Prostitution Report
from California

Here's a report I've been composing over the last few days. It has good info on two places, but there are literaly dozens of new places and more opening every week.

There is one place in Panorama City place mentioned in the WSG that has mostly older Chinese girls. I've been there a couple of times and gotten decent service, but I never really liked it. With the recent explosion of MPs here in the valley there are new ads every week in LA Weekly, New Times, or LA Xpress.I selected three places to try out. All were in Van Nuys and advertised in all three publications. On one Sunday evening, I set out to sample the services at one of these places. I'm not going to give the exact locations of the places (or the names of the girls I met there), but there is enough information for anyone to find them with a little research.

My first choice had been a place on Van Nuys Blvd. that looked to be a standard Korean place. Their ad reminded me of the ad for the Korean place I used to frequent in the City of Industry. They are located in the back of a "medical arts" plaza. The other storefronts were chiropractic and physical therapy places. They were all closed except the MP. There were two other cars parked by it when I got there. Inside, there was the typical lobby area with a window and a door into the main area. There was no mama-san to greet me, so I rang the bell. There was a clipboard by the window with a short questionnaire to fill out. It asked for personal information such as name and address. There was an area where you were supposed to check which of several common ailments (i.e. abdominal or back pain) you suffered from. Presumably all part of maintaining the appearance of therapeutic massage. I rang the bell a second time, but after a couple minutes no one came, so I left.

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Another thing that bothered me about this place was it had a "$10 off with ad" special, which several of the new places feature. Since convincing them that you have been there before is an important part of MP etiquette, I wasn't sure how to handle this. If you really were a regular customer, would you bring the ad every time, or would you just pay the discounted rate without the ad? Perhaps it's a way to tell who really is a repeat customer. If you check out ok on your first visit, they may tell you not to bother with the coupon in the future. Anyone have any further insight or experience with these places? I drove up the street to my second choice, a place that advertised having both Asians and Latinas. This place was in a strip mall with a Vietnamese restaurant and some other Asian oriented businesses. The parking lot was crowded and there were some tough looking Cholos hanging out nearby, so I just drove by without stopping. More on this place later.

My third choice was a place near the Van Nuys airport. They had opened recently as I had only seen their ads within the last month. They also claimed to have both Asians and Latinas. I was greeted by a Korean mama-san who told me they were busy and I'd have to wait about 15 minutes. Having to wait is par for the course at MPs, so I told her ok. She led me to a room with mirrors, a massage table, and another table with some massage oils and such. I asked if I could take a shower, but she told me it wouldn't be working until next week. I went to use the restroom anyway, and indeed there was a recently installed shower with an "out of order" sign on it. I went back to my room and undressed. There was a pair of boxer shorts provided, similar to the Chinese place mentioned above. I'd have preferred to wrap myself with a towel, but none was available, so I put the boxers on. Within 5 minutes a very cute and young Korean girl came in. She was wearing a red dress that was barely long enough to cover her white cotton panties. She asked me for $40 for the house, which I gave her.

When she came back, she proceeded to give me an excellent massage. She hiked her dress up over her hips and straddled me while rubbing my neck, back, and shoulders. I tried to talk to her but she spoke almost no English. I confirmed that she was from Korea and she told me (I think) that she'd only been in the US for three months. When she told me to turn over, I slipped off the boxers. Using hand signals she asked if I wanted a hand or blow job. Instead I reached up her dress and rubbed the crotch of her panties. She asked for $100 and I said ok. I probably could have countered with $80, but she was so cute I didn't want to queer the deal. She left for a moment, and when she came back, she took off her dress and panties. She climbed on top of me and started kissing and caressing me all over. She put a condom on me and gave decent head for a few minutes. Then she straddled me for the main act. After a few minutes, she got off and laid down on the table. We did it missionary for a while, switched to doggie, and then back to missionary for the big finish. She wasn't very active, mostly kept her eyes closed, but didn't rush me and was all told a positive experience. Afterwards she cleaned me up with a hot towel. I tried to talk to her some more, but with little luck. She said (I think) that she only worked on Sundays and that all the girls who worked there were Korean. Maybe they have Latinas on different days or she didn't understand the question. After I got dressed and gave her the money, she kissed me on the cheek and asked me to come back soon and ask for her. In total, I was there for over an hour even though I only paid for a half-hour. The mama-san also gave me a big smile on the way out and told me to come back soon.

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I had been planning a trip to T.J. the next weekend, but when Saturday rolled around, I was reluctant to make the drive. The Korean girl I'd visited the previous week had said she only worked Sundays, so I figured I'd go to the same place and get a different girl, possibly a Latina. However, their parking lot was packed at around 7:30 pm. Instead I went back to the place mentioned above on Van Nuys Blvd. that advertised having both Asians and Latinas. There were some other cars in the lot, but only one near the MP, so I went in. I rang the bell and a Korean mama-san greeted me and immediately opened the door. She told me I'd have to wait and sat me down on a chair from where I could see the girls coming in and out of the rooms. She brought me a bottle of water and a fashion magazine (in Spanish) to read while I waited. She asked me if I'd been there before, so I lied and said yes. She seemed a bit skeptical and asked if I remembered her. I said yes and gave her a curious look, at which point she relented and said she remembered me also. Fortunately, I have a very common look, but maybe she knew I lied and was playing along. There were two other customers also waiting, one Asian guy about 30 and a middle aged white guy. As I waited I saw one really cute Korean girl, another okay one, a couple of shapely Latinas, and one with a pretty face but big hips.

When a room became available, she asked the Asian guy if he wanted an Asian or Spanish girl. He asked for the latter and was immediately escorted to the room, to be joined a minute later by one of the shapely Latinas. A few minutes later the mama-san asked the older white guy which he preferred, and he said Asian. She asked him if he'd been there before and he said no, he'd just seen the ad in the paper. Then she came to me and asked which of the girls I wanted, I could take my pick. I told her I wanted the cute Asian I had seen. When the next room became available, both of the Korean girls were still occupied, so neither of us were escorted in. I didn't feel like waiting any longer, so I called the mama-san over and told her I would take a Spanish girl. She immediately led me to the available room told me I could have an Asian next time. She asked for $40 for a half-hour. I asked about taking a shower, but she told me they didn't have one. I had barely finished undressing when the other shapely Latina came in. I had wrapped a towel around my waist but when I laid down on the massage table, she pulled it off. She gave me an okay massage and we talked in Spanish and English. She was from Venezuela and was 22 years old. She had long, curly black hair and a very cute face.

After a while, she had me turn over and continued massaging my chest, occasionally running her hands lightly near my crotch. She was half-sitting on the table so I ran my hand up her inner thigh and discovered she was not wearing underwear. A bit later she asked me what I wanted, so I put my hand back where it had been. She asked me how much I would pay and I told her $80. She nodded, took her dress off, and pulled a condom out of a wad of tissue she had brought in with her. She kissed and caressed me some before putting the condom on. She sucked me briefly before riding me, both fast and slow for a long time. We then did missionary, doggie, and missionary again. The whole time she maintained eye contact, smiled, and did seductive things like licking her lips. She was really quite the sex kitten. She let me play with her a lot and didn't rush me. As I came deep in her hot cunt I wondered when, if ever, I'd bother driving to T.J. again. As I dressed and paid her, she told me she worked Saturdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays and encouraged me to come back soon and ask for her. I had spent at least 45 minutes in the room with her. On the way out the mama-san gave me a hug and asked me if I was happy. I said yes and she told me to come back soon.

I had a great time at both places, and I'd go again, but between the three publications mentioned above, there are ads for nearly two dozen places in the valley, so I'd like to check out some others before returning to familiar ground. As for T.J., if you add up all the miscellaneous expenses (room, taxis, parking, gas, drinks, tips, etc.), it's really not much cheaper. A round trip can be made in under eight hours if you rush, but when you can get a good fuck at a place less than five minutes from your house you have to seriously consider it. I love the atmosphere in T.J., but I'll limit my trips to free weekends when I can take my time and have multiple sessions with girls.

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