Prostitution Report
from Thailand

Just returned from a trip to ChiangMai & Pattaya. Forgot my camera so no pick this time.

First 2 nights stayed in Bangkok at the Novotel Lotus in Soi 33. Nice large clean room. (must have had a newer room as some have stated the rooms were not as good). Hit a few bars on Soi Cowboy. Tried to see a old friend at one of the bars only to find out she died of heart problem that aparently plagued her for many years but she never told me. Ive known her for almost 15 years. They said that her legs would swell up to twice the normal size due to some restriction in her heart. Very painful. What a way to go. She worked as server in the bar. "Sai" was her name. May she Rest in Peace.

Barfined a girl from the Tilac bar. Nice body. Nothing special. Busted a nut and sent her packing with 1000 baht. She asked for more and I said, maybe next time if she gets a little more experience or tries a little harder. She just game me a strange look. Went back out on the street and headed to the area between soi 9 and soi 19. Many outdoor stalls selling beer after hours. Sat down at a rickety stool and ordered a beer. Lots of good lookers walking by and a few skanks. A lady in her early 30's asked if the seat was taken. She was really good looking so I let her sit. She ordered a beer and paid for it herself. She was from UdonThani. Nice rack and never had a baby. After a few more beers we headed back to the room. Wow what a lay! She sucked like a hoover and fucked with excitement. For what she lacked in being older she made up in attitude and effort. Sucked every little drop. Took 1000 baht and gave me the Wai and out the door she went.

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Day 2: Off to the Eden Club. Never seen so many women all at once. Must have been 30 or so. The bar was so full they were outside the door too. Grabed a Young looking shy type standing to the right of the yellow line and she immediately grabbed a older looking, experienced type from the left side of the line and stated she was her good friend. Sounded good to me. Busted 2 nuts in less than 90 minutes. As always the sex was great. They will do anything, any position and are great working together. Paid the 1700 Baht per person and added 500 baht tip between the 2 and out the door I went (knees a little wobbly) If you havent been to Eden Club then you are missing the boat. The girls are not all eye candy but what they lack there they make up in attitude and experience. Well woth a try. Located on Soi 7.

Day 3-7: Headed to Chiang Mai via Thai Airways. I think it was about 4000 baht R/T. There are cheaper flights on "1-2 GO" and Asia Air, although I am not sure of their prices. Stayed at NOVOTEL Hotel. RIght about 1200 Baht net included a huge American Breakfast buffet. Very nice layout, the best ive ever seen for a Buffet. Weather was about 75 degs at 7pm. Alot cooler than Bangkok. Only used my A/C for about 1 hr at night and then a little during the day.

Chiang Mai isnt for everybody, however, the more I visit the better I like it. If your looking for a prostitute paradise on every conrner like Pattaya then forget it. However, there is plenty of pussy to be had. Bunch of bars around the Night Bazzar area and on the street heading towards the Bazzar. Lots of bars along the "Wall" too. While there are numerous bars that tourist hangout to get Pussy I try to avoid those places and seek out the off the wall places.

Gwello...I hooked up with my Thai friend who showed me around town. A few places which might spark your interest as a "off the beaten path" places: "My Pang" Restaurant and Bar: English translation means "Not Expensive". Went there late one evening and my Thai friend introduced me to several tables of Thai ladies. After introduction we proceeded back to our table and discussed our options. I choose which table we would go back to and we sat down and again introduced ourselves. After ordering food and more beer and a small bottle of Sang Thip whisky we settled in for small talk. The women who only spoke a little bit of english seemed interested in the only Farang in the whole place. I looked like I would have my way with any of them as it seemed. In the end, and after several beers and small talk, I cuddled up next to a fine petite Chiang Mai girl who seemed to smile the whole night. She didnt speak much english but before we called it a night I asked my friend if she was availible and he said a few words to her and immediately she reached out and grabbed my arm as to say "Im going with the Farang tonight". That was fine with me and no more introduction was needed. We paid our bill. (6 large Hinekens, 4 plates of shrimp, 2 plates of fried rice, 1 plate of fried beef jerkey & sticky rice, 2 plates of Pad Pak, 1 bottle of Sang Thip, a few cokes, and a few other plates of whatever I couldnt tell what it was. Total price 780 Baht. I couldnt believe it. We wined and dined and drank whisky and 6 large bottles of Hiney for only 780 baht. What a deal.

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Headed back to the hotel and got her to take a shower. She was shy as hell and a little nervous as it seemed she had never been with a Farang before. However, after caressing the towel away from her hard body we got on with things. Shw fucked like crazy. COuldnt get her to give head at first, but later she started. After a while I could tell that she was completely inexperienced at giving head so I gave up on the aspect of getting a good blowjob. She made up for it by fucking me silly. She was 24 years old and had a perfect looking pussy. Very lighty coated with small layer of pussy hair. So thin it was like a baby hair. Pussy tasted excellent. Stomach was so tight you could bounce a quarter off of it. Tits were small but adequate. Nipples which pointed upward to the point that you could hang a clothes hangar on it. She had a perfect smile too. Teeth which looked like she never had sugar in her life. Overall a 9 3/4. Attitude was a 10. Performance was a 9. Body and face like a model. Damn I wish I had my camera. We fucked all night then again in the morning. Got dressed and hit the breakfast buffet where she ate like a bird. Back to the room for a jump in the shower and a romp in the hay again. She finally left at 12 noon. I tried to give her 1000 baht and she didnt want to take it, but I knew she was poor and it was worth every baht so I insisted. She gave me a huge Wai and backed out the door with a smile from ear to ear. Then she was gone and I was kicking myself silly wondering why I didnt get a number. I never saw her again.

Another place I visited was called "61 Bar & Restaurant". This a great place to go and see the upper class mingling with the poor cute wnanbees. Lots of very fine english speaking Thai pussy there. Pulled a nice 30 yr old who acted like she had a lot of class but in the end sucked dick just like the rest of them. Kinda surprising hearing a Upperclass thai woman, highly educated, getting laid and taking a mouth full of cum. Kinda put them back in their place if you know what I mean. Definately a place to go to be seen. Great of you are in your 30's, 40's or even 50's. Dont go dressed like a Backpacker and you should have a good time. Might take a little work getting into their pants but then again, they wont be expecting to get paid either. It was kinda hard to tell which ones you could pay to have sex and which ones where not on the payroll. Great atmosphere and lots of availible women.

Another off the beaten path is a place you dont want to miss. Ask any taxi/tuk-tuk driver to take you to the "Warm Up". Its a college bar/restaurant where tons, and I literally mean TONS of college aged women hang out. Most of the women however didnt seem to mind that I was old enough to be their fathers. I came accompanied with a 20 yr old Thai male, a 36 yr old Thai male and 2 Thai women aged around 28-29. The women didnt hesitate to talk to me if they could speak english as many could. Totally different from the american college scene where if you are 30 plus no body would give you the time of day. I was dressed fairly nice in slacks and a button down shirt which probally helped. There didnt seem to be a "age discrimination" there, even though I seemed to be at the upper age scale as I am 43. The first night I hooked up with a student who was approximately 24 yrs old who seemed to be using her english lessons as a reason to hook up with me. I was told by my friend that it is somewhat of a status symbol to have a American (or foriegn) boyfriend if you attend the College there. Thats OK with me. Sex was ok the first night. Nothhing special, however, she absolutely refused to take any money.

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The second night I ran into a girl who might have been working at the bar in order to pay her way thru college as when I asked her to go home with me she stated she would all night for 1000 baht. Real good sex, both fucking and sucking. Great attitude too. Seems like even the nice girls are on the take too. Trouble is finding out which ones are which. Either way, you gotta check this place out. Never seen so much college level pussy in ChiangMai under one roof. Its actually looks like a house that was converted into a dance hall. Inside can be extremely hot when the dancing gets going. Packed like sardines. Outside they have areas with picnic tables and other tables so you can sit and drink. Definately a place to hang.

Pulled a few good lookers out of the local tourist type bars too. All nighters for 1000 baht and got no complaints. Prices are definately better than bangkok and a little better than Pattaya. A few of the GoGo bars tryed to get greedy asking for 2000-3000 but I told them no way and let them be. Since there isnt that many GoGo bars around town (only found 3) I figured there was plenty of punters willing to pay these prices but I wasnt going to donate to their retirement fund so I passed at the GoGo bar girls.

Overall had a great time in Chiang Mai. Like always, the weather is better, the food and women cheaper. Cant ask for much more. In addition the SOngkran festival was getting underway starting the 2nd of April and there was lots of extra activities all over town. The mayor encouraged everyone who had traditional wear to don it during the 10 days of celebration. There was booths setup near the wall and fireworks nightly. Didnt see any water tossing however, as it seems that it didnt start until the 10th and I was out of there around the 7th.

On to Pattaya: Booked a room at the Welkome Inn on Soi 2/3. I got a room right next to the pool for 700 baht. Not bad, clean room, kinda small, however, a large bed. No telephone but a well stocked bar and refergerator. The best part was the selection of dick suckers inside the bar. You could drop out of your room at 11 am and into to the bar and grab a woman (300 baht) and take her back to your room for the dirty deed. The first night I pulled a petite 25 yr old who could suck like a pro. Body was 8 and fucking and sucking was a 9. Busted 2 nuts and sent her packing back to the bar with 1000 baht in her hand. No complaints from me or her. The second afternoon I pulled a girl out who gets my nomination for the best Blow Job Ive ever had in 25 years of mongering. Her name is Nueng (One). She is probally 28-30 years old. Nice body, firm medium size tits. Beautiful teeth and a nice face. She is from Khon Kaen. ABSOLUTELY mind boggling, Slurpy, wet, up and down, sideways, flat out sucking and swollowing machine!!!! Barfined her 4 times and never even wanted to fuck her. The blow job is that good. She had several different speeds. A few times she even had her tongue so far down my bung hole that a swore she could taste my shit. Each time I gave her 1000 baht and she was happy with that. Definatley, hands down, the number one best cock sucker Ive ever had. You gotta try her. Pulled a few other girls out of the various Beer bars around town but nothing specaticular. Did it twice late at night in the pools too. The pools closed at around 8 I think, however, the guard never said anything when we jumped in at 2am. The lights around the pool are very dim. Overall If you want a good reasonable hotel, fairly priced with good daytime action, with a decent restaurant and VERY CHEAP laundry then be sure to check out the Welkome Inn.

Spent the last day In Bangkok and hit 2 short timers before heading back to the states. Another trip down the tubes and the only thing I regretted was that I didn bring my camera. Damm!

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