Prostitution Report
from Dominican Republic

Arriving at the airport… chances are, they’ll try to shake you down for a few dollars. Bring a US $5.00 bill or two with you and you’ll be set. When you take your bags through customs, just as the guy was about to search my bags he mentioned that they could easily pass for $5.00 so I was ok with it just to move on through, no sense in having someone ruffle through my things. Not that I had anything to hide. Do yourself a favor, grab your own bags from the customs table and carry them out yourself otherwise you’ll have a local looking for a handout. Jesus picked us up from the airport, holding a Sosua Palace sign out in front. $15 a carload is the going rate with was fine with me, especially split among 3 guys.

Exchanging money... Super Super Liquors, just a few blocks past Europa on the corner. Good rates and the gentlemen speaks English. On Wednesday the exchange was 48:1 and on Friday it was 42:1 Note: You're better off exchanging money during the week as the rates tend to go down on the weekend.

Eating on a daily basis... Mora Mai, the Lobster Fra Diavlo is amazing and Alex (owner's wife) is a beautiful host. Simply said, I wouldnt eat anywhere else! I'd rather spend my time enjoying my vacation than possibly getting sick eating something that wasnt prepared adequately. Although a few of the boys from Jersey on the second floor enjoyed the chicken from the stand on the corner of the block.

Bottled water… don’t drink the tap water or you’ll spend your vacation in the bathroom! When you exchange money, do yourself a favor and buy several bottles for your refridgerator.

Sosua Beach... just a bit past "The Lost Gringo Bar" you'll find "Lobo" (a local) renting chairs, tables, umbrellas and more. Take care of him and he'll take care of you! If you go into the water, he'll look over your stuff as well so you dont have to worry about it.

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Needs at the Palace... you can purchase cold "Presidentes" right at the Palace for $1.00 US each, delivered right to your refrigerator. You'll find two locals, who will get you just about anything you need… from food to liquor. Take care of them and they'll do anything for you, they can be trusted as well. Otherwise you wouldnt find them around the Palace.

Traveling on a motoconch in Sosua... 20 pesos, no more!

Day 1, Wednesday
Considering the way my trip started with freezing cold and snow Wednesday 7am in the morning, my first day was an eye-opening experience. After landing and going through customs as mentioned above, the brief 15-20 minute ride from the airport to Sosua Palace was something in itself. If you’re a decent guy, you’ll quickly be humbled by the scenary. I was immediately greeted by a friend at the hotel who had been in town a few days ahead of me. Later in the day, I learned this would work to my advantage. Moments after walking in, I was drinking a nice cold Presidente, meeting John, unpacking and sitting poolside. My first chica experience left a lot to be desired, but I was a virgin to this scene so it could only get better... and trust me, it got a lot better! My friend Ray mentioned that he set-up dinner with two local girls he had met the day before at one of the bars. Sounds like a plan to me. Just as I was about to get in the shower before dinner, I met Mercedes at the hotel bar. Why shower alone when you can have a chica wash your back among other things. So I’m off to a roaring start, taking in the experience and maybe a few too many Presidentes. Ray set-up a taxi for us at 8:30 and the girls were waiting outside the hotel. I was pleasantly surprised, Lilly was a beautiful 26-year old girl who spoke very good English… I couldnt have asked for a better introduction to the Dominican Republic, again thanks to Ray. Soon enough I found myself on the beach in Cabarete eating camarones (shrimp) and enjoying a bottle of wine, at least trying to enjoy the wine (that’s another story in itself). After dinner we headed back to Sosua and stopped at Voodoo Lounge for some drinks with the girls. We had a great time sitting outside having some laughs and getting to know each other a little better. Late that night we returned to the Palace, I took my girl to the room and off Ray went with his girl. Lilly was “tired” (sueno) so she suggested we get to the bedroom, who am I to say no? Once in the bedroom, she quickly undressed exposing a solid body. You’ll find her in a photo later on, although her photo does not do her justice at all. I give her a solid 8 of 10, great little body and a 9 in the bedroom… this girl had skills! We went at it a few times and fell asleep together, in the morning we continued where we left off. The best part about the experience was, not only did she treat me to perfection, she didn’t ask for any money at all. I suppose dinner and the way I treated her in return was enough.

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Day 2, Thursday
After having breakfast and meeting up with an awesome Dominican friend at Mora Mai, Ray and I went to the beach in Sosua. I have seen a number of people complain about the locals and the condition of the beach, but it was a pleasant experience for me. Lobo took care of our things while we were in the water and brought us drinks as needed. Soon enough I’m laying out and I look about 10 feet to the right and there is this hot blond little European with great tits going topless next to me. What a place, my vacation was getting better by the moment! Around 5pm we headed back to the hotel and then went to M+M for a massage, about 30 minutes or so for 400 pesos ($8 US, $10 with a tip). I took some time to have drinks with some of the guys at the hotel, relaxing by the pool thinking about my night. We went back to Mora Mai for dinner, get the lobster fra diavlo! After dinner, I stopped back at the hotel to change my shirt before heading to the High Caribe Discotheque. Ray mentioned that I’d feel like a piece of meat in there, with girls constantly grabbing you and approaching you (FINALLY A PLACE ON EARTH WHERE THE ROLES ARE REVERSED AND THE GIRLS WANT YOU). After taking a lap around the club, Ray ran into Carolina... a hot little chica he met there on Sunday night. I don’t want to steal his thunder so I’ll let him post his thoughts on her, but her little body was something else!!! She was the crown jewel on this night, no doubt. I took several laps around the club, but couldn’t find anything exceptional that I liked. After joking with Carolina, I found a local with a beautiful round ass on her. Not long after her and I were off to the Palace on a motoconch (20 pesos).

Her skills were ok at best, she didn’t speak much English and I was still brushing up on the language so I hit it and sent her home. Disappointed but determined, I took a shower and headed back to the club. Another 50 pesos to get in but what the hell do I care, it’s a dollar. It was late now and if I knew if I seem something I liked, I had better move fast. I grabbed a few more Presidentes and noticed a chica that I had seen dancing when I was in the club earlier in the night. A simple smile and an “hola” goes a long way in the Dominican Republic! We ended up dancing for a few songs and I suggested we get outta the club before it closed. Just as I’m about to move off the dancefloor, another chica approaches us and asks if she could join us for the night. Again, who the hell am I to say no? It would be a happy hour and then some! We stepped outside for a motoconch, the same driver approached me that drove me there and insisted that all four of us get on for the ride. Now you have to picture this ‘cuz I wish I had a camera for this… I’m 6’4 and lets say, I’m not afraid of opposing Warren Sapp. So the driver sits forward on the tank, one of the girls jump on behind him and then I get on. The second girl then jumps in between us, straddling me for the ride… what a scene, the locals were pointing like look at this crazy mofo. Somehow we got to the hotel without incident. Once inside my room, I turned on the IPod and the three of us were off to the bedroom. I asked the girls to kiss and they were happy to demonstrate anything I asked, what a country! In doing both of the girls, one insisted I don’t use a condom and have a baby with her. I was like no way, that’s not happening and when she mentioned it again, the other girl told her to shut her mouth in Spanish. A little catfight in my bed, how nice. After satisfying both girls, we passed out for maybe an hour or so and then continued in the morning. Actually it was probably about 8am as it was. So I showered, caught ESPN (channel 36) and I went out to the hotel bar with a Presidente to share some thoughts on my experience so far.

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Day 3, Friday
Ray and I were supposed to go to Santiago with a local Dominican friend, but we stayed in town to wait for another friend to come in from Jersey who had never been to the DR before. After Ray took care of me the first night, I felt obligated to stick around and introduce Estabon to Sosua and the Palace. He took a room at the Europa, as the Palace was booked solid for the night. While waiting for him to come in, I took some free time to go for the manicure treatment from a local who did the job from head to toe for 1000 pesos, well worth it. After treating myself, a few new chicas came in to the Palace so I decided to give “Happy Hour” another shot… Soranji gives award-winning head, good stuff although she thought that with a friend she could make quick work of it but little did she know, she was in for some hard work. One girl on your stick and another on your boys is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Finally Estabon arrived and I met up with him near the Europa, he was already taking in the experience so I brought him over and introduced him to a few of the girls. He took one of them back to the Europa with him. I took some time to relax before showering for dinner. Just as I was about to get into the shower, I wanted to get in a quickie with this cute little chica. I carried her around my waist, slammed that little body and then had her shower me down. Ray, Estabon and I met for dinner at Mora Mai where the lobster fra diavlo was the perfect choice again. Around 11pm, we went to El Boem to treat ourselves to the experience, I'm glad we went. We took a taxi van from the Palace in Sosua ($30 US for the whole night, he waited outside the club for us and would take us wherever we wanted, $10 US each, cant beat that). Once inside, there were more than enough sexy girls to go around. Immediately my boy Estabon, hooks up with this fine dark skinned chica and seems to be completely content with her as she is all over him, bouncing on his lap, etc. He said, “I think she likes me!” Ray didnt waste too much time either, he grabbed a chica and the guys were set. I, on the other hand was in no rush. I was lookin for something special. After a few minutes, this beautiful Dominican chica caught my eye but she was sitting on another guys lap. Not a problem, I started smiling at her and on my way to the bathroom, I told her in Spanish that I wanted her. On my way back from the bathroom, she told me to give her a few minutes.

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A few minutes later she came over and sat with me. Well worth the wait!!!!! Jessica was one of the sexiest women I had seen in the DR, she was wild and her ass (in those amazing white pants) would stop traffic in any city in the world!!! Words cannot describe that ass, I'd give her a solid 9 of 10. We enjoyed several drinks, the more Jessica had, the crazier she got which for me was perfect! I'm a young 30 year old guy who still spends some nights in New York's nightclubs after hours from time to time, so Jessica was everything I wanted and more. As an added bonus, she also spoke English very good (and Italian too). Ray was quickly becoming unhappy with his cute but boring chica sitting there with her arms folded. He mentioned it to me and I told Jessica, who asked if I'd mind if she told the girl that she is no longer needed. She said a few words to Ray's girl and off she went. Jessica quickly helped Ray find a replacement that “appeared” to be exactly what he was looking for. Soon enough we handled the financials, I think it was 3500 pesos ($72 US at the rate of 48:1 that I got). Some of you may think thats a lot and by DR standards, sure is but there was no way in hell I was letting Jessica go anywhere because I knew she was wild and she'd be a treat!!! And guys come on, $72 may be a lot of money to those girls but try and find a similar match here in the states for less than $300-500. Anyways, I'm not here to justify my actions, just the facts. The girls went to change and off we went in the taxi. After dropping off Estabon and his girl at the Europa, Ray and I made our way to the Palace with our girls. After some more drinks, Jessica and I went off to the bedroom where she more than lived up to and exceeded my expectations. Sorry guys NO PHOTOS, the battery on Ray's camera died (horrible timing). Believe me I wanted several photos of this girl but I was thinking about that ass... spanking it, not worrying about taking photos of it.

After a few go rounds with Jessica who was a 10+ in the bedroom, wild as I could ever have hoped for, Ray knocks at my door and needs to get into the lock box. I'm thinking why in the hell would you need to get in there now? Especially now, I wanted to kill him and I think I still do. Apparently his girl wasnt into him, she said he couldnt cum but his dick was too big for her so she couldnt get into it and kept asking him to stop. That’s weak from a pro! After having paid and gone through the motions I could understand why he was so mad but he killed it for me too when he yelled at Jessica, "YOUR FRIEND SHOULDN’T BE IN THE FUCK BUSINESS!" Soon enough Jessica was getting dressed to leave with her friend, I did EVERYTHING I could to get her to stay. Well everything besides cutting Ray's head off, I even offered to fuck both her and her friend to make up for Ray's attitude, what a guy, hahaaa. In Spanish, the other girl asked Jessica if I was any good and Jessica replied in both Spanish & English that I was good, "Papi chulo is muy perfecto!" I tried my best to do both of them but the other girl was upset and wanted to go. Jessica knew I was heading to Santiago on Saturday, she offered to give me her number to come by her place during the afternoon to finish what we started but I wasnt going to do that. There are more than enough beautiful light skinned chicas in Santiago to go around and around the world several times over! The girls had the nerve to ask me for $10 for a taxi but Jessica was leaving a lot earlier than expected so I wasnt giving it up.

Had she stayed as planned and fucked well into the morning sun, I would have given it to her and then some. I’ll remember that ass forever! Even though I treat the girls pretty good, I guess you can say I’m a dog ‘cuz I couldn’t get enough. I had showered with Jessica so I was ready to go again, practically running down the street with one shoe on and my shirt in hand, I was off to find Ray. I walked towards the Latino Disco but there was nothing good inside after 4am. I took a motoconch to High Caribe but it was closed, so I headed back to see if I could find something worthy at one of the bars but nothing doing. Ray had disappeared, not a problem when I ran into our local Dominican friend who drove me around to find Ray. Nothing like blasting a little Yoskar Sorante – Por Una Mentira, out of the Honda at 5am. That was an experience in itself, local music blasting from his car like I was a kid again cruising the streets. A little late night snack at PJ’s and off to the Palace for bed. Seven girls in a little over 24 hours, no bullshit and one hell of a night or two.

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Day 4, Saturday
Our local Dominican friend came to the Palace around noon to pick up Ray and I for the ride to Santiago. We packed up, said goodbye to the guys and thanked John for his hospitality. Off we went, driving through the countryside to Santiago. The scenary is not to be missed, if you can find a guide to take you to Santiago I highly recommend it! On our way, we stopped roadside at a fish fry on the outskirts of town. I’m not sure what was better, the quality of the local girls eating with their families or the food itself! An absolutely beautiful chica came in with her family, what a beautiful girl. If I remember right, the fish fry was just past the gokart track on the right side of the road in an orange red building, stop in if you want to take in the local flavor. A great meal, a dozen shrimp for each of us along with shrimp and rice, drinks and I think the bill was about $25 US… I could eat there everyday if it was closer to town. On the road again, we approached the city of Santiago. We stopped at our friend’s house so we could meet his family and he could shower, you just cant experience the life of a local without knowing one. What a great guy with a nice family, his house was easily the nicest on the block. Again we’re off, through the local streets of Santiago you’ll see more than enough beautiful local women walking the streets. What an incredible view of the city from a top the monument (more on that later). We made our way down to a local car wash, wish I had the name of this legendary place.

I have a whole new understanding of the term "car wash!" If I ever lived in Santiago, I'd have the cleanest car in the country. At the car wash you can get some drinks at the bar, plenty of local music blasting with a lot of beautiful chicas roaming around, oh yea they do a great job washing your car too. We caught a nice buzz sitting at the car wash, setting up some chicas for later in the evening. We left to get ourselves a nice “cabana” for the night. Again the Dominican Republic brings new meaning to this word as well. I think the name of the place was Exist or Exile, something like that but its pretty much a garage attached a nice hotel room on private grounds. You pull your car in and close the door, no one can see who you’re bringing into your room (which must make it easy for locals to cheat on their wives). What a country, “Baby I’m going to the car wash, I’ll be back.” The room at the cabana was very nice, music playing on speakers well placed throughout the room, satellite tv, condoms on the night table and a jacuzzi on a mirrored landing. With the help our local friend, he set-up two adjoining cabanas for Ray and I for 1000 pesos each ($25 US, cant beat that). Our friend picked us up for dinner at a steakhouse in the city where the meat is imported from the US, what an awesome meal. You will not find nearly as many Americans in Santiago as you will in Sosua, so this restaurant was a gem and some of the local women inside were stunning! By the time we got through dinner, we were running late past midnight when we were scheduled to return to the car wash to pick up our chicas for the evening. Unfortunately we got there too late. It was raining on and off which was disappointing because we were going to go back to the monument where apparently each weekend, the locals make a party where you’ll find street vendors selling just about anything you can imagine, people dancing drinking and listening to music in the streets. Damn rain! Next time I return to the DR, I have to experience this local event. So we decided to go to Illusions where we ran into a former Palace cutie, Nilsa. The girl has grown up, she looks great.

I was scouting some talent for the night and I later learned to trust me instinct. Don’t always go for the best looking girl, go for the one that looks like she’ll be a great fuck. I choose to go with a cutie, soon enough we were off to the cabana. Once inside, the lil body on Marlena was second to none but her attitude sucked… don’t touch this, don’t touch that. Being my last night I wasn’t in the mood to play game, so I got off and headed to the Jacuzzi. She was hungry, so I was like whatever, call for something to eat. About 30 minutes later, the doorbell rings and the spin around delivery service waiter door thing is full of food, another go round and its full of drinks along with the bill. Dropped money in the turn around and my change was sent back. 100 pesos for a tip and we’re all set. She eats and I want to fuck her around or at least try to before I pass out. Sueno sueno sueno, she was starting to get on my nerves. Its too cold in here, shut up already. I’m down with keeping the girl happy if she is going out of her way to reciprocate but no way in hell this little muerta pesca puta was going to get her way with me. I tossed her, “vas puta!” She got dressed and off she went, the cabana front desk stopped her and called me to make sure “mi amiga” didn’t rob me. Now that’s service!

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Day 5, Sunday
Our local Dominican friend came by around 10:30am to pick us up for the airport. We stopped at the car wash to make good with the chicas we made plans with the previous night. So the next time he stops in, he wont have to walk in with his head down because we didn’t make it back to pick them up last night before it closed. I banged out a couple of Presidentes, we enjoyed some more laughs and my local Dominican friend gives me a copy of the infamous CD as a souvenier. Haha, good stuff. He tried to convince us to stay another night and I almost did, but it was good to head home. We passed our friend 1000 pesos each, for his services and his hospitality. Money well spent, we’d never have gotten to experience the local culture without him around. Nonetheless the taxi from Sosua to Santiago would have cost at least that much. And if it would help this guy out and his family, that’s good enough for me. He is fun to be around, a lot of laughs... dirty dog! He knows the treasures within the DR. I really didn’t want to go home, this was Disney World for me… beautiful round ass everywhere you looked.

In closing I'll say that besides the obvious (chicas), the entire experience of the culture and the appreciation for how good we have it here in the states is something never to be forgotten. When you get up in the morning and get into the shower, watch tv, order food for dinner and sit in your heated home with all you have, appreciate that a number of these amenities do not exist for a great deal of the locals in the Dominican Republic... and thats reason enough for me to share some of my American money with them as long as I'm treated with respect and appreciation, not being taken advantage of. Ok I'll stop now, although I could go on forever!!!

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