Prostitution Report
from Brazil

I've just spent a few days in Sao Paulo, for the second time. Based on my experience I can say: 1) Many/most of the girls on the various Sao Paulo websites are false. For example "Tuca" doesn't seem to be in the business here, perhaps she was once ?. Both of my attempts to meet her led to different girls (significantly less attractive) turning up at my hotel. I recognised both of them from the websites ... so I know some of the photos are real and current that way. 2) I believe the general rule, that if the photo on the website looks too good to be true, it almost certainly is ! 3) The very best way I found to get drop dead gorgeous girls to my room was to meet them at Bahamas.

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They all seem to be happy to leave the club and spend all (or the majority of the night) for around 600R to 1000R mark. 4) If you can't or don't want to leave Bahamas with a girl then they all seem to be happy to give their phone numbers out so you can arrenge for an encounter the next day. That way you know who will be turning up at you hotel !! 5) The girls at Bahamas are great ! They also wear very very little so you can check everything out unlike at cafe photo (where smart evening dress is worn). There have always been several 9s / 10s at Bahamas when I've been there. 6) Kilt is truly horrible ! I think "seedy" is the correct word to use. If thats your "thing" then great, but its not mine. I was shocked at how unattractive the girls were. Some had great bodies but were not pretty. Others were quite pretty but had less than perfect bodies. They all had hardcore attitudes. They had a live sex show when I was there. I was neither sexy or erotic. Just not my scene I guess.

7) The Millenium club (I forget the exact name) is also down market compared to Bahamas and Cafe Photo. Don't be fooled by their website that makes the place sound upmarket. 8) If you don't speak some Portuguese you will have problems. If you speak Spanish you'll be able to get by, but it will be best to add some Portuguese vocab to your Spanish. 9) The higher end Brazilian girls seem to be very decent honest and friendly. They use the money to study, help their parents (etc) not to buy drugs or upgrade their HiFi .... so treat them well and you should be able to convince yourself you are providing a social service. 10) The girls prefer people staying in hotels (eg. foreigners) because they have some security in a hotel. Not long ago, as the girl was leaving the home of a Brazilian she asked for her payment. He said he didn't have any money, she argued. He murdered her. So they now feel safer in hotels. 11) Apparently another non payer in a hotel, had the girl complain to the hotel manager. He gave her the money and added to the guys bill !

Sao Paulo is great, but you have to make some effort with Portuguese, and get out to the clubs rather than relying on those bloody websites. By the way .... the entrance charge to Bahamas is 97R. The entrance to Kilt is less than 50R. You'll spend a lot on taxi rides. That's all.

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