Prostitution Report
from Brazil

After the Solarium experience I still had juice (and money, once I got back to the apartment) for one more. Called Christina for a repeat (the only one the whole trip), mostly because of how much she enjoyed sex. She arrived at the agreed upon time, despite the hour-plus commute from beyond Centro. Didn't want to eat or drink, just get to it! Before we started, I wanted to clarify expectations, so sat her down for a chat. Told her I knew the anal was painful for her, so we would skip that, but that I really liked "muito, muito, gosta", a full oral finish, "completa a sua boca" (forgive my fractured Portuguese, but she got the point). "Nao problema," sez she. Good, that's progress! We get into the romp, eventually pull out the vibrator, which she loves a lot, "adore!" and had some fun, the both of us. For the finish, I turn her from doggy, she gives me a little smile and opens her mouth for me, and she applies ample suction for my strokes.

I reward her with as much of a gusher as I can muster-she still doesn't like it, but she stays connected for every drop. Later, on her way out, I give her the radio/CD player mini-boom box I brought to listen to the Pimsleur CD's-cost only $18 at Best Buy, but she is thrilled with it, repeating how much she likes it, a kid at Christmas. I give her another R50 for travel money and she is gone. Goodbye, Christina…

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Day 6: Sunday. A lazy day-I get up early, as usual, can't seem to sleep in. The dreaded and anticipated monger cold has arrived, despite me assiduously avoiding dining at the Y, so I've not much energy. I had met Michelle by chance the night before at the corner newsstand, and she still had agreed to come over at 8:00 pm. Sunday is Mother's Day, so the Termas and escort agencies are all closed-even the hookers have to spend some time with mom. It's absolutely beautiful weather, best day yet, so I rent a bike for three hours and tour Copa, all the way down Ipanema and over to Lagoa. Since it is Sunday one side of Alantico is closed to traffic, and there are literally tens of thousands of people strolling, biking and skating the boulevard. Get to see a helo rescue of two people from the raging surf, apparently swept off of the Arpoador rocks by one of the very large waves coming in that day. Have an excellent meal at Meia Pattaca, return to the apartment and crash for an hour.

As expected, Michelle, who I was warned is a notorious flake, fails to show, and doesn't answer her cell phone. Not surprised, I give her an hour and implement Plan B, which is to hang out at Café Atlantico (next to Help) and maybe make a choice there. See lots of girls, but the best are already hooked up. See some that look to be 16 or so, but say they are in their 20's-check ID's! No good luck, so at 1145 execute Plan C-enter the much maligned Help disco. I find the main dance floor area, get a drink (which are pretty reasonable) and survey the scene.

Lot's of garotas, many are do-able, some are striking. Best of all, the house lights are up enough that you can actually see! Soon enough, a very pretty black-haired gal with light skin, clad in a slinky black dress, sidles up to me, says "Oi!" and tells me what beautiful blue eyes I have. Not very original, and I'm usually I'm the one using it, but it gets the conversation going. She's good looking, not the best, but speaks limited but decent English. We exchange some introductory info, me mostly speaking Portugeuse, her in English; she is Melinda (not her real name), she works at a travel agency in Copa and lives nearby. Soon we get to the "go to the apartment" and "how much?" phase.

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First she asks if I have dollars (no), so the opening bid is R200. I counter with R100, explaining I only need her for an hour, and besides (in answer to my question) she doesn't do anal. She offers a full oral finish instead, and, no doubt dazzled by my Pimsleur I Portuguese, agrees to $120 for the session as described ("Certo?" "Sim!")-or so I think!

Out of Help and around the corner to my apartment, and Melinda is rubbing and kissing on me on the elevator on the way up. She has very soft, full lips, and a very sensuous hug that are quite the turn-ons. We jump in bed and she is passionate, providing a no-hurry blow-job with those soft, full lips. She's sporting a full bush, but in contrast to most of the girls, has shaved legs. I take the plunge, try out a few favorite positions (legs over the shoulder, etc.), with good responses. Flip her for some doggy, and now she's in the anal sex mood-for R200 total-the upsell! Nope, I'm sticking with the original deal, despite her entreaties. Does make for some nice sexy talk, though: "Fuck my ass, por favor!" and the accompanying movements. We get to standing doggy, which is particularly fine, then I swap ends, and pop off the condom for the oral finish.

After just a few moments Melinda starts hand stroking and taking aim for the boobs, to which I immediately protest. She is saying, no, can't do the CIM, to which I'm saying "Bullshit! Nao minto!" (Don't lie!), we've got an agreement! This goes on for at least 1½ minutes, which is a long time when you are trying to blow your load. She's saying her braces, which I hadn't noticed to that point, make scratches in her mouth, so it's not safe. Finally she agrees to a facial, ("But not in the hair!" LOL) so I recline her on the pillow and hose her down with every drop I can muster. This makes me feel much better, for two reasons, both of which I think you can surmise(LOL x 2). Actually she's a pretty good sport about it, and after cleaning up we resume cuddling. It's kind of nice to talk to someone I can actually understand. Melinda tells me about her cousin, whom she lives with, and how they sometimes do lesbo action.

Wants to know if I'd like a dupla with them-"How about I call her over?" but it's 2:00 am and I have to be up at 6:00-Boa Noite!

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