Prostitution Report
from Cuba

Mi amigos, I have just returned from a 2 week excursion to the Forbidden Island. Went with two friends. Arrived in Ciego de Avila on a Sunday.
Was planning to spend first week with the guys sharing a car, & then take a bus to Santiago the last week on my own to see some novias there...

I was not impressed with Ciego de Avila at all. Not many available looking chicas here. At least not non-hard core looking. Found a crackdown in full effect. Casa owners not wanting to let chicas in. Mucho secrecy needed. Crummy casas. The chicas we ended up with weren't bad but nothing special. Mine was frankly a little wierd. Would barely crack a smile & "muy timida". But she was only 19 years old I was very very horny & with her on my lap half the night, drinking cristals, bullshitting with mi amigos & cruising the streets, its better than N. America. Back at the room she seemed very inexperienced, apparently I was her only her second tourista. Well I try to be slow & gentle with her, gave her $15, & she leaves about 5 am. No pictures of this town / chicas, & I was very glad to leave this very forgettable place.My two sidekicks had steadys in Florida, so that was our next stopoff. Things MUCH more relaxed here. Chicas were giving real good eye contact, blowing kisses, psst-ing as we would drive by. What a difference 60 km can make. Had a hard time finding three rooms close to each other, this was our first priority. This girl on the right we picked up 10 or so km from town. I think she wanted to start someting with me but was not my type. But she did have a very pretty smile.

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Picked these two up in town somewhere. I pork the one on the left that night. When she dropped her clothes in my casa I was pleasantly surprised because believe it or not she actually did not look as plump with them off. She like "carried it well" you could say. Tried to put on this "I am a nice girl, not a jinetera, I only do this for need" routine, and then promptly asking if I would buy her a bike (>50USD) before we even started! LOL Well I was like sure, if you give me the fuck of my life! She hesitantly takes a shower with me, trying to keep her breasts covered, LOL. Unlike the girl from the night before, whose innocence was quite obvious, this chica isn't even a good actress. But she is shaved & has a sexy bod & there didn't seem much else available at that time so I kept her for the night. Don't remember much details exept that it was really fun rubbing baby oil over her & playing some "slippity slide" . I retire this chica the next day after slipping her (again!) with $15.

Day 3: Camaguey
My sidekicks have brought their steadies with them from Florida. Near a discoteca / restaurant named Casino a cubano named Pedro offers to introduce me to some chicas. He seems a bit more sincere / credible than your typical "chulo". I tell him sure, but that I am extremely picky, and ask if he knows any drop dead gorgeous modela types. Yes he says, & for the next 15 minutes I drive through the most fucking complicated maze of streets I have ever seen in my life to meet "Janet" (pronounced Yanet). When she gets in the car I see she is indeed quite gorgeous, imo a 9.5 face, 9.5 body. She is in fact a model & works for the local agency, & does a lot of shows at one of the beach resorts north of there. A week or so away from her 19th birthday. She is quite pleasant to talk with but does not seem to understand the words habla dispacio por favor (please speak slowly)!!That night with this chica (quick bite at the Casino, cruising in car with the 2 other couples, taking a walk in the town center) I have this definate attraction building for her, she is quite simply the best looking woman I have ever been with. When I finally make it to bed with her I feel like I am dreaming. But when she starts sucking on the little guy I realize I am quite awake. Definately one of the better if not best bjs I've ever had. She is totally passionate, moving that sexy tight body constantly. I have the most incredable session with this woman. I felt like a porn star making one of those watershed porno flicks that changes the industry for the next 10 years. She would get on top of me, tighten up her stomach, lean back & bear that tight little pussy down on little junior in very deliberate fashion. And her pussy! Totally beautiful, shaved, clean & tasty. Man o man, my companeros, what more could a guy ask. It all was so good that I wasn't too bothered when she said no to showering together first and then seemed to rush me just a little.The next day we set up our casas in Camaguey (we spent the night back in Florida). By the way, in Camaguey now it is officially illegal for a chica to be in your casa unless you are married! Fortunately at this time it wasn't enforced but the owners WERE nervous about it.

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In the afternoon Janet, in my new casa, bluntly tells me she "needs" $35. Alone with the guys I tell them I am bummed at this because I thought I was getting a near-gfe & now it seems I am getting hustled. Got no morning quickie & the session last night while great was no longer than 45 minutes. And that day she was starting to get distant. Also that night my 2 buddys aren't having very good luck themselves even though they are 5 and 10 year vets. It seems the chicas in Camaguey are quite the hustlers, even for Cuba.That night in the casa Yanet informs me she does not like her picture taken but I snap off a few anyway. Here she is. When we finally hit the sack @ ~1 am, Janet informs me that she is too tired to fuck!! I prod her but she is serious. So I ask her to leave. I bought her food, beer & some disco cassettes that day, gave her some nice lingerie and then the $35, & it was time for her to deliver. No photos, no problema, pero pingar yo necisito!!! We were in a beautiful casa room, I was her ticket to decent food, spending money, travel (I had already told her I was looking for a "navigatora" to Santiago next week) and more. Usually this gets a chica in line but Janet says OK & starts getting dressed. I guess I wasn't sucker enough for her style.She asks for her carnet & paseporte back. I smile and tell her, give me my $35 back. To make a long story short, 2 hours later, she returns with $35. I give her paseporte & carnet back & I hit the sack eager to get the fuck out of this town first thing in the morning. To those who think I was harsh on Janet: I had spent >$60 on her before she asked for the $35, and this was for less than 1 day of hanging out & less than 1 hour of sex. To those who think I was a sucker & gave her to much: perhaps, what can I say I was attracted like hell to her! I don't have a lot of exp with pros having concentrated on the non-pros!

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