Prostitution Report
from Pennsylvania

I want to share an experience with you regarding a recent trip to Pittsburgh. There is an Oriental massage parlor in the 2100 block of Liberty Street. Its on the left side of the street as you go away from downtown in a basement and I believe its called Osaka, but I wouldn't swear to the name. You go down a half flight of stairs and ring the bell and an older mamma-san lets you in. The girl I was given to was called Yoko and she was very pretty. She had huge tits (aftermarket to be sure) but nicely done and fairly natural feeling and she had broad shoulders and fairly wide hips, so the tits didn't look silly, as they so often do.After the ususl $50 entrance fee, she had me get undressed and took me to the shower room where she gave me a fair table shower, then back to the massage room. The session rooms had curtains rather than doors, which I'm not crazy about but the place wasn't busy and my pants were already off and, what the hell. While giving me a decent massage, Yoko asked me what else I wanted and I asked for "oral" for which she asked for $60 which I paid without argument.

She then began licking my back & neck, worked her way down to my butt and licked my balls and ass-crack . She then had me roll over and sucked my nipples, licked me all the way down, and gave me a very nice, slow, gentle blow job. I came in her mouth and she lifted her head up and let the cum run out of her mouth back onto my dick, which she then gently licked. An EXCELLENT blow-job. She then cleaned me up and, after getting dressed, I gave he an extra $20. As with all pay-for-sex, you take a chance on quality and friendliness, but Yoko was a winner. I haven't been back to Pittsburgh and I don't know about the quality of the other girls at Osaka.

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