Prostitution Report
from Argentina

The Bad News: I must admit one of my reasons for coming was to see if the troubled economy made possible the GF experience I have become used to in Cuba and Rio but sadly if your used to places like Rio, Cuba or Columbia, were pretty much everywhere you go there are gorgeous young babes smiling at you and just waiting to be your new Girlfriend, then BA may not be for you. Even with the Crappy economy and devalued Paso the girls are just not that hungry. Yes there are lots of hot young chicas in the street but its just eye candy, they will not even glance your way and forget the myth of the semi Pros ( I have looked high and low) , if they ever existed they have all devolved into hardcore whores by now after a recession that started in the mid 90's. As a general rule, for those expecting lots of young lovelies in the men's clubs bear in mind that the average age of women in the business here is about "Double" that of somewhere like Cuba. Yes you read correct Mid 30's is about the average age for a working girl here. On the plus side Argentinean women age more like western women so what you are getting may still not look at all bad, but forget about lots of lovely young things, they are in very short supply. Why I have no real idea??

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One guess is that Whoring while it is not restricted is also not considered an acceptable profession here ( Argentina is generally conservative ) and that therefore most parents would still rather pay to keep their kids in school waiting for the economy to rebound rather than send them off to the local bar. The new younger imports from the rest of South America that would normally fill in the supply are presumably not arriving because of the economy. Almost all of the Chicas smoke heavily and I mean heavily, I found two keepers that didn't but it took a while. Combine this with the notoriously poor Dental hygiene in Argentina and most of the older girls have blackened and crusty teeth that would make Austin Powers cringe, at least for me it reduces the number of acceptable girls by a lot. However, before arriving had great expectations viewing some of the Websites and couldn't wait to get my hands on some of those hotties. Well, sorry but forget the bullshit on those Websites about the girls speaking English, they lie to keep the price up, in fact its pretty much all made up info, including their age, education, their height, stats and most of the photos ( look for the blue Asterisk).

Yes there are a handful of high end girls on the sites who really do speak passable English, make good company and of course charge accordingly, but their faces will be hidden as they are typically in their mid 30's and also bear in mind that these days they spend most of their time working in the States (wouldn't you). The rest of the stuff found on the web is so totally fabricated you might as do as MDT did and save 90% of your cash by dialing the numbers in the Clarin newspaper and taking your chance. The Good News: If however, you like girls mid 20's and up who are most certainly pros and dress and look the part and don't mind the smoke then there are still plenty available and at quite bargain prices if you are prepared to dig a little. Passable Spanish also helps keep the prices down if your calling the ads from the web or those in the Clarin, as almost none of the girls speak English. The clubs still have most of the girls but they are always outnumbered by the men and are not in the quantity or quality found in the past. For detailed planning forget pretty much everything you have read in previous posts about the club scene in BA. That includes this posting if its more than a month or so old. Like many Latin countries things here change frequently and what was a good club this month will almost certainly suck next month, for example currently:

How to land the hot stuff: Well as a rule of thumb get into the club early ( 11> 11:30PM), find your girl and get out fast. I followed two really hot Columbian girls (9's) from their Taxi into the Newport???? Pub early on Saturday ( it is considered impolite to accost a girl on her way to a club and I saw one guy outside Madahos getting totally chewed out by this one chick for daring to approach her before she entered the club) Anyway, I follow close behind, enter the Newport go to take piss so my eyes have time to dark adjust and notice the two hotties already leaving with some old geezer for one of the love motels. The moral; the half life for a hot chica in one of the clubs in BA is now less than it takes for you to piss so don't delay in making your choice. Prices: are all over the map and as MDT correctly states, the higher prices are not usually buying you anything extra, the best I have had ( and they were pretty good ) ranged from about 120 > 150 Pesos for one to two hours.

The hottest chicas here are in my opinion the Russians and boy do they seem to know it so expect to pay higher if you want a natural blonde. Expect a full report with club and girl reviews soon. For those who think I'm being a bit too negative I just want to set expectations accordingly, BA is no sex heaven but what it is; is a nice and relatively safe city worth as visit. Personally, once I gave up on repeating my Brazil or Cuba experiences I found some sweet girls who delivered some hot sex for a couple of hours for a very reasonable price before I sent them on their way.

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