Prostitution Report
from Argentina

A Quick Pre report with some logistical info for those planning a trip and my first Night out, a more detailed report with Chica reviews to follow.

It's my 1st time In BA and my impression of the place is quite favorable. Weather is excellent, the people are friendly and prices low with current exchange of almost 4 Pesos (P) to the US Dollar ($). I feel quite safe walking around the city and certainly attract a lot less attention than I would in say Cuba.Booked last minute with 1-800-Argentina, Delta special for $449 + tax from San Francisco. Folks at sent a car to pick me up at the airport ($15) and despite a 2 hour delay due to the baggage handlers going on strike the car was still waiting for me.

They also booked me in for a couple of nights at an OK 4 Star Hotel near Ricolletta for about $38 a night including breakfast. Next Day toured the city with Lorena from Alojargentina at their expense and found a very cool apartment over the TGI Fridays in Puerto Madero for $750 a month. There were some decent apartments for about $450 a month but fell in love with this on as it had a pool and Sauna. I also fell in love with Lorena who is incredibly cute, intelligent and speaks excellent English. Sadly she's married but I can whole heartedly recommend their services. Habitation secured I set out to obtain some other essentials. Cash: Tried to get local cash at an ATM from my BofA card but it did not work at the Citibank ATM. It seems to work fine however with any cash machine displaying the "link" network. Also brought some US dollars with me but found no need for them so far indeed I would not recommend using dollars as it seems to encourage overcharging.

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Communication: Got online with zero Fuss and connecting at 48k, they have a ~Free internet access service for the price of a local call.Cell phones: Brought my phone ( TDMA Nokia 8260 with ATT ) from the US and it is receiving calls from home just fine albeit probably at crazy roaming prices. Added a second number for making and receiving local calls with Nolitel Cellular rental, Av Florida 970, tel 4311-3500 Cost me $10 for them to program my phone which included a $5 usage credit. Topup cards are available at most Kiosks. Local cell calls are about 10 cents a minute and calls to the US about 50 cents/min. For better international rates you can pick up phone cards at any store.

Transportation: Taxis are everywhere and local trips are seldom more than 4P or $1. I was a bit concerned about reports of rogue taxis but have had no problems. To the contrary its the only place I have ever been where they give you exact change and sometimes even forget to start the meter until halfway through the trip. Friday Night Report: Reviewed the previous postings on BA and decided to hit the Orleans Cafe for dinner and then head for the Midnight dance floorshow at Cattos. At 11:15 PM the Cafe is almost empty, only about 3 girls inside and the menu is rather basic so instead I headed up to Ave Florida and ate outside at a small cafe, about $1.25 for a nice fish dinner. There's a group of 3 no pro girls eating and one starts to make eye contact with me, stupid me decides not to follow up, and expecting better to come I walk over to Gattos.

Gattos: is a small club ( they are all small) and I take a seat next to the stage where a girl is singing Karaoke Tango. Gattos is very dark and Smokey, Miss World could be sitting across from me and I would not know it. Count about 10 girls ranging from about 5-7 all hardcore and about 20 customers. Buy a drink for 10P and wait for the floorshow. A short little thing in a clown outfit and 18 inch heals wobbles over and I imagine the Doorman at my Apartment laughing himself to death if I bring her home. A Paraguayan girl comes over next and at least I understand her Spanish better than most so we chat for a bit. She then asks me to buy her a drink and I decline. From what I understand its 30P just to buy a drink for the girl at Gatos and I'm sorry but the cleaning lady at my Apartment is twice as attractive as this girl and I only pay her 5P an hour (Note to self: next time slip the cleaning lady 30P, point at my pants and see what happens!)

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Anyway after about 30 minutes I ask when the floor show starts and am told this is it, the dancing is much later so I decide to leave. Maybe Gattos gets busy later but I don't want to wait to find out. Get a cab to Ricoletta area and the place is hopping. Lots of cute young things everywhere. No eye contact however so I look for the clubs. Hippopotomus is now Closed down so take a look inside the Newport which is pub style. They have a good cover band playing and about 12 girls present vs 50 guys. The women range from about 3-6 and a couple look like Tv's, scarey. However threes a line of young chicks lined up outside so I'm hopeful. I then realize that the girls are heading upstairs to a disco called Barneys, I follow them up and find a dark disco with good Disco Pop playing reminds me of Cuba. No entrance charge and I go to get a soda water and the Barman refuses my money, no charge, totally blows my mind. Well its obviously early still and fairly empty so I head back out vowing to return later if I don't score elsewhere.

The Sahara Disc is supposed to be full of young non pros but there's a long line outside comprised of about 90% Guys so I decide to pass and instead head into the Nightclub next door "World sports Cafe" , 5P entry including first drink. There's a group of extremely hot 18 year olds dancing on the stage and I go sit alongside. I'm at about their foot level and I notice they have the most exquisitely pedicured feet which is not normally my thing but they were fine. Sadly,they are there only to tease though, but its still a good floorshow. By now its almost 3am and I'm horny so I head over to Play Women. No entry fee but 20P for the min 2 drinks plus 40P (2 drink @ 20P) to take a girl out. Another small club but better quality girls than Cattos or Newport. 30 guys and 10 girls present range from about 4-8.5 I recognize a few of the girls from various websites and the hottest 2 there I must have called earlier in the day but their phones where off. Now can see them live, I notice they have excellent bodies but are a bit too hard in the face for my tastes. I prefer a smiling GFE to hot body and hardcore attitute.

Again all of the girls here look pretty hardcore, no sem-pros tonight. A couple of the less attractive girls seem to give it up for the night and start to leave. This starts a feeding frenzy amongst the remaining 50 or so patrons to grab the remaining 8 girls before they leave ( its about 3:15) and I decide to head back to Barneys rather than get stuck in a bidding war for the two hotties. By now Barneys is hopping and playing some kind of Disco Tango music. I kick back and observe the crowd getting steadily drunker and starting to pair up as a result. I realize my Jetlag is kicking in and head back home to get an early start on those smoking hot Internet ads I have seen.

In the mean time what happened to all the girls that others before me reported??? Anyone know if they moved to different clubs?? I fear that a lot of the good ones left for abroad and are not being replaced with imports because of the low Peso.

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