Prostitution Report
from Indonesia

I had never been to Indonesia before so I took a flight from BKK to Surabaya using Singapore Airlines. Nice service but no better or worse than Thai Air. The Singapore - Surabaya and Jakarta - Singapore legs didn't even have their famed entertainment units that I had heard so much about. I arrived into Surabaya around noon on Saturday January 19 and was bribed by the customs man for IDR 100000 so he could buy a carton of cigarettes. Said my laptop was an illegal import. After paying his bribe I got a cab to the Hyatt Regency. Lobby of the Hyatt Surabaya Very nice hotel and I was on the 11th level of the tower block. I paid $US73.00 through but later found I could of got it for $US62.00 through the lobby travelagency. view of Surabaya city from my hotel room. I crashed on the bed when I got to my room as I had, had a very fulfilled night in Singapore with a Filapina I had picked up at Orchard towers the night before and wouldn't let me sleep.

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That was good as there was only one flight a day operated by Singapore Airlines and didn't want to miss that. I woke up about four hours later, unpacked and did some work on my laptop before walking up the road snd finding a very large shopping mall about 10 minutes away. On the ground level there is a ice skating rink and I found out later that this mall interconnected to the Sogo Department store and another mall complex. I wasn't game enough to order some Indonesian food (menue were all in bahasa) so opted for A&W fastfoods on my first night but at least I ordered some local soup along with the hamburgers. After eating I tried to catch a cab to Desperado's at The Shangila hotel. The driver knew no english so the first two places was by no means the 5 star hotel I was looking for. I had to explain to the dispatch operator at the taxi base where I wanted to go before he finally found my destination. Walked into desperados and got lots of looks. Plonks myself near the band and ordered a carlsberg. Starting talking to this girl who was obviously smiling at me but later on some local expat was with her. She took my hotel name and room number. She promised to tour me around Surabaya tomorrow (and her body I hoped) but never heard from her again. Moved onto this busty lady, but she then decided she had a boyfriend. Another local expat must of placed a late booking on her. Finally found my toy for the night standing up at the back smiling at me. We finished what drinks we had and took a cab back to The Hyatt Regency. When we got to the room Tina found out I was green and tried to get IDR1,000,000 out of me for all night. And me being Green as I was agreed on 800,000. She had a great body, spoke excellent english but later found out I should only be paying 300-400k all night. Tina stayed all night and let me say my first sexual liason with a Indonesian lady was rather plesant.

DAY TWO - Sunday Jan 20 I didn't do much during the day except go to the mall where I bought various VCD's of rock bands at between 20 and 25K each. They were so cheap and the shops had a very big selection of choice. There were a lot of cute girls at the mall but couldn't work out if there was any particular area if you were looking for a bit of daytime action with a college girl with a hard body. That evening I started by night at the Tavern Bar in the Hyatt. I ordered a bottle of carlsberg and they were having a promo - 2 beers for 1 so I drank the two beers and had a chicken curry. There was very little people in the Tavern and only one sure girl working the floor and she wasn't all that appealing. She tried to go with me on my exit but when I went back later on She was thankfully gone and occupied elsewhere.

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I went out of the hotel and caught a cab to the local brothel area commonly known as Dolly, that I had read about on this forum as well as TSM and After a twist of small windy streets we were there. I paid the driver off and as soon as I started walking papas were trying to drag me into their clubs. I decided I would walk the strip first then come back and make a discision on a particular shop/club. The street was L- shaped with a few narrower streets running off it at the top. Most of the places were shops with about 10 - 15 girls sitting in each, waiting for customers. As far as I found out later the girls were for only on-premise consumption and not for takeaway. On the way back I was litterally dragged into a local bar where a band was playing. I thought why not so they bought me a large bottle of Bintang which tasted terrible as it wasn't very cold at all. The papa tried to get one of his waitresses to go with me but she was either shy or scared. As this was a bar I would of been interested to know wether I could of taken her away to the Hyatt Recency. But they probually had rooms out the back somewhere. THis Indonesian man in the next table kept wanted to go "cheers" with both of our glasses. That was good as I consumed the beer rather briskly as I wanted to continue my research and the music was quite terrible and loud. I walked down to the juntion where the taxi dropped me off looking at each club as I walked. I was looking for a girl I saw walking up that was very attractive but never saw her again. Once I was back at the juntion I was enticed into one of the shopclubs there called "hollywood" The papa was standing there with this quite attractive girl who could speak good English. Her name was Dali so we went inside and I sat with her and had a bottle of sprite. I looked at the other girls and they weren't smiling or either they were scared of the white man.

Dali looked the best bet so I arranged a room with Papa and Dali led me to her room of pleasure. The rooms consist of a double bed matress, a bucket and water washing/shower area and a little bunch of draws for the girl to place her personal belongings. I tried to ask Dali if she can come to the Hyatt but she told me it is forbidden for the girl to go with a client, although personally she would of liked to have been able to leave with me. So we got down to business and her service was very good. I was starting to warm now to these indonesian girls. When we were finished we washed and got dressed again. I slipped 50K into her jeans which she didn't even bother to check. I wondered what Indonesian males paid here for a lick,suck and fuck. We walked out and I paid papa for the use of the room plus the sprite. All up 85K to papa and 50K to Dali. I caught a cab back to the Tavern Bar at the Hyatt and continued drinking as they a band there from Jakarta with a couple of hot female singers. The doorman at the hotel offered to aquire me a stunner for 300K but when I told he I want allnight he said that would be 400K. I politely tod him I would consider his offer but in the end I never did take up his offer as I got shitfaced. The previous freelancer was gone, replaced by 2 or 3 more but they were already pre-occupied. I ended up drinking with one of the guys from the band at Desperados who comes from the same country as me, New Zealand. As I got shit faced I ended up going home alone.

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