Prostitution Report
from Japan

My Japanese is really weak – more than 10 years since I really used it. I can barely read Hirigana/Katakana (the basic Japanese scripts). Anyway, I remembered when I was in Japan before my Japanese friend always bought a magazine that was a monthly guide to Japanese night life (i.e. whores in various forms). It was much thicker than most magazines. We would browse through it and he would translate what I asked him to. EXAMPLE: “Hire a rape. We will have a girl dressed in a school uniform (or clothing of your choice) wait in a predetermined place in a predetermined park. You can then drag her into the bushes and rape her.” There was even more – stuff my friend couldn’t really translate. Anything you wanted or could possibly imagine someone could want was in here.

Now jump 10 years. The internet exists. I found two great web sites. They are guides to a few Japanese fuck or blow job houses. Maybe a little background is needed here. In Japan, it is not un-common to find a blow-job house in a residential neighborhood. They open at 10:00 am! They are not licensed to have sex. You pay about $40 to $60. Pick a girl (usually a small selection) and get a blow-job. OK, my past experiences may help paint a rough picture:

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When I was young in Tokyo (late 80s), a Japanese friend of mine and I went out drinking. I was pretty toasted. Mind you I was young and never had been with a whore or even a slutty looking chick – I was pretty clean at this point. I wouldn’t have done it if I had known beforehand. We went to a place – not to seedy looking. My friend told me it was another bar – I was too drunk too know better. I was then pushed into a room. There was what basically a doctors’ table with stirrups and a shower head on a hose. After about 5 minutes a buzzer rang and then a girl came crawling in on all fours through a doggy type door. She then told (and prodded) me to take off my pants. Soon I was on the doctors’ table with my legs spread in the stirrups. She then proceeded to shower my dick and ass. After a dry she started sucking my dick (now limp – still freaking out). Then she moved to my ass. Wooooooow. After my first real ass lick in life, it took only 10 good strokes and I blew my load. She then kept working it till the buzzer buzzed again. She then left out the doggy door. I was in shock but started to get up and was about to put on my pants when another girl came through the doggy door. 15 more minutes of dedicated dick and ass sucking. Didn’t come this time but got pretty hard when it really sunk in what was going on. Buzzer. Another girl. Ass lick & come. Buzzer. The final girl. She really tried hard to make me come again – I had to piss and just could get it out. What an experience. This experience changed my life dramatically. From this point on I had rid myself of the American anti-prostitution brain washing.

Last year I was in Fukuoka, Japan and saw a suspicious looking sign in a residential neighborhood (across from a children’s park). I don’t remember exactly what the sign said but I I could figure out a few words (like young gal). Being as curious as a monkey and having Bohemian balls I went upstairs to check it out. I saw some Polaroid's of girls in bikinis with strips covering their eyes (like it really helps). I opened the door and there was a small office with a non-intimidating guy behind it. When I asked him a question in very poor Japanese he looked up. He said he wasn’t sure if foreigners were permitted (all in Japanese). Then a Japanese lady came in. She spoke some English. I talked with here. At this point I had know idea about what the place was about – pornos, whores...I just knew it was sexual in nature. I asked her “what do you do here”. She said the girls “take off their clothes and you can feel her body. Then fellatio”. She said it very smoothly so I didn’t pick up on that she was one of the girls. You really had to have been there to get a feeling of the matter-of-factness of the conversation. I asked about taking foreigners. The cashier then called somewhere to ask. He was really polite and sincere. His answer was no – sorry. But she then proceeded to teach me about the business – what to do and what to say.

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I guess the problem is that foreigners think they can have sex but the place is not licensed for it. I finally asked her if she was willing but she said she would love to as she has never tried a foreigner –but the management said no. I then took her teaching and was walking around Fukuoka and saw a similar sign in another neighborhood. I went in and there was long haired Japanese guy. He asked me some questions and I answered yes to all in Japanese in a very polite manner. He then said OK but it is up to the girls. He then went around the corner and asked the girls. Three of them came running out all smiles. I picked the one with big tits. I paid my 5000 yen ($42) and she took me to a room with a curtain for a door. I laid on the futon. She was beaming ear to ear. I asked her how old she was. Just 19. She was full figured with big tits. Her skin was soooo soft. She took off my pants, took out a bowl and a clean wash cloth and proceeded to thoroughly clean my chest, dick and balls (I must say I was a little disappointed that she skipped my ass). She then undressed. She was so happy to suck my dick. She was really good. She then scooted her ass and pussy around to where I could feel her out. After 2 or 3 minutes I was about to blow. I pulled up her head to stop her. I asked her how many times I could cum. She said it was by time – not by “cums”. I let her work. This girl was fun. She was so happy to suck my dick. I’ll tell you attitude goes a long way. After 2 blows my 30 minutes was up. I dressed and when I left she gave me a card with some stuff written on the back – her number, a heart, etc. What an experience.

Back to the internet – I figured these kinds of places would be somewhere on the net. I took a lot of really creative research to find them. I found some where you can pick your girl, pick the outfit (school uniform, pajamas, Kimono, etc.) and fuck (or get a blowjob). The girls are really young and super cute. The sites are great – age, favorite position, etc. Very cool indeed. OK, enough. I will fill you in next time on the girl I selected on the internet, printed the map, went to Japan...

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