Prostitution Report
from Indonesia

Day three, Jakarta. - Thursday January 24, 2002

Lisa was another wildcat in bed and just wouldn’t give up. Unfortunately she wasn’t busty like all the previous girls I had so far sampled; she was shaved downstairs which was kinda cute. When we woke up in the morning, I explained to Lisa that I was transferring to another hotel and she was cool about it and all that. I went to have my free breakfast in the lobby of the Ambharra under the background of classical piano being played. When I returned Lisa wanted another round so who am I to deny her request. Lisa helped me to pack my bags after we had taken showers and cleaned up.

We got the bellboy to collect all my baggage and we then checked out and took a can across town to Hotel Cipta. Lisa made no attempt to go home so we just stuck around each other into the afternoon when Lisa asked me to come to her house so she could collect some clothes. No problem so we caught a cab all the way across town to her house, passing many suburbs, highways, megamalls and streets until we reached her house. Lisa told me it was best that I stay in the cab whilst she went inside. She was gone nomore than fifteen minutes before we were going back across town back to the Cipta. I think she had gone home only to say hi to mum and to grab a couple of clean clothes. Lisa told me she was worried that I would not be there when she got back outside. Once back at the hotel we went to Plaza Indonesia where I checked my hotmail account, bought some lunch for the two of us and bought Lisa a nice outfit. We got a cab back to the hotel and we both slept till early evening. We decided to eat so Lisa took me to a great little seafood restaurant about six doors from the hotel. It was called Dua Musim, We went inside and chose some vegetables and seafood and hey presto, out came salads, vegetables and seafood dishes. I tried a cold Bintang for the first time, and quite enjoyed it. Whilst we were eating which was patronized by many expats etc. there was a band moving around playing romantic music for those lonely lovebirds. We were meant to go to the Hardrock café after dinner but ending up back at the hotel and we both ended up falling asleep where we remained until the morning.

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Lisa tried to tell me something about Thursday night being quiet in the bars as it’s a Muslim fasting day or something. Can somebody enlighten me on this fact? I tried to nudge Lisa for some fresh nookie but she wasn’t having it. I went and took my breakfast downstairs for free whilst Lisa wanted room service. I can never understand bargirls and their eat-in-room whims. Are they too scared to be seen with a foreigner in the hotel in the morning? After going back to the room and failing to get any nookie, Lisa claiming she was too tired. She made me horny by walking to the fridge in the nude to get some water. Her beautiful ass bending over was a site to behold. I wish I could have digitally snapped her then and there in more ways than one. Frustrated I had a shower as did Lisa and she wanted her hair done. She took me to Sarinah Department Store building on the corner of K.H. Wahid Hasyim and the main boulevard through town, Jalan Husni Thamrin. I decided to go window-shopping and we agreed to meet in two hours time. It was whilst away from Lisa that I decided she had to go today. As this was my last night in Jakarta I wanted some fresh pussy that wanted to tangle beneath the sheets. I quite liked Lisa as a person, she didn’t quite have the body I was seeking but sure had a nice butt, Granted we had a lot of fun on the first night and that’s where it should of ended. I think Lisa might have been seeing me as a future boyfriend as she never asked for cash, but I had bought her a dress, was having her hair styled at this present moment and bought and paid other small incidentals for her. So after going to Wartel to send a fax to my bank, I pleasured myself by buying a short-sleeved cotton silk shirt and buying some more VCD’s this time of Queen, Tina Turner, Kiss and UFO. I went back to the hairdresser but Lisa was no where to be seen so walked back to the hotel. I packed up her belongingings and walked back to the hairdresser but she was not there or outside. I waited by the mall on the steps for half an hour and then walked back to the hotel again. As I walked in the manager told me my girlfriend was upstairs and hope you don’t mind that I gave her the key.

Yes I did mind but at least she was here. When I walked in, she looked sad and first thing she said, “If you want me to go, I will go” She had picked my mind as I had her only possessions in my hand. I tried to tell her I liked her but wanted to be on my own. That was fine by her. Im sure she was holding back her true feelings or hatred. She explained that she was sorry she didn’t boom,boom last night but she was tired. I was tired too but I tried with her this morning to no avail. She rang her girlfriend who was going to meet us at Hotel Cipta at 8pm tonight and told her not to bother coming over. She cleaned up and I gave her a small token of my appreciation (about 300K) and some money for the taxi and she was gone.

Day Four (final day;Friday January 25,2002 After Lisa had disappeared I at last felt free. I was also concerned about the battery level of my digital camera and urgently wanted to charge it for tonight’s activities. I walked back to Plaza Indonesia and found the converter plug I required after going into the second shop. I went to wartel to check my credit card account on the Internet then had a bite to eat in this rather pleasant café below the Jakarta Hyatt hotel. I met the bule from my second day here outside the fountain but he didn’t want to to wander round with me today, We just had a brief chat. He asked me whether I had visited old Jakarta, which I hadn’t. Hopefully next trip I can make it there as it sounds quite interesting. I went back to my hotel, had a rest and got ready for my last night in Jakarta. I packed my bags in a way that tomorrow I would only need to gather my last things before I finally checkout tomorrow. About 9pm I walked down K.H. Wahid Hasyim 53 to look for a place to eat in. As I walked past the fast food vendors before you reach the main Boulevards, A heard a girl calling me. Of course I stopped to investigate and to be my surprise there was a pretty girl beckoning me over. She told me “Massage, suck, fuck, all night 300K” She was kinda young but also kinda cute. I know she was of age but it was a bit early to call it a night. She asked what hotel I was staying at. She said no problem me coming there with you. I told her maybe later.

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She asked for my room number so I gave it to her and carried on. I went and ate a steak at this franchise restaurant above McDonalds then went to have a look at Hard Rock Café. You have to pay an entrance fee, which includes your first drink. The décor was neat with lots of memorabilia from people like The Stones, Ted Nugent etc on the walls. Now was time to look at the other scenery. There were lots of potential girls but they all seemed busy with guys, talking with themselves or it was too early. It seemed to cater for a very expat scene as the girls spoke to a lot of guys, So they all appeared to know each other quite well. I had one beer them moved on just after the Filopino band had begun. There was a queue forming as I left so I got there at a good time. I think later on in the night, The hardback café would really be happening but I had places to visit. I walked up to the hotel just up from the Hardrock Café and caught a bluestar taxi to Bats at the Shangri-La hotel. I walked into bats and paid 60K entrance here which included a refreshing Bintang beer in a very large glass. As soon as I had a beer in my hand a girl latched latched on to me and I hung around her for one hour before realizing it wasn’t going to happen so moved away and mingled. I liked Bats; they had an expat band (from New Zealand, just like in Surabaya) and liked the bar in the middle where you could move around. There were a lot of very good looking woman here and tried to make moves on a couple of busty woman to no avail. One girl beckoned me over and when I got to her I realized she was old so I was just sociable. Then another one beckoned me over who had tried before so I went over to see her. Her name was Emma and she was all-alone. Naturally I bought her a drink and we chatted like long lost buddies. She wasn’t the greatest looking lady around but she was available, smart and sociable.

Before long Bats was closing so we took a silverbird cab down to JJ’S and drank there for another hour before going back to the hotel. I got talking to some expats there and began feeling great about myself. I could of gone to JJ’s alone as there were a lot of very pretty and still available girls at JJ’s at 3.30am. Jakarta is a free mans paradise. No bar fines, but the venues are all miles apart from each other. I never made it to Stadium and some other venues so I guess I’ll have to come back someday. Emma was a professional woman, She working for a Japanese presentation company and had to go to work on Saturday. She asked me whether I would wait for her tomorrow. Of course I told her although by the time she finished work I would be back in BKK. Emma was the most shyish of the all the ladies I experienced in Indonesia and was also the most boring in bed. I should have stayed single until I reached JJ’s but never mind. Another time. The telephone rang about half an hour after arriving back in my room and the hotel clerk told me there was a Call for me. There was nobody there so I put the receiver down. Either it was the streetgirl whom I had met earlier on or it was Lisa checking on me. Emma stayed till the morning then I woke her up because she had to go to work. I paid her fee then went and had some breakfast downstairs. She asked me to meet her at Bats at midnight, Of course I agreed. Hehehe. Finally I went back to the room, showered, finished packing and checked out. And caught a cab to the airport.

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