Prostitution Report
from California

For 9 years, I have been visiting the Oxnard massage parlours. Oxnard, like Santa Monica and Inglewood has shown remarkable stability and reliability in its massage services. I know of seven establishments that have never once been shut down for any reason during a 7 year period. Most if not all establishments continue to provide outstanding service. Some of the same women work in these establishments today as did in 1993. This stability is undoubtedly due the use of only low profile advertising on the part the managements of these parlours as well as an enlightened attitude on the part of the city fathers who may indeed benefit from the joys available.

Oxnard can be reached in less than two hours from Los Angeles by driving north on either Pacific Coast Highway (Route 1) or Highway 101(Ventura Fwy). Highway 1 dumps onto Oxnard Blvd and puts you right where you want to be. 101 requires exiting at Rice Avenue and taking this South to Wooley and then turning right until you reach Oxnard Blvd.There are several excellent hotels. I like the Channel Islands Inn on Channel Islands Blvd and Oxnard Inn on the corner of Oxnard Blvd and Wooley Street because these are near where the action is and it is possible sometimes to take the ladies back to your room. My favorite Mexican restaurant in California is Cabo's on the corner of Oxnard and Wooley (another reason to stay at the Oxnard Inn). The seafood is out of this world.

The neighborhoods where the massage parlours are located are of only moderate safety and I do not recommend walking alone there at night if you have not been there before. It is very safe to park your car on the street or to walk anywhere in the day time and I have walked or cycled from parlour to parlour many times.

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Most of the massage establishments are located on or near Saviers Blvd which continues onto Oxnard Ave. This thoroughfare runs through the city in a north-south direction. The following "tour" of the city derives from several trips to various establishments over several years. I can vouch for the fact that these places are still in business. Of course, the personnel have changed in most of them. The tour will cost you about $600, ($100 per visit to each garden of pleasure and $100 for food and lodging), not counting Viagra. You can do it alone or with a friend. Of course, you can break it up into many visits if that suits you.

From the center of the town (Oxnard and Wooley, drive south on Saviers Blvd until you reach Pleasant Valley Road. Park anywhere that is legal near that intersection and lock your car. Walk east about 50 yards on Pleasant Valley. On your right you will see Miyako Massage. There is a 45 ish pleasant not unattractive woman who has been working there for at least seven years. She provides mostly hand jobs after a good massage. She is happy with $20 to $40 tips. Good for the low budget traveler. There are other younger and prettier employees and I have enjoyed the ecstatic joys of mutual oral orgasms as well as full service here. Rate Miyako at 7/10.

After a session at Miyako walk back to Saviers and then north to Bard (about 1/4 mile). Cross Saviers and Bard to the northwest corner. Walk a few yards west on Bard and then turn right into the parking lot. The door is in front of you on the right and it will usually be open. I do not remember the name. I have found this place of superior quality (more attractive women, better service) I have never left here without at least having enjoyed one orgasm with a caring and attractive and relatively un-inhibited woman. Some of these ladies are knockouts and very young. Some are older but all are expert in their profession and leave me feeling satisfied and glad that I stopped by. I rate this hourse of bliss 9/10.

After leaving the place on Bard and Saviers, walk north on Saviers about another 1/4 mile. After Yucca, look for a parking mall with a restaurant on its flank. Buried in the corner of this mini-mall, is Oriental Acupressure. Candy is the only woman that I know still working here because she is also working at Tokyo (see below). I have been with other ladies at Oriental and have always enjoyed the attentions of these ladies. I would rate Oriental a 7/10.

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If you are not bleary eyed and exhausted, walk north about 1/4 mile more. Pass a large shopping mall on the left. On the right, see the much smaller Mission Mall with Mission Massage nestled in its right flank. Mission usually has one or two women working. I have been there three times. The last time was with Candy,not the same as the one who rotates between Oriental and Tokyo parlours. This Candy is about 26 years old, bubbly friendly, loves her work and her specialty I will keep a secret. Suffice it to say that you should not see Candy if you have a heart condition. Please take a thorough shower so that Candy can enjoy her work.. Mission gets 8/10 in my book.

You are tired by now and hungry. Walk back to your car and drive north on Saviers until you reach Wooley. Cross through the five way intersection onto Oxnard Blvd north and get in the left lane. Make a U turn as soon as you can and return a few blocks until you see Cabo's Restaurant on the right hand side. Park in the lot and treat yourself to delicious early seafood dinner.

Are you up for more fun? Leave your car in Cabo's lot and walk south on Saviers from the five way intersection. Pass the Bobilu sign on the right side and look for Sun Acupressure in the next parking mall on the right. Sun is the parlour which is closest to Cabo's and to the Oxnard Inn. I have walked there late in the evening from both but I do not recommend that you do this as the neighborhood may not be that safe. Suns usually two women working there. I have always received satisfying experiences though the ladies are usually not terribly attractive and tend to be older (and heavier). They are always gracious and seem to enjoy if you try to please them. Suns gets 6/10 in my book.

After you leave Sun, go back to the hotel (Oxnard Inn). You are too tired to drive back to LA. There are two other places noted on the map.

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