Prostitution Report
from Cambodia

Got a cheap flight on NWA and used mileage to upgrade to Business Class. Sure is nice to spread all out on those long flights. For me it take me about 24hours from the time I leave USA till I arrive in Bangkok. Spend a night in Bangkok and then on to Cambodia. Booked flight on Bangkok Airways 2:50pm flight just a few hours before departure. Price approximately 7000 baht R/T. Bangkok Airways has 3 flights departing 7:50/14:50/18:30 daily. Return flights you can keep open, times are 9:30/16:40/20:20. Flight time is 1hr5min. Small lunch is served. Touched down and did the immigration thing. No SARS interviews at this time. Immigration requires a Photo however, if you forgot then they will charge you a extra $1.00 About 15 immigration officers check your passport and you pay them $20 USD. (They will also take Baht but they will charge you 1000 baht which is about $25 USD. After getting the Visa stamp you proceed thru the checkpoint. They now have a computerized system and it takes several minutes as they run your info thru some international check system. Takes a little longer than usual. After immigration you get you bags which are usally there already and proceed out past customs where you hand them the peice of paper and they flag you thru. Walk striaght outside and a cab is waiting. Set price of $7.00 USD. Told them to go to GoldenGate Hotel and again, they said it was sold out. I knew this was a ploy for them to try to get me to a different hotel where they could get a commission so I didnt fall for it and just told them I had a reservation (even though I didnt). Off we went to the hotel. Takes about 40 minutes in the evening traffic to get to hotel. Arrive at approximatly 5pm and lots of rooms availible. Took room 312. Nice clean room with balcony. Rooms have remote control AC with good cable TV and free-daily laundry service (usally back by noon)and free breakfast. $30 per night.

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Martinis had a road block set up because some International Police organization was meeting at a posh hotel just around the corner, however, ONLY individuals heading to Martinis were allowed to pass thru. The road was totally empty, a complete ghost town. Martinis was packed as usual. $10-20 overnight was the norm with $1 for taxi for the girl to get home. Motorcycle taxi was the norm. Many trips could be had for 2000 reil however, many of the moto-taxi drivers were demanding $1 per trip. Most would wait outside your bar and wait for you to come out so they could get a return trip. Many of the roads are now fully paved however, still the piles of garbage on the street corners. You can get a bag of weed from the restroom attendant for $7 (includes rolling papers), however, you have to be a little persistant with him as he just wants to sell you a pack of cigs laced with a minute of weed which will barely get you high. Here is a pic of a 19yr girl I picked up in Martinis. She had a tight pussy and sucked fairly good. She wouldnt take any nudes.

Savay Pak was open for business, hoowever, the doors are locked and they come out when you get close and unlock the doors. Didnt seen any NGO bitches either. Prices same as before $3-10 for everything. They try to get $20 but I just laugh and tell them no way.

Heart of Darkness was packed every night but didnt get going until around midnight. Walkabout had the usual selection of stanky women at all hours of day and night with the largest selection after 11pm. Stays open all night long and has some fairly good food to munch on. Restaurant there also is open 24hrs.

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I got a real bad sore throat with a high fever after only a few days into Cambodia. A real drag as I stayed in bed alot. After a few days I tried getting some Antibiotics from a Pharmacy but nothing changed so I finally had a Mototaxi take me to Calmette Hospital. Stand in a short line and pay $10. They gave me a sign in sheet and told me where to go. The doctor didnt speak english however, he knew what sign language of sore throat. He looked down my throat and a few other things and sent me on my way with a prescription list. Zycor, Amoxicillin, Tylenol w/codine. Helped with the fever and pain however, still didnt get better. I got out a few more times and went to Sharky Bar and Heart Of Darkness, however, it wasnt much fun drinking with a sore throat jacked up on codine, which made me sleepy.

Ate some noodles from a stall, Thai style, and a bottle of water. Total price 1200 real. Didnt get the shits either (About 30 cents)

Overall a nice trip, however, the sore throat put a real dampner on my mongering activities. Didnt get much pics either as I didnt feel too up to the task. Left for the 09:30 flight and had no problem just showing up at the ticket counter without a reservation. Cost $20 USD for a departure tax. Got to Bangkok and booked a limo straight to Pattaya for 1500 Baht.

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