Prostitution Report
from Mexico

A quick update on the strip club scene in Mexico City:

Jet Set, Keops, Hawaii and Luxor in Zona Rosa are open for bussiness as usual. Expect the usual, usual prices. Keops and Luxor are the "early" options, both of them opening at 14:00. Hawaii and Jet Set open every day except for Sundays from 20:00 on, but the real action do not begin until 22:00 or so. By the way, tons of new girls at the Hawaii, but seems like they are already jaded, being Mexico City last stop in their tour. Men's Club and Solid Gold (the latter on both locations, Zona Rosa and Copilco) are open as usual.

Foxies and Revenge now are open only Thurdays and Fridays. The place is packed on those days however, and the girls/mens ratio is not very good. Lately only girls suited for mexican tastes at the Revenge, i.e. short, "packed" and not precisely slim ones.El Closet is now open for bussiness as usual. Expect the place to be packed on Thursday and Fridays, and arrive early (20:00-21:00) although the action begins around 22:00. After 00:00 or so they open the small piano bar downstairs, if are in for a little rest from the main room.On the south, Caligula is working as always, and may be one of the finest choices. Costa Dorada is still open, and seems like it has become a hit or miss place, where sometimes the place is packes with beauties and sometimes you can only see two old and certaily not so atractive ladies.Arkadia seems to be open to bussiness as usual. They have demolished the outer part of the place to make room for the parking lot. I do not like the place, as they have try to run a scam on me on the past.I have three new places to report: Two in the Zona Rosa vecinity and one more very near to the WTC (Hotel de Mexico), which is to say around the corner from my house.

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First one, Queens. I did not knew the place, and according to people there it has being operating for more than two years now, but I distinctly remember the local as a tipical food restaurant. However, the place is a big room. I do not recommend this in any other place, but actually the upper floor is nicer, having a much more relaxed atmosphere and a very nice view of the biggest part of the club. The standard deal, action after 22:00, some faces from other bars, like Mashangel from the Jet Set, Fernanda, formerly Titanium (she stills does a great number on the pole, the finest pair of intervened boobs I have ever seen -they almost seem natural-), Iyari from Isis. The bar fine is still at $500, and the girls begin asking for $3,000, althought naturally this is negociable and the final price is closer to $1,000-1,500, without the bar fine. Took out Miranda, a very nice and agreeable gal for $1,200 plus fine. Very nice and firm body, a 8 on my book, beautiful eyes, and exceptionaly for these places, a great and very classy companion. Place is very near the corner of Insurgentes and Durango, over the east side of side Insurgentes. The place looks huge outside, so it is difficult to miss it. If you come by car there is a parking lot over Durango street just a few paces east of Insurgentes.

Next one, the Golden. It is on the Zona Rosa, on what was formerly a very nice bar. The place is from the same chain that operates the Men's Club and the Silver, so you can expect pretty much the same type of girl over there. Lots of Ukranians over there last Friday. I really do not like upscale places, prefering to move between the raunchy and the average, but there is a very laid back atmosphere at this place. And the girls do not have the attitude from places like Solid Gold or the very Men's Club, so it is has possibilities to become one of my favorite places. None of the girls would like to be fined, but most will give their phone number so you can arrange something outside the club. One advantage of the place over many others is that no one is pissing you out for tips, and the drinks for ladies are only a little more expensive than your own drink, where the usual at most places is just the double. No cover if you arrive before 22:00, they open at 15:00. They actually serve very eatable food, and the price is not that expensive. Took Wanda's number, very nice body at 9 on my book, look alike from Denisse Richards, and on Saturday I eated with her and then procedeed to a nice but somewhat distant intimate interlude. Price was $1,500. Hey, next time I'll take both Wanda and Silvana (look alike from Amy Smart) and I'll make my own version of space ship troopers. This place is over Londres street, on the south side, west of Florencia. White wall and small door.

The last one is the Farenheit 69 (sic). It is on Insurgentes street, on what was formerly the Salon Luz. Seems like the place is operated by the same people that operated the Manhattan and the Titanium, so my hopes of seeing the Manhattan open again are on. The place also has a great salon, with one main stage and a smaller room towards the back with a smaller stage. They open at 19:00 everyday, and from that time you can expect to see a show, excepting for slow days (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) where the action begins at aroung 21:00. You can however sit and chat with whoever you like, and if you intend to fine someone, this may be the moment to have a discount on short time. Same deal as in other places, bar fine is $700. Very nice girls, although some of they are quite a bit older. If you like thin morena gals, try Ashley who looks like jamaican although she's from Guadalajara and it a very nice dancer. By the ways, the private rooms are quite private, but you need five tickets minumum to access there. It is over Insurgentes street, on the west side, about 100 meters passing Georgia. I think number is 807, but memory may fail. Anyway, there is no way to miss it once you know it is in front of the Congo, between Nebraska and Georgia.

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