Prostitution Report
from Pennsylvania

here's a report/review on my favorite massage parlor in philly, hwoi sung studio.the address is 202 s. quince. the phone # is 215-627-7001.i am a college student w/o a car, and this studio is really close to the patco subway line, so for the other college guys, this place is perfectly located.this place has the standard fee structure for philly. 50 at door, 100 to the girl.

when you enter the club, they will ask if you want a massage. i remember the very first time i went, the mamasan even asked if i wanted a man to do the massage. i quickly said no, turned to leave, and then the practically went into "detain that customer mode". mamasan then brought me into a small room with a tv, offered me a drink and then paraded out 4 korean/chinese girls. really, really friendly place.last trip i took was jan '01. i must say that the turn over rate here is extremely high, only twice, in my bimonthly trips here, did i ever see the same girl.

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the last time, i picked "jenny" "or "janny" (they hardly speak any english, so sometimes the name is hard to catch).she was a nice tight korean with perky, but small boobs. mid 20's i'd say, small but not too small-spinner type. as many positions as you want, and always the full hour, as i have never been short changed timewise.the only one time when i had a less than satisfactory, though not bad experience, at this place was back about 6 months ago. i picked this tall and slim girl, and when i entered, she squirmed and made a face as if she were in pain. i felt like max hardcore, as it was a "f*ck me and abuse me" look that she had on her face. i'm not sure what it was, as she was not all that tight.

the really nice thing about this palce is that you will always get a line up, so it's like being in a candy store. there will always be a fine girl or twoin the line thing that i REALLY like most about this place is that the girls are really safe, as everything is covered and sometimes the girl'll even go so far as to spray alcohol on your memeber. the way i see it: the cleaner they are, the cleaner i'll be afterwards. i'm not a fan of anything bb.for instructions on how to get to the place, they have a site:

also the other poor bastards out there, they also have a 10 off coupon the the philly weekly.

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