Prostitution Report
from Russia

I have been in Moscow for about two weeks in June. As I mostly used the information form this board there is not much new that I can add.

On my first night, I went to Dirty Dancing and got acquainted with very nice girl, let's call her Galina, and spent most of my time in Moscow with her. She is a very nice and regular Moscow girl, a little on the conservative side. It was a very nice experience and I learned a lot about Russians from her. At some point we even considered going to Turkey together for a week for vacation, but I decided not to do so as I was on a mission in Russia

Lineups: I tried them on three occasions. The first time it was with a friend and I was too tired from a long afternoon session with Galina. So I just observed the scene. He picked a nice Moldavian girl and had a good experience with her. Later I got girls from lineups myself on two occasions. In both times I got disappointed, the first time being a total disaster. At the lineup, she looked nice, but at home once I undressed her, she turned out to be a monster. Although I did a better job the second time, a nice blond girl, she turned out to have lots of scars everywhere and this was big turn-off for me. I think picking a really beautiful and good girl from lineups requires a bit of experience and it is also a matter of luck. So, if you are in Russia only for a short period, you better stick to NF, Chesterfield or the salons...

We easily found the two lineups CA Traveller have mentioned here. They are quite convenient being so close to Chesterfield. But I have seen much more beautiful girls on the way to the airport. I forgot the name of the avenue, Leningradkoe Shosse or Prospekt or something like that. All cab drivers know it anyways. There were so many lineups on that prospekt, one after another, some maybe only 50 meters apart. And somehow I managed to pick-up a monster, well though luck.

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Actually if you don't mind seeing the same girl more than once lineups are very economical. The first night you pay $100, later on she will be more than happy to see you for only $40-50 instead of going to the lineup again. It is a win-win situation for both you and her.I checked out the scene in NF and Chesterfield too, don't have anything to add though. Pricewise lineups and Chesterfield are comparable. But at Chesterfield you can chat with the girls, dance, have a drink and find out about them. But you never know know what you would get from a lineup.My friend took me to a salon called Salon Fantazii. Phone number(s): (095) 778-5266, (095) 778-5317. It is very close to Night Flight. They have pictures of girls on the Net, but actual girls are much nicer. Actually, the first time we went there, my intention was just to take a look at the girls and leave and wait for my friend outside. But it didn't take me much time to change my mind once I saw the girls. I definitely recommend, a quality place, $50/hour.

I visited another salon (tel: 790-60-08). It was day time and they had only 3 girls. Maybe they always have 3 girls. I picked a girl called Liza ( because I knew she was doing analnyj. She is not very beautiful and even a little on the older side. Normal sex is $50, anal is $70 per hour. I paid her $50 initially, and aggreed to pay an additional $20 if we do anal. I had the best paid-sex in my life. It was total GFE. She came twice, I came three times, and she asked me to stay longer (for free), she definitely enjoyed sex including anal. It was the best paid sex I have ever had.

We also checked out the Safari Lounge. Entrance fee is 500 or 600 rubles, lap dances are 100 rubles per song. They have some real stunners there. But it is almost impossible to stop the girls, they keep coming and coming, and although 100 rubles is cheap for a lap dance, in one hour I ended up spending around $50. Have your 100 ruble notes ready before you go!

Overall my trip was a lot fun! I got hooked-up with Russia!!! Too dangerous for a young man...

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