. I enjoyed Cafe 9999 much better; it is a bit of Svay Pak without the twenty-minute ride. Mama Lang, the ex-mamasan of House Fourteen in Svay Pak has opened Cafe 9999 in Phnom Penh. There are several old favorites working there that were in Svay Pak before as well as several new ones. The facility is a cut above and is located on Thirteenth Street close to the New Market on the other side of Norodom. Short time on the premises is ten dollars.

Svay Pak was still going strong most of the time I was there. There were several raids on some of the houses and this resulted in a shut-down of sorts for several days but most of the time it was open but the doors were either shut or partially shut and the mamasans would open them up when a customer approached. For a couple of days there wasn't anyone inside to open up, no girls or the mamasan/pappasan were inside so if you hear someone say that Svay Pak was closed when they visited, there is a good chance that it was.

I had a great trip and managed to see many friends that I've made on some of my previous visits. I usually stay in Phnom Penh two or three months out of the year and I always enjoy my stay.

Below is a pic of a Martini babe, Mum, that I met this last visit. There was always a good selection at Martini's.

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