Prostitution Report
from New York

I travel to NY frquently, as matter of fact I used to live in Manhattan 8 years ago!

Everything is expensive in Manhannttan! The rents, the taxi, you name it! Years ago, I used to know a in call brothels that was $90/half hour, but of couse, it has since disappeared! Queens with cheap $15-30 whores were ok for a while, but I always did not enjoy the crack-whores like atmosphere! Just two weeks ago (8/2001), I had traveled to Manhattan again on company expenses! Feeling lonely, I visited "China Club", a few adult book stores. Called a few in call brothels, all wanted some types of ID, or just simply too paranoid about the encounter. NYPD must be cracking down hard on the sex trade! Anyway, I decided to spend a little more and obtain an escort service. Jee, it was expensive! $400/hr. But, since I was running out of time in NY, I decided to try it once!

Call one of the services off the screw magzine. The lady was nice, asked what type of gal that I wanted, then set up an encounter in two hours! She came up to my hotel, which had to be done in the afternoon, she was 5'9, absolutely model type. Blond hair, perfect c cup breasts and 35 chest. 27? waist with a proportional butt! She smelled good! She claimed her name was Kelly! Once thing I noticed about her is that she did not have any tatoo on her! Damm, she was good in bed. Allow me to do her in all positions except anal! During the conversation and intercourse, she told me that she works for the fansion industries, and original from the heartland of USA. She was make great money initially a few years ago when she started, but competition and aging has really pushed her out of compeition! W.O.W, She looks better then any girls that I have ever been with! Well, I guess I will try to persuae my daughter away from the modeling industries. From what she was telling me, most gals end up prostituting just to make ends meet!

She was 24, blond, perfect face with dimple! She was so sweet, I decided to ask her for her number. She reluctant (perhaps against escort code of conduct??, Fear of pimps?). The I told her my profession, and she was very glad about my frankness, and realized that her father was also in the same profession. She gave me a pager number and promise to return my pager if I decided to contact her!

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Folks, I did not expect the following to take place!The next day, I was trying to decide to see if I can stay for an extra day to hang around NY for a while, go back to some of the old places that I used to hang around! I decided to page her the next day! WOW, she actaully called back!!!!! I ask her if she would be interested to have a dinner together, she said that she has to clear her time schedule and call me back.Call me back, she did!!! We decide to meet on Friday at 8:30 on Fith ave, and 52? st. She shoed up with a low cut dress that would put J. Roberts to the closet for haning! She was absolutely stunning! Folks, I have been to Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, and Prauge, this girl was the best looking girls that I have ever been with!

Since this extra date never concentrated around money, I asked her how much it is going to cost me to take her out! Initially, she reluctant to give me a figure, but since she had felt comfy with me, she said she would hand around with me as long as she can for another $400. I figure, what the heck!We went to a prettey upscle rest on the 48st? She had good table manner, and everyone at the rest. was staring at her. I was certainly no where near her in the looks department, just hoping that no one thinks that I must be with a prostitute. Anyway, I was having a great time with her!After about one hour, I suggested that we attend one of the infamous swinger's club in Manhanntan. To my surprise, she agreed!! It was about 9:45pm Friday when we arrived to the club. We were the first a few couples that arrived. We took some drinks from the dispensor and walked around!

In one of the rooms, there was a black/Asian couple scewing each other brain out. We decided to participate. Initial I was making love to her, then I realized that she was much more into it this time with me than first time we were together.All of the sudden, the Asian lady climb over me, started to make out with me. Holy molly! I had a gorgeous blond with me, then an pretty Asian on my face. I must have died and gone to heaven!!!! The black guy was trying to rub my leg, but I told me that I was not into the guy to guy thing! You know!Now, I am screwing a blond, eating an Asian. Dammn, I did not take my Viagra!! But, it is OK, because I kept my peter up pretty well! After I came, my entire body was in pusssssxxsy juice! Dammn, this has never happened to me. I went to the shower stall, washed up!

I came back to the open floor area, only to find out that my date was making love to another blond. Folks, it was so hot, that there was a crowd around them, I could not even get back into the action! After a few moments, I managed to get back to the action. Only to find out that I was screwing to most georgeous blondes that I have ever met. I am now screwing two blondes, both of which looked like they just came off the strip dance floor show!!!! I was simply making sure that I was still alive, have not passed away gone to heaven, or you know! You know what, keep up with two attractive blondes were not that difficulty! Even I have just unloaded the biggiest sperm counts a few miuntes ago, my peter is still hard as a rock!

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At this momement, the only thing I can think of is that film done by Rocco Sifferadie, except that I am Rocco! The Stud!Folks, watching two blondes in action was so hot, I kept on sweating, although the room felt comfortable. There were at least two guys jerking off around us. Another lady was been masterbated off by two guys directly at my line of sight! Holly Molly, where exactaly am I????After about 15 minutes, the other blondes must have came (not my date), she took off to the shower stalls! Kelly (my date) found me and cuddle with me, she told me that this is only the third times that she has been with a woman! I told her that I have never been with a guy, and never wanted to! But, I insisted to her that that Lesbo stuff really turned me on!Now, Kelly is cuddling with me, I am still looking at a older lady been masterbated, and one of the two guys also had finished off!We turned around, there is this 40'ish couple, politely as us if they could play with us. We simple reply "sure"!

He is about 50?, she looked younger! (40'ish?). Next thing I know, he was dining at Kelly's pxxxxsy! I felt left out, so I climed over to his partner, Jee, she looked like my branch bank's manager? Smell good, and sophiciated. I put on a condom, getting ready to fxxuck her! Folks, out of the no here, this Geek Asian guy decide to finger her just when I was ready to screw her! What a dick, did not know anything about Swinger's ettiques! I am with a boner, he decided to interfere? I signal to him that I was getting to screw her, he just looked at me??????

After about 3-4 minutes, he decided to withdrawl his fingers, and placed into his own mouth, then I realized that he had other had over his own dick! What an Asxxxs!I finally managed to screw her, while I was pumping her, her husband place his finger over my dick, making sure that I an condom on me! Good, at least I know they are concerned about safe sex!

Folks, I have to go and unload another shot! But I will back! More excitements to come! I promise!

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