Prostitution Report
from Dominican Republic

How things change! When I arrived last month in Puerto Plata it was my first visit to the DR, my first attempt at dealing with the Spanish language, and I was full of nervous anticipation. Had I made a terrible mistake? Was I making a complete fool of myself?

When I arrived this time, I had my driver and two chicas, ‘Margareta’ and ‘Juanita’ waiting for me at the airport. But however idyllic that sounds, there was trouble in paradise. I had not specifically requested that they be brought to the airport, but both had requested to be allowed to meet me. If you read my report from last month, you will recall that my last trip ended with a bang, so to speak, as a threesome with these two ladies on the last night led to some jealousies and conflicts.As soon as I was greeted, I sensed from the atmosphere that all was not right, and in fact learned later that on the way to the airport the car had to be stopped due to an uncivil war of the chicas that had almost resulted in an eviction from the vehicle. On arrival at La Barba Negra, as I will persist in calling it, Margareta requested a private audience in my room and immediately proposed that I should come with her to Santo Domingo for two days. I told her that was out of the question, whereupon she then proposed that I should lend her $1000 for her cosmetics business, which had been destocked by a robbery in which her leg had been injured.

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There was absolutely no question of this either, and I was all set to boot her immediately when she mentioned that I might like to sample one of her new condom-free sex product lines. So I did dally a while, and then booted her out. Permanently. Sort of.At this point I made some arrangements with Juan, my driver, for a chica hunting trip at 11:00 that night, then slept a little, woke up, turned on the TV, and accidentally discovered the porno channel on the TV. It has been previously mentioned in these annals that Dominicana chicas are much enamored of the cartoon channel. My experience of this trip was that they all seemed to have a preference for the porno channel, which boring and inane as it is, is definitely of some educational value for the chicas, and I was able, during my stay, to recognize certain moves that were almost certainly porno channel inspired.

I took some dinner at La Barba Negra. There were not many people around on this Monday evening, which was just as well. I have a terrible weakness for women and often end up having to change my plans to accommodate impromptu episodes of sexual gratification that leave me too drained for the main event. (A bit like when I missed a Pink Floyd concert in 1969 because I was too stoned to get out of the car.)I did, however, espy, ‘Mercia’, whom I knew from my prior trip. Mercia is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. Yenni, who I am in love with, and who works at the bar in La Barba Negra thinks that Mercia is a Naomi Campbell lookalike, and, to be sure, there is something of La Campbell in her facial features, though at 30 years of age and with 3 (charming) children the body is a little different, though remarkably trim for the circumstances. But what make Mercia outstanding is that she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and is equally respected by all the girls and guys around La Barba Negra. She also has an excellent sense of humor.

On the previous trip I had spoken to Mercia a few times when we were both occupied with other partners, and she was definitely on my radar screen. I reminded her of the partners she had the previous month, and she, to my amazement, was able to tell me exactly who I had slept with on each of my three previous nights at La Barba Negra. I was still feeling drained from my earlier encounter with Margareta and needed to recuperate for later in the evening, so the last thing on my mind at this point was sex with the lovely Mercia…But I am weak, and when Juan arrived for me at 11:00 p.m. Mercia and I were still involved in an extended bout of fucking and sucking, so I cancelled out the night’s arrangements and planned to go to Caberete and Sosua in the morning to swim in the ocean and take lunch.

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In the morning Mercia went home for a while to freshen up, then joined Juan and I for the outing eastwards along the coast. It was not at all an unpleasant experience to have this supermodel walking on my arm in Sosua, drawing the envious glances of tourists with their fat wives, and Mercia even had the presence of mind to take along a change of clothing, so that she was able to change from jeans and bare belly to a floating kimono for the second half of the day. It was also not totally unpleasant to sit with Mercia in the back of the car, with her hand rummaging inside my shorts for much of the journey.I had been very tired after my travels the day before, and had slept only an hour or two in my car on Sunday night, so after the initial release with Margarita, I had no further ‘leche’ in spite of extended sessions the previous night, but in the car there was no doubt that milk production was in full flow, so when we returned to La Barba Negra, I immediately took Mercia upstairs for a good pounding, and this was in fact the only time on this trip that the leche hit the rubber.So far, so good, but things were to get much, much better.

One thing I had planned for this trip was the ‘Build Your Own Chica’ project. Up to this point I had selected either chicas recommended by my guide Juan, who has selflessly devoted a great deal of his own personal time to market research, or to spur of the moment urges where the chica just happened to be in the right place at the right time—in other words in my line of sight when I was feeling horny.Now I intended to take it easy and conduct a targeted search for a chica who met certain specifications that I find pleasing, which I define as ‘tall, dark, and handsome’ or, to be even more precise, ‘tall, Black, and slutty.’

These specifications are not very easy to match, because the Dominican ladies are not, for the most part, very tall. You could stand in the street in Amsterdam and see six-foot ladies everywhere, but that is certainly not the case in the DR. We started out with a visit to El Principe, a night club near La Barba Negra, but I didn’t see anything tall there. Then we decided to head for Crystal, and check out the bar across the road first. The bar opposite Crystal might have been disappointing as there were only two or three chicas there, but in the recesses of the bar THERE SHE WAS! The chica of my dreams. Not the prettiest, but with a raunchy kind of look. Long hair with some gold streaks, a face with broad features, large boobs (not a requirement, but acceptable with the package). If you had only seen her face and chest, you might have though she was a fairly heavy girl, but she tapered dramatically into the flattest of stomachs, with long, long slim legs, that turned out, I later discovered, to be amazingly flexible. She was 30 years old, and a mother of two children aged 8 and 2.

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We had a couple of drinks with her, and the plan was that we would then check out the talent at Crystal, but it turned out that ‘Marcia’ , as I shall call her, was not allowed to go in Crystal because she worked at the bar across the road. Normally women are not allowed into Crystal unless accompanied by a man, but even this waiver would not apply in her case. So we headed off to La Bohene, which is the classiest and most expensive night club/strip club/brothel in Puerto Plata. I understand that the salida there is about $30 and that the girls expect at least $100 for themselves. I have also heard stories about high priced girls from La Bohene who do nothing for the money but lift up their legs and lie there.

In La Bohene we had a few drinks and talked to a variety of people, then watch the strip shows, which features some pretty energetic performances. I didn’t see any girls whom I would have swapped for Marcia at any price. The girls at La Bohene are no better than the girls at La Barba Negra—in fact they are a lot of the same girls. The difference is primarily in presentation. At La Bohene you see them nicely dressed up in cocktail dresses, elegant hairstyles, and make-up.During all this time, from the moment I had invited her over, Marcia was in some kind of physical contract with me, but at the same time she was quite reserved. She was not a crotch grabbing type of girl, though her hand was never more than an inch or two away from that precious area, ready to swat away any encroaching chica who might have designs on my manhood. But apart from an occasional brushing of lips or nibble on my neck, she gave little indication of her level of interest in me as a sexual partner.

Time to digress on another of my obsessions. My women have to be interactive. What I mean by this is that the thing that arouses me most sexually is having a sexually aroused partner. Having a partner who is just going through the motions does not cut it. There has to be passion. The previous night Mercia had complimented me on being ‘very professional’ and I her likewise. But the truth was that while our time together was most enjoyable, there was no passion. We certainly enjoyed each other’s company, both before and after our time together, and when I see her again we will certainly chat and flirt, and hell, I may even bed her again, but both of us know that we are more like buddies than lovers.I once had an anthropology book that contained many pictures of people from all kinds of cultures in courtship behaviors, and this booked certainly helped you to understand from body language how people felt about each other. One needs to develop these skills when one is not fluent in the language of the partner. Being a fairly vocal person, I have always relied on using my verbal skills for flirtation and seduction, but without the language, they are useless.

So when I got Marcia back to my room at La Barba Negra, I did not know exactly what to expect from her. However, when she entered the room, switched on the TV, tuned it in to channel 17 (porno channel), knelt on the bed, pulled her jeans down to her knees, waggled her ass in the air, and started to finger herself between her legs, I was able to deduce
with reasonable certainty that she had friendly intentions.

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This turned out to be the very best night of sex in my entire life, as far as I can remember. I won’t go into details, except to say that Marcia had probably subscribed to some distance learning courses on the porno channel, but it wasn’t so much WHAT she did as HOW she did it, that really rang my bells. Passion, passion, passion. It does it for me every time. Of course the fact that she matched up pretty close to my physical ideal was a great advantage. Women are like cars: when you get the right combination of looks and performance, then you get a lot of customer satisfaction.

Next day, I went for a trip with Juan along the coast to the west where we had a drink or two and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Juan had lined up a threesome for me for that night with the long-suffering Juanita, who is a great fuck, and another tall dark friend of hers. Regretfully, I decided to cancel out that arrangement in favor of a dinner date at a nice restaurant in town with Marcia, followed by chica leche dessert back at the hotel.I decided to just hang around La Barba Negra, walk on the beach and take plenty of fluids, in preparation for the evening. Having been drained several times the night before, sex was not on my mind, even though several chicas showed up at La Barba Negra in the afternoon. I was just indulging myself in a glass of orange juice when a chica called ‘Sylvia’ approached and asked me if I would like to take her up the road for something to eat. I had been introduced to her in La Bohene the previous night, though with Marcia standing guard, there had been no opportunity for anything other than superficial pleasantries.I explained that I was eating later, but that she could eat while I watched, if that was OK. So, we walked off down the road together. Sylvia is quite attractive, with nice smooth very dark skin, a pretty smile, a mercurial personality, and is the 27-year-old mother of three children ranging from 8 to 2. She told me she is 25, but I believe this to be incorrect.

She seemed a bit down in the dumps. She was most unhappy with her life, and with La Bohene in particular. (Sorry if my spelling of ‘La Bohene’ is incorrect—have no source for verification.) Previously she had been one of the dancers at La Bohene, but having to perform two times a night for 500 pesos per dance had become extremely exhausting, and she had been at the doctors where anemia was diagnosed, and she was given an injection of ‘vitaminas’. The girls at La Bohene do not have an easy life. If they don’t show up for work, they are fined their salida when they show up the next day. So remember that if you take a La Bohene girl so that she misses work, you are still effectively going to have to pay the salida or the girl will be out of pocket. While I was with her at the restaurant she was speaking to her mother and two-year-old on her cell phone, and had tears running down her face.

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She invited herself, more or less, to my room, and although I was not feeling much urgency—well, yes, a bit—for sex with her, I felt that it was worth 1500 pesos to have a bit of a grope session with her. However, she was one of those women who wants a condom on you while her hand is still on the door handle, and I didn’t feel that she would have much chance of my leche, especially not in competition with a purveyor of heavy-duty industrial strength sex like Marcia, so I decided to focus more on her pleasure, a decision that rewarded me well.

After a while in which I had to work quite hard, I was rewarded when she produced the most explosive orgasm I had seen in the DR, immediately pushing me away as her whole body was too sensitive to touch, and shrieking ‘que rico’ over and over again. In fact, about 10 minutes later, when she was in the shower, there were still occasional ‘que rico’s’ wafting over from behind the curtain. She also joked that I was ‘muy professional’ and that she should pay me instead of the other way around. I was inclined to agree, though too polite to say so.At this point I am going to cut this report short and just say that the second night with Marcia was as good or better than the one before, and that I had an identical repeat session with Silvia before I left for the airport, she having left work at La Boheme after another night without a customer. This time she fell asleep in my arms after a few ‘que rico’s’. Poor kid!This trip was just an absolutely fantastic experience, and I can hardly exaggerate the euphoria I still feel, having completed a full 40-hour work week since my trip. This thing really is like an addictive drug. Right now it is all I want out of life. I will be back in 3 more weeks. I have made a lot of new friends, chica and otherwise, and everyone I met associated with La Barba Negra has been unbelievably helpful and kind.

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