Prostitution Report
from New York

I usually don't go for street action ... I prefer incall or the occasional outcall. But recently I was at a party in Manhattan, and as I was walking back to the subway late at night, I was on 23rd St. approaching the Park Ave. 6-train station. Near Lex Ave. I noticed some rather heavy street action. I was surprised, because I thought the girls had moved to other areas. A couple of pretty hot-looking women were talking to a couple of guys in a car as a cop was approaching from behind. I wasn't looking to get laid, but I was curious to watch the encounter on the street, which looked like it might at least provide some entertainment value.

So, I stopped into a deli, and as a pretext to hang around and gawk, I ordered a cup of coffee and was pretending to decide on a magazine to buy. All the time I was watching the cops start to hassle the girls and the guys in the car.All of the sudden, I heard a sharp, quiet female voice behind me say "Wanna date?" I nearly jumped out of my shoes because I didn't notice that anyone was near me. I looked around and there was a cute latina girl with a very nice body. She was short, maybe 25-30 years old, and she was standing in such a way as to let me see down the top of her blouse at her tits. She was giving me street-hardened but inviting look.

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I tried to play it cool, but the way she was standing and looking at me was getting me a bit aroused. She made a point of looking at my crotch and then giving me a lewd smile.Although I previously wasn't wanting sex, that had changed, and so I motioned the girl to the back part of the deli away from the doorway and the view from the street. We quickly got down to business, and after convincing each other that we weren't cops, I told her I wanted to go somewhere private and get 30 minutes of a blow job and a hand job, and that I wanted a full 30 minutes no matter what ... even if I cum before the time is up.She paused and gave me a skeptical look, but then she agreed and confirmed that I could have 30 minutes no matter how many times she makes me cum. She waid that in a seductive manner that made me a bit hotter ... she clearly was a professional.

She told me that we could go to an apartment nearby for privacy, and she said that the services would be $80 for sex plus $25 more for the apartment. I talked her down to $20 for the apartment and $60 for the sex, but with the promise of an extra $20 or more tip if she really makes it last for the 30 full minutes and makes me very happy during that time. She smiled in a lewd, hooker-ish kind of way, and told me that she agreed to my terms and that she's sure that she can make me very happy.I told her I was a still a little leery of getting ripped off in an unknown apartment (I was about to offer to take her to a hotel of my choosing), but then she walked to the door pointed the place out to me, and I realized that it was an incall place I had been to before and felt fairly secure in. So I agreed, and we each went separately to the apartmente, with me waiting an extra 5 minutes after she went into the building.

A different woman answered the door, and she demanded the $20 "apartment fee" up front and then showed me to a rather plain but reasonably clean room with a made-up bed and a nightstand, and a mirror on the wall over a rickety dresser. She told me to undress, but I told her that I'd prefer to undress after Maria (that's the name the hooker gave me) shows up. The woman shrugged and left me in the room, and less than a minute later, Maria showed up.I showed her three $20 bills and put them on the dresser, and after nodding her consent, she did something that really surprised me: she embraced me and kissed me on the lips, and as she was doing so, she moved her stomach against my crotch so that my cock was rubbing against her. The kiss was suprising because it didn't fit the hardened hooker-ish image she conveyed on the street.

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But looking into her eyes, her expression still told me "whore", which was what I wanted, anyway. I wasn't looking for a GFE. And besides, her fake intimacy when she kissed me somehow emphasized that she's a professional who knows how to seduce men, and this made me even hotter.I asked her to get undressed, and she did so quickly. Her body was actually quite nice: she had smallish breasts (which I like) and a fairly flat stomach, and a nice round, firm ass. She had pierced navel and a tattoo on her thigh, and surprisingly, she had an extra thick bush of pubic hair ... this was a surprise, because most of the pros I've seen lately have been partly or even totally shaved. Also, there was a long scar on her shoulder, but somehow, it added to the hot hooker-ish image she was conveying and I was wanting.

I told her that I like to masturbate when a woman shows off her body to me. She replied that she'd be glad to do that, but it would cost an extra $30. I told her not to bother then, and that I'd go right to the hand job and blow job. But then she pretended to think a minute, and then she said that she'd give me "a little show to make you hot ... because I like you". I knew she didn't like me any more than the rest of the guys she fucks, but at least she was smart enough to know that she could get a nice tip if she pleases me.I sat un the bed and took off my pants and underwear, and I started playing with myself on the bed. She seemed to have had experience with this sort of thing, because she tuned in on me and started moving and caressing herself along with the rhythms of my jerking off. This got me pretty damn hot, and after maybe 5 or 10 minutes of this, I asked her to get on the floor between my legs and to suck my cock and play with it with her hands. I reminded her that I paid for a full 30 minutes and even if I cum beforehand, I'd want to stay with her the full time.

She replied that she remembered that I requested that much time, and that she was planning on playing with me but not having me cum until the end of the 30 minutes. I thought that was a great idea, and I told her to get down to business.The next 15 minutes or so were the best head and hand job I ever received. She put a condom on me, and then she teased me and stroked me, both with her hands and her mouth. She caressed my stomach and groin and thighs and balls, and she had me lie back on the bed and spread my legs so she could play with my asshole during her cock-pleasing activities. The fact that I had the condom on made the experience take longer, and also, it allowed me get increasingly hot without cumming as she stroked and sucked me.Finally, she had me moaning and panting and writhing on the bed. She then looked up at me with an even lewder, more hooker-ish look than before, and she took off the condom. My cock was moist and a bit slippery from my pre-cum fluids, and she immediately began to stroke me furiously with her hands while looking me in the eyes and moaning and licking her lips in a theatrical but effective manner.

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Within a few seconds I was cumming intensely. It was great! I think she rubbed my cock on her tits as I was shooting, but I'm not sure because my eyes were closed ... but it sure felt that way.She kept stroking me until I had nothing left to shoot ... and still she kept stroking me until I had to tell her to stop before she did.After I caught my breath, I looked at my watch: exactly 28 minutes had passed since I gave her the inital $60 ... that was close enough to 30 minutes for me.

I thanked her and gave her another $50 and told her that she defintely earned it. She couldn't completely conceal her happy surprise at the amount. As she was dressing, she told me that if I want, I could arrange a private appointment with her in her apartment. This way, she said, she could see me for a more extended period of time "so there's enough time for me to make you *really* happy", as she put it. I interpreted her offer to mean that she had realized that I'd pay well for good service, and that she wanted to earn some of that money.

I agreed and asked how to reach her, and she gave me what she said was her cell phone number. And then, she told me we need to leave separately, and after she gave me another kiss (equally fake in intimacy), I took off.I've tried to call her at that number several times over the past two weeks. I never got through to her, although I have left her a few messages over that time. And she as yet has not called me back.I don't have any illusions about seeing her again ... but it would definitely be nice, and so it's worth still trying to reach her. If I see her again, I'll post another review.

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