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from Russia

Just back from 12 nights in the Russian capital. This was my 20th trip to Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union and I expect to visit Russia many more times in the future.There were few changes or surprises on this trip other than some new additions to the lineups. While the majority of girls are still priced at $100-and some of the newer, younger and less experienced at $70, there are now many lineups with $150 and even $200+ girls as well. This probably reflects the growth in the Russian economy and the price of oil. Many Russians I spoke with expect some sort of recession or downturn in the near future. Hopefully prices will also go down as a result.

Oh yes...I am not going to join the recent debate on this board amongst yptoor, CT, Slava, CAR, etc. whether Moscow-or Russia, Ukraine-have the best women, service or prices. Frankly speaking, I don't really care if people think Moscow or Saint Petersburg or the North Pole are the best. Also, if some prefer Brazil or Thailand, then fantastic. I just want to share information about what I have experienced and hopefully pick up some useful info myself.

In regards to some recent postings...I have also visited several cities outside Moscow and St. Pete. I agree with some of what CAR and yptoor say. Often the girls are prettier, friendlier, and cheaper once you get away from the increasingly "Sex in the City" attitudes of the big city girls. However, nothing beats Moscow for overall selection and convenience. If others disagree, and decide to avoid Russia or just means more girls for insatiable me. More demand also tends to drives up prices, and may also lower the service standard.

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While we are on the subject of service, I concur completely with Californiatraveler about the less than great attitude of club girls- even those at Chesterfields (don't be angry with me Doug!). In fact, CT and I were having a beer at Chesterfields last week when I decided to break with my established principle (NO snooty club girls) and sample a Chesterfield girl. I picked a beautiful, slim- though big breasted-long haired Uzbek girl named Marina and we settled on a price of $100 for all night. Needless to say she didn't spend the night. After eating her fabulous pussy and licking every square inch of her body, she calmly told me that she would NOT suck my Grade A American prime-beef WITHOUT a rubber cover. Needless to say, I lost my temper. After years of Russian girlfriends, Nightflight girls, lineup girls, and escort girls...this was the FIRST time that I had ever heard this in Russia. Not wanting to physically force her-as most Russian men would do-I asked her to get dressed and threw her out of my apartment WITHOUT paying her anything. I didn't even give her money for a taxi.

One thing I did do before she left, was ask her to explain this supposed policy amongst CF girls regarding covered blowjobs. Marina told me that all the men that she and her friends hook up with at CF comply with this request. She said that American, German, British and Asian tourists/businessmen always use a condom for a BJ. She also said that she would never go with a Russian man because they won't use one for a BJ (surprise!).Well, this only got me angrier. Not at her of course. She is like all women in the sense that she is trying to get as much as possible while giving as little as possible. Can't blame the girl for being true to her "predatory female" nature. However, I DO blame all the guys-particularly those from Western nations where they have been brainwashed by decades of feminism-and who tolerate this from the club girls. If enough CF and other club girls go home without earning money, they will beg you for the opportunity to suck your uncovered cock.

Moscow-and indeed ALL of the former Soviet Union- is a buyers market! Furthermore, the ratio of beautiful women to average looking women- is probably higher here than anywhere else in the world. Every Russian girl I have spoken with, says that it is impossible for Russian men to remain faithful as there are just so many young, beautiful women out there-ready, willing and able. Indeed, I have collected more than a eight mobile phone numbers (to be used on my next visit in late August) over the last week from girls I met on the Metro, on the street, and at cafes. It is easy to become spoiled in Russia.

Only on one other occasion did I have a problem with a "non-compliant" girl from a lineup. Remember, lineups are for Russian men and they don't stand for anything but full compliance with their sexual desires-regardless of how deviant or unusual they may be. Well, this one pert blonde refused to kiss me. Now, I had washed my mouth with Listerine before beginning the session (Russian men use beer and vodka...liters of it!) so my breath was OK. This woman-in her late twenties and a Moscovite- was quite stubborn and I figured that if she wouldn't kiss me, she probably wouldn't do much of anything (perhaps, faulty logic on my part...but I like affection as well as passion).

Well, I reluctantly put my clothes back on and went back with her to the lineup to ask for my $100 back. Expecting some big crew-cutted, Addidas tracksuit wearing enforcer types at this lineup to kick my ass, I had my taxi waiting (engine running) in order to make a quick getaway. Well, they could not have been more accommodating! First they smiled, rolled their eyes in acknowledgement of how much of a problem this woman must be, and in broken English offered me a sweet looking 18 year old blonde from Ukraine as a replacement. I almost went for it but a this point it was 3:30am or so and I was really tired. Much to my satisfaction, they gave me crisp new $100 bill and said goodbye to me in Russian.

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The moral of the story is that the Russkies may be rude, crude, stubborn, illogical and often unbusinesslike. However, they have perfected prostitution and all of their latent capitalist talents of promotion, service and delivery...are evident in this endeavor.On this trip I had decided to enjoy both a mix of "regular" and professional girls. I found the "regular" girls on the internet and also hooked up ith some girls from previous trips. I also wanted to try some different body types than I usually go for. My main preference is for tall (178cm/5'10"+), very very slim, small breasted, fashion model types. Well, I decided to sample some larger boned women with big breasts and asses.

I also wanted to be somewhat frugal (I am saving for my trip to China later this month, and trips to Uzbekistan and Paraguay later this year) so I never sampled the more expensively priced women. Having seen them, I can say that they equal and sometimes surpass the quality of some of the best Nightflight and escort girls.Californiatraveler had some of these "high end" girls and I am sure that he will share some of his experiences. One thing I can say is that the "high-end" girls at the lineups are used to serving a well-heeled Russian they have the beauty of the NF girls WITHOUT the attitude. Perhaps this is the best combination and I most certainly will try some of these higher priced women on my next trip.

One more thing before we get to the photos. As may have been mentioned in previous posts by me as well as others, there is some late afternoon/early evening action at the Pyramid Cafe/restaurant just above the Pushkin Ploschad Metro station. Here, Nightflight types-and better-sit outside at the cafe waiting for "boyfriends"..and some also hoping to make new ones. Many of these stunners are working (pay for play).

If you want to see what truly elegant, first class Russian women look like, go to Mon Cafe-one block past Patio Pizza (near the Mayakovskaya metro) on Tverskaya. Here you will see the best of the best, sipping white wine as their chauffeur driven Mercedes S600 waits outside. These are the "kept" women of wealthy Russian men and they may be available for some action. My own survival instincts tell me that is is better to look rather than touch.

Anyway, here are the photos from last week:

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