Prostitution Report
from Macau

Was in Macau about 3 weeks ago on a Wednesday afternoon. Arrived at Hotel Lisboa about 2pm, took several laps around casino but few girls to be seen, and no eye contact made. Checked out casino games - Minimums are $25 USD and very crowded. Could not get a seat at the blackjack tables. Feeling a little let down I walked through the mall to a sportsbar to grab a couple of beers and catch up on NCAA tourney action. Returned to take final lap through casino and am approached by a young very attractive Chinese girl instantly. What a difference 2 hours makes!! I look around the casino and notice several young pretty faces that were not present earlier in the day. The girl who approached me is walking along arm and arm with me and grazes her hand across my cock to let me know what she was looking for. I give her a nod to let her know I am game and follow her up to her room in the hotel. $600HK got me about 40 minutes of BJ and fuck. Not the greatest experience in the world, but I'll take it as this was my first time to try "the hobby". A couple of funny things when I was with her: the phone rings in mid-fuck and she reaches over and answers it! I wasn't really sure what to do so I just keep on pumping as she talks for about 45 seconds and then blew my nut right after she hung up. After that, there is a loud knock at the door. She jumps up to open it and in walks her attractive room mate. The 2 girls talk for about 20 seconds and then the roomie retreats to the bathroom until after I am gone. I thought for a fleeting moment about having a round 2 with both of them, but dismiss the idea(not sure why). I pay the girl my $600HK and head back downstairs and out to get a cab to the HK ferry.

During my cab ride I am full of confidence and glad that I was able to experience first hand all the stories I was reading on this site. I think to myself,"I am 2500 miles from home and not within 100 miles of anybody on earth who knows who the fuck I am. There is no telling when I will be out of the states again and have an opportunity like this - so fuck it, I am going to Darlings!!!"

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The cab dropped me off at the HK Ferry and I take the quick 5 minute walk to Darlings follow the directions from another thread on this site. The place was easy to find - just follow the walkway to Jai Alai. I took the elevator up to the 3rd floor of the building - walked through the entrance of Darlings, turned to the left and my jaw hit the fucking floor. Lined up in front of me were at least 40 of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life!!! The club host walked up to me and asked which one i would like to have for my full body massage. Not an easy decision to make - I walked up and down the line for a couple of minutes before I settled on #73 - a Beautiful young Tai with a athletic, toned body and huge tits. Before I go any further let me say that the selection of women here was incredible - they were all beautiful. I would put that line up of women up against any in the states without hesitation.Once you make your selection you proceed to the cashier. The price $1200HK-no negotiating. I pay, take a quick trip to the men's room for a piss and then follow #73 down some stairs and a long hallway to a room with a queen sized bed and large bathtub.

The post is getting long, so let me summarize this part by saying that on a purely physical level, the 90 minutes I spent with her was the most enjoyable 90 minutes I have ever spent with a woman. I received a world class tai massage, fire and ice BJ, fuck with her on top, and 2 hot bubble baths with her in the tub with me (one at the start and one at the end). She was not rushed, very playful, spoke a little English, and had an incredible body i was free to explore throughout my session. At the end she graciously accepted my $500HK tip, gave me a hug and walked me out of the club. I hope my tip was OK, being new to this i don't know if it was to little, too much or good. She seemed happy with it. Well that's about it. Let me strongly recomend Darlings to anyone traveling to Macau. I am looking forward to some day that I can return to Macau for a return visit.

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