Prostitution Report
from Australia

WOLLONGONG – PORT KEMBLA - ILLAWARRA REGION This region is industrially and population wise comparable to Newcastle; unfortunately the sexual entertainment industry is not comparable. As in the rest of New South Wales, visitors can be assisted by using to search for “Escorts” in a particular area (use the postcode option) most listings can provide a street map to assist in locating the premises.

STREET WALKERS – there are street walkers in Wentworth St. Port Kembla who are available to provide services in car for $40 CBJ to $60 full service to $80-$100 per hour in local motels etc. The quality of the women is very variable – some are so drugged they can hardly walk to others that are clearly drug free and seeking to earn money to support their families. They are present both during the afternoons and evenings. Over time I have had 4 in-car services of reasonable to good outcomes; although I have learned to have nothing of value in the car. With 2 of the workers I offered up front a $20 bonus if I was well satisfied – that seemed to work well. Wentworth St is the main shopping street of Port Kembla that is seriously economically challenged; the street runs from one hill, down in the centre and up the other hill – the workers can be found the full length of the street on either side. Take your time to carefully evaluate the workers in the street, they tend to come and go quite quickly and move up and down the street. More in the afternoons than evening you can find some pleasant 30+yo mothers who give good service – later in the evening the desperate druggies are the only ones left.

WOLLONGONG – 24 Belmore St (close to railway station) is an older house, moderately presented inside unfortunately they close quite early in the evenings and only seem to have 2 ladies working.

WOLLONGONG – Number 29 Kenny St. is a stand alone house of only moderate presentation. There were about 8 workers when I called there, all squeezed into a small lounge / reception / office with the old madam carefully watching and interfering in the interaction between potential clients and the workers – not at all satisfactory. A few reasonable looking workers, several appearing drug affected. Not possible to make a selection in such circumstances.

WOLLONGONG – 45 Beatson St (Regency Companions) in a better quality house better presented inside – only 3 workers who all introduced themselves in a common lounge / waiting room – not really possible to have a quiet chat to each lady which makes selection much more problematic. – worth a visit

PORT KEMBLA – 36 Wentworth St (in the street walker belt) up stairs in premises that are at best described as moderate. Seemingly only 1 or 2 workers at most times which doesn’t give much selection, however the receptionist and worker attitudes are friendly and pleasant – I suspect the owner only permits drug free workers. I have stayed with a larger 21yo who gave excellent service – well worth a visit.

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