Prostitution Report
from Hong Kong

The Hong Kong city of Sham Shui Po, situated near the border of Kowloon and the New Territories, is not known for being a hotbed of prostitution. That distinction goes to Mong Kok, a city two miles to the south (of which I will devote Part Two of my report). Rather, Sham Shui Po (meaning "Deep Water Bay") is most famous for its Golden Arcade Center housing arguably the epicenter of software piracy in Asia.

Over the past two decades, I've had the fortune of visiting Hong Kong annually. Although I know the city intimately, I was unaware of Sham Shui Po's sex industry until I read a post on this website revealing the high number of Thai prostitutes working in the area. Since I have fancied visiting the Thai go-go bars of Pattaya someday, I thought Sham Shui Po would be an ideal place to begin my adventure.

Finding Sham Shui Po is simple and convenient as the city is one of the stops on the Hong Kong Subway system (or MTR). The MTR is fast and reliable and designed so even the slowest learner can traverse the city with ease. However, you may wish to avoid using the MTR during rush hour as the trains can become severely congested.

Sham Shui Po can be accessed on the MTR's Red Line (or Tsuen Wan Line). From Central, transport to Sham Shui Po will take approximately fifteen minutes with a fare consisting of about $10 HK (about $1.25 US). Upon arrival, proceed to the exit marked for the Golden Arcade Center (exit #D2) and you should find yourself on the corner of Fuk Wa Street and Kweilin Street. The Golden Arcade Center will be to the front left with a street market to the right extending along Fuk Wa Street. Facing the Golden Arcade building, turn right and take a stroll down the street market. After walking a block or two, you will enter Sham Shui Po's red light district.

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While finding your destination is simple enough, the timing may be a bit trickier. Unlike the brothels of Mong Kok, the Thai prostitutes here do not operate twenty-four hours a day. The optimal time to plan your foray is between sunset and 8:00pm. Between these hours, prostitutes are clustered and appear in dark and secluded areas behind the street vendors. A handful of prostitutes may appear before sundown but your selection may be limited. As nightfall approaches, those areas behind the street vendors offer prostitutes and clients an ideal environment for discrete negotiation.

During the recommended hours, there is quite a selection. On my visit, I spotted several attractive ones resembling those in pictures of Pattaya bargirls I've seen on the Web. However, don't waste too much time selecting your favorite. As the street vendors close shop at around 8:00pm, the prostitutes begin losing their hiding places. By about 9:00pm, the sex trade pretty much ceases along with most regular street activity. And even if a few prostitutes remain, I would advise against wondering these streets in the middle of the night. Sham Shui Po is considered a lower-class neighborhood with crime rates higher than those in other parts of Hong Kong.

As I walked behind the street vendors to sample the buffet, I've noticed the prostitutes rarely solicit verbally. Perhaps due to their lack of Chinese-speaking skills, they simply look at you and occasionally flash a nervous smile. Any verbal solicitations I received were from nearby translators who probably collect a commission. At one point, I passed a group of somewhat attractive prostitutes hanging out with some haggard-looking Chinese men. These men were quite aggressive in their solicitation. After some high pressure selling (including a suggestion to try two whores at a time), I inquired on the price. They responded $200 HK (approx $25 US). Although their offer was tempting, I wanted to sample the offering elsewhere before settling on a choice.

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By the way, don't expect the translators to command English effectively. They are not among Hong Kong's most educated. Fortunately, I am proficient in conversational Chinese (I was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to the United States as a toddler). For non-Chinese speakers, it may be worthwhile to learn a few Cantonese phrases or find a local horny Chinese buddy to tag along (it shouldn't be too difficult).

At this juncture, I made the mistake of leaving the scene to have dinner in hopes that higher quality girls would emerge later in the evening. When I returned at approximately 8:00pm, most of the street vendors had closed shop and the selection of prostitutes dwindled. I didn't want to leave Sham Shui Po empty-handed. In desperation, I spotted an acceptable petite prostitute smiling at me as I walked by. Her translator (who was a woman) told me she was only eighteen years old. Ni, whose name I later discovered, did appear very young -- and this suited my preference just fine. I asked how much and she said $200 HK. $200 HK appeared to be the local market rate and I didn't bother to haggle or inquired on the specifics of the service.

Ni (pronounced "knee") took me to a nearby apartment building and we entered the elevator bounded for the eighth floor. I soon discovered she can speak some English and confirmed she was indeed from Thailand. She seemed friendly enough as she struggled to make some primitive conversation. All the while, I tried to hide my trepidation as I found myself followed a stranger into an alien environment. I have never done something like this in Hong Kong before. From the Internet and from friends, I remembered hearing frightful stories on how this industry is controlled by organized crime.

When I entered her eighth-floor unit, I discovered a small, dark, and filthy apartment with a bedroom in the rear and a bathroom to the right. There was a bunk bed in the living room with what appears to be people sleeping in them. That was pretty frightening. We went straight to her bedroom, closed the door, and the service began. As she removed her top, she demanded $200 HK. As I handed her two red currencies, she asked for a tip upfront. Bewildered, I declined her request but promised a lucrative one afterwards if her services were exceptional.

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When Ni became fully naked, I discovered the quality of her features were far lower than my Pattaya bargirl standard. That's my punishment for waiting past 8:00pm to settle on a girl. I tried to perform orally on her but she would not permit it. After some uneventful foreplay, I turned on my back and she placed a condom on me and proceeded to give the worst blowjob in the history of blowjobs. Her technique resembled an infant sucking on a pacifier without that pleasing rhythmic stroking. She didn't understand the physiology of the penis at all.

After a few minutes, Ni got up, mounted on top, and we penetrated. She bounced up and down but the sensation hadn't improved much. Both her oral and penetration skills were unacceptable. Rather than sex, the thing I kept pondering was how much clothing I could have bought with $200 HK. Street vendors below were selling nice men's suits starting at around $165 HK (approx $21 US).

After a while, I placed her on bottom and I penetrated from the top. It was the only way I could complete the act. The finale, however, concluded not with a bang but a whimper. What a disappointment given the reputation of Thais as sexual virtuosos. Unfortunately, I had promised a tip but didn't have bills smaller than $100 notes. Thus, I handed one to her (approx $13 US) and didn't bother with the awkwardness of asking for change. She was ecstatic at my generosity and gave me a hug and planted kisses on my cheeks. I was surprised at the expression of gratitude. Hong Kong is a wealthy country and $100 HK cannot buy much. But like most prostitutes, she is probably hurting for any money thrown her way.

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Before parting, Ni asked if I wanted to use the shower. In the interest of hygiene, I should have accepted. But all I could think of was getting out as fast as possible. So I declined the shower and proceeded to the exit. As she led me out of her bedroom, I noticed the people in the bunk beds appeared to have slept through our session. Upon reaching the front door, Ni peered through the peephole as if she feared opening the door. That worried me a bit. But after finding the hallway deserted, she led me out the door and I soon found myself back onto the quiet streets below.

This was the first time I had paid for prostitution services in Hong Kong. Disappointed and disillusioned, and down $300 HK, all I could think of were the legendary brothels of Mong Kok. As I planned a visit the following afternoon, I kept reasoning that the services there couldn't possibly be any worst. It is time for some serious redemption -- the Hong Kong Prostitution Network owes me big.

Just one word before I conclude the first part of my Hong Kong report. During my vacation, I had the opportunity to return to Sham Shui Po on two separate occasions (for non-sexual purposes). During my visits there, I've noticed an unusually high police presence around the MTR exits. As I had mentioned earlier, the crime rate in Sham Shui Po is higher than the Hong Kong average. However, I was unsure if the police were conducting a crackdown against prostitution or whether they were seeking and detaining illegal immigrants (such as those from Thailand). Maybe both. I don't wish to incite paranoia for I have never known anyone arrested for employing a prostitute in Hong Kong. The folks of Hong Kong, known for their self-centered carefree nature, are generally unconcerned about these matters. Nevertheless, prostitution is technically illegal and your sexual adventures there are not devoid of legal risk.

Please stay tuned for Part Two of my Hong Kong report as I will discuss the brothels of Mong Kok, where to find them, and how they conduct business.

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