Prostitution Report
from Cuba

My 35mm negative came back blank from the lab so no pix. Sorry about that boys. I'm not sure what happened. I only had pix of 1 girl anyway. I needed a point and shoot to go nuts which I didn't have. Plus I didn't find any stunners so I don't think it is such a big loss. This is my first trip to cuba ever. I speak romanian fluently which is a latin language. This helped me understand and pick up things pretty quick. I knew some basic words and phrases which got me by.

I get to the small Ciego De Avila airport around 10:00 am on Sunday Sep 22. Get a private taxi ($15) to the reserved casa from We get to the casa to find it's not available. A few minutes later it starts raining and keep going for 2 days. I was supposed to meet Cerveza in Park Marti around noon and since the driver couldn't find me an available casa I told him to take to to the park and leave me there. It was lightly raining so I decided to wait for Cerveza in the park. While I was waiting, two guys offered me a casa. I told I'd check it out but I wanted to wait for my friend. Waited till 1:00pm but no Cerveza so decided to go with them at that point. I later found out Cerveza was waiting for me across the street in this pizza place. I liked the legal casa they showed me and at 1:30 pm I had a casa.Early evening of this first day I let a vicitaxi(bicycle taxi) guys try to find me some chicas. It was raining and I saw no action at all. I went through 2 of these guys who took me on they taxi to see nothing but dogs or chunky chicas. Ofcourse I still had to pay as they drove me around (1 or 2 bucks). I also latter found out you don't give them more than 1 buck unless they cycle very far.

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By this time(around 7:30pm) I had a few of them all trying to help me congregated in front of Rapido. One guy said he'll take me around on his vicitaxi and if I don't like the chica or chicas I don't have to pay him anything. I took him up on that and showed me 2 or 3 but no go.Desperate to get some Cuban pussy my first day in Cuba ever I walked around at night in the rain looking. As I'm walking around this same vicitaxi guy finds me. He has 2 chicas with him. I liked one of them. She asked for $30. I could have negotiated for 20 and am pretty sure she would have agreed now in heinsite but I didn't feel like it after the night I was having. Took her to the casa around 8:30pm talked for a bit as best as I could. There was a lot of "n'entiende" (I don't understand, You don't understand) I finally initated things by kissing her. We fucked a few times including in the shower. She had one condom with her before we started but by the time I got her all hot and bothered she forgot all about it. I love it. She wasn't very tight but I had a good time with her until about 10:00pm. I heard the words "Aye Papi" demonstrated live for my first time. I loved it because she loved it. She really enjoyed kissing and would reach for my head and pull me in gently all the time. So around 10:00 we take a little break she tells me she wants to go to the disco. Now I also asked her if she wants to go dancing when I first saw her on the vicitaxi but I ment we would spend the night ofcourse. I agreed to go with her to the disco under the assumption that we'll come back and fuck some more. At the same time the casa owner is telling me there is someone downstairs waiting for me. It's the chulo or vicitaxi guy with the other girl I didn't pick. I call my chica to come downstairs so we can go to the disco with the vicitaxi. She won't come down. I go up to see what's up and she tells me she needs the $30. I told her that is not what we agreed on. I did mention before hand to her and the chulo that I pay after and for the night because she and the chulo wanted me to pay first initially. She still wanted the $30 now so I gave it to her and sent her away letting her know I was not happy. A day or two later I see her at Ditu(a afterhours outdoor gathering). She recognizes me and seems to want to make contact but I ignore her. A few minutes later I'm waiting in the line to buy something and she taps me on the shoulder. She waves hello and smiles when I turn around. I ignore her again. Now I may have made a mistake here. I suspect the chulo was pressuring her to get paid and cooperate or he'll rat her out to the police if she didn't go along with his wishes so she may not have been as hardcore as I thought. I saw her with a cuban guy at Disco Cima a week later. She either didn't recognize me or pretended not to I wasn't sure.

Still my first night I go to Disco Cima dance with a chica for an hour or more bumping and grinding and sipping cervesas. Time to go to my casa with her but can't find it. I also left the directions at my casa. It was very simple to get there so I didn't bring them. I was quite sober to. We walked around for 2 hours and still no go. We go to her casa instead and when she got naked I realized I made a mistake by not beeing observant enough of her at the disco. She was pale and flabby. She gave me head for a bit then she sat on my face. She was grinding and jirating so violently that she caused a little damage to my gums. After some fun(nothing memorable) she gets a phone call that her father is sick. At this point I have been up for about 2.5 days and she knew it.I really wanted to sleep for fuck sakes but no go. We walk a few minutes to her father's casa and they chat a bit then she explains to me that he has some chest problems. We try to find tha casa once more because I had no cash(I gave my last 5 bucks to a vicitaxi cause he had no change and neither did I) and she wanted to get payed. After some more thinking I give her another hint and she helps me find it finally around 5:00am. I pay her the $20 then she says she wants some extra something for the trouble of finding the casa. I give her an extra $5. Then she wants to buy some icecream down this 24 hour place close by. Fine I buy her the icecream and I get 50 cents back on the table. I am reaching for it and she tries to grab it and says "no no, I want to buy something else". Fucken Cubans. I got pissed so I just walked away didn’t even say goodbye. Took a break the next day or two and just looked around the park and or went to the disco but I didn’t pick up anyone nor did I see anything stunning.

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Day 3 or 4
Relaxing in the park with Cerveza during the afternoon and a few chicas will come sit close to us and Try to make eye contact. Nothing really interesting except this black girl who has a nice slim tight body. I wasn’t crazy about her face but she was very patient and hung around us for many hours. Cerveza was Telling me I should go for her because she is most likely a campo girl who will treat me right and be very non-pro. Cerveza leaves just as it’s getting dark and she waves me to come over. Since nothing better seemed to present itself I decided to check her out. Talked for quite a bit. I don’t think she was afraid to be seen talking to me. Cerveza was right she was fairly non-pro. I even told her while still in the park that I was sad that she only wanted to be with me because she wanted my money. She told me she didn’t want money. Bingo! Not because I didn’t want to help her but I knew she would be a non-pro and therefore a better experince. Went to my casa had a good time for 2 hours or so. Nothing great. Not very experienced didn’t take charge or take initiative not smiling much. Didn’t seem to be really into it. Compared to what I would have in Canada I still had a good time with her. She had the nicest body I had on this trip. Her face however was only about a 6. Decided to go to Disco Galaxia(open roof) we got there early pretty empty. Soon as we get there she asks if I can give her gay male friend $1 so he can enter the disco. I did she shared her beer with him. 2 more female friends show up who I later find out are semi’s or maybe even pro’s. Neither of them intested me. I did buy a few round of beers for everyone but I was not asked to do. Every time I would buy some beers my black chica seemed to be appreciative while the friends seemed to expect it or were indifferent. By the end of the dancing and drinking at Disco Galaxia I started to get bad vibes from her. She would rarely make eye contact with me on the dance floor. She would kiss me while we were sitting but I was really starting to feel like she was not happy to hang out with me. I felt like she was just going through the motions to meet her objective whatever that was. It may have been to just have a good time but not with me. I danced a bit with her female friends and I enjoyed that. Unlike my girl both of here female friends smiled and made plenty of eye contact with me.

After the disco we go to Ditu with her and her gay friend. I buy a large bottle of orange juice for us and we relax. She kept asking me what I’m looking at. She was worried she might lose me to another chica. I even told her once when she asked me “I’m looking at a chica”. While siting there I got more vibes that she was not into me so she noticed that I was deep in thought and we went across the street to talk in private. I told her that I didn’t think she really liked me. She told me her Behaviour with me as a tourist is normal. I didn’t believe her and told her I wanted it to be finished. She said, fine if you wasn’t it to be finished that’s fine but know that tonight we can go back to your casa and fuck and you do not have to pay me. I said I still want it finished kissed her and walked back to ditu where Cerveza and his cuban friends, wife were sitting. I told them what happened and Cerveza tells me he was told by one of the friends she was not a good girl. Looking at it now, I can’t believe I turned down free pussy.

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Day 5 or 6
Walk around the park at night and I see a nice chica dressed in a tight black dress and nice face. I was concerned about the detectives so I’ve been told to play it safe keep the conversation very short. So I told her to meet me at Los Pinos for some ice cream. I think we walked there together but I have been told it’s even better to walk separately. Supposed to meet Cerveza and his wife at Batanga disco at 10:30pm which is in Ciego de Avila hotel. You can only get in to this disco if you stay at the hotel but Cerveza’s wife were going to try to get me in by bribing the doorman. My chica and eye took a $5 cab ride to Batanga disco waited until 11:00 I think then took off to Disco Colibre. Turns out Cerveza and friends decided to go there after all. Danced with my chica she looked very sexy in the black dress. Nice legs, nice face. She was not as enthusiastic dancer as the other chicas. This was a bit of a turn off for me. All the other chicas I danced with all loved dancing and dancing with me especially. She was not a great dancer by Cuban standards but she could dance fine. Again, little eye contact while dancing with her. I would ocasionally point this out to her by turning her face to face me or take my fingers and force a smile on her.Took her to my casa fucked her. I gave her head she came but I had to virtually beg her to give me head. Her pussy felt good. She enjoyed the fuck but not as much as the other girls. She was inexperienced. We slept together cuddling etc. which I enjoyed very much. In the morning I gave her $10 and she gave me a smile and hugged me. I ended up staying with her for 6 days.

Day 7 Saturday
Went to the street party that happens every Saturday with my novia. Danced pretty much all night with her drank a few cervezas or malta’s(most cubans love Malta). Went to the casa fucked again. Nothing earth shattering sex wise.

Day’s 8-11
Stayed with my novia. She would sleep over every night. Met her family in the campo. She had 5 year old son. Her house was a wooden shack with a dirt floor. I was able to use the casa owners bicycle to get around so I would take her home 2 of the days she spent with me on the bars of the bicycle. It was about 3 kms. Took about 20 minutes. She also worked 2 of the days working night shifts. I would buy her breakfast and dinner at the casa. We went out buying her a pair of pants the same day I gave her the $10. She found a pair of disco style pants she liked for $15. I gave her the extra $5 so she could by them. I also bought here some beach slippers and nail polish. Didn’t give any any more money. However on day 2 with her I noticed she was bleeding a bit. She had her period for the next 4 days so no sex. Since I didn’t dump her I was hoping she would try to satisfy me some other way like a hand job or make an exception and give me blow jobs. I only asked her for a hand job on the first day of her period and she did. After that I didn’t ask her and just waited to see if she would offer. No such luck. We would watch rented movies at my casa(5 -10 cuban pesos-about $0.40) which we both enjoyed. Final day with her I told her what was on my mind.

I told her I did not think she really liked me. I told her I didn’t think she really liked sex very much. She denied it. I also told her I didn’t like the fact that she does not like sucking dick and I really enjoy receiving it. On this last day I left her at my casa while I went out to take care of a few arons. She told me she needs to leave to go to work at 3:00pm. As I left for the arons around 1:30 she asked for a kiss. I didn’t give it to her. I got back to the casa to give her a ride at 2:50pm and she was already gone. Next day I go to her casa kiss her on the cheek this time(customary greeting once you know a cuban)she gives me some clothes she washed for me and we talk a little. She thought I was crazy for calling it quits. But she never brought up my complaints or concerns about our relationship. In fact she didn’t make much of an effort to talk to me like the other chicas.

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Day 12
As I was cycling around I saw this cute and sexy mulato girl I met earlier in the week but didn’t fuck. She was just coming from school and she was in a yellow skirt and white shirt(no not all of these girls are jailbait). I told her to meet me in the park at 10:00pm. I was talking with some other chicas when she showed up but she was still better so we went for some icecream at Los Pinos the to my casa. She was very tight at 18(I checked her carnet) but overall not a very good experience. She also didn’t like giving me head the first time. She said she would once I come the first time. She did but nothing earth shattering performance wise. She seemed very sensitive when I was sucking her nipples. She would keep chucking and I enjoyed that very much. She was more sensitive to her left nipple for some reason. She also didn’t want me to leave any marks on her. I would try sucking on her skin and she would tell me not to mark her up. When I would fuck her missionary she would grab my ass and control me agresively. I couldn’t even pull out she was holding on so tight. This I liked. But there were to many no’s to really have a good time with her. In the morning around 6:00(an hour before she wanted to leave) I wanted to fuck her again but she said no because she was tired. I got fed up with her and told her I wanted her to leave right now. I told her I was still going to pay her but I am not happy and would never spend time with her again. She was ofcourse hurt slighly that I was not happy with her but I gave her the $20 and she left. Afterwards I felt this was not far from a hooker for hire in Canada.

Day 14 Friday
Second last day I go the Disco Cima dance very close and grinding with a chica that looked nice. Not long passes then asks me to buy her friend beer. I do. Not long after she asks me to buy her some cigarettes. I reacted to this as a bad sign for things to come and walked away from her. Around 3:00am at Ditu I see her again chating with my male casa owner so I walk by to see what’s up. She was pale and her face was ugly. Take note of this. Look very carefully when picking up chicas in the darkness of the Discos. I saw this petite girl with a nice body talking so I approached her and we agreed on $20 but only till about 6:30am because she didn’t want to be seen walking during the day or she may get picked up by detectives. Went back to my casa. She was very friendly and seemed really into me. She saw me dancing at the Disco and since I’m a very good dancer I thing she was impressed by that. Anyway unlike my 6 day girlfriend she loved to give head, was very good all around and had some decent experience. I had 4 cervesa’s that night so I couldn’t maintain a second erection. She guided me to suck on her nipples and she played with her self to orgasm and what a orgasm it was. She left around 6:30am and told her I wanted to see her again. She told me she would look for me at the street party on Saturday. Unfortunately, Friday late night I started to get stomach sickness. I thought it was what I ate at Rapido but Cerveza also had it so it was some kind of bug. Had very thin diaria all day and night Saturday. I stayed home hoping it would clear up in time for the Saturday night festival(I had to leave Sunday 8:00am for the airport) but no such luck. In fact it lasted for a few more days once I got back to Toronto.

The fucken power at my casa went out almost every day. At times it would stay off for many hours or all night. This was a pain because no air conditioning. The businesses around the park or hotel santiago would be fine power wise. Selection seemed to be very poor. I did not see many 8’s and I don’t think I saw a single 9 my entire stay.

Actually, on my 2nd day I saw 2 chicas on a bicyble smiling at me who might have been 8's. I saw other 8's but they were going by on bicycles. I would have had to chase them down but I didn't have the bike at that time even if... I thought if I hang around the park hotties will find me just like the not so hotties. But they just didn't seem to be around. I think my best chances for 8's and better would have been the Saturday Street party. The first Saturday I was with my 6 day novia and the second Sat I got sick. I heard there was a heavy crackdown so perhaps this is why only the average girls were out. Since I heard there are women in Cuba that could look American I was hoping to run into a hot blonde with large tits I might see in a strip club like Whisky a Go Go or something. You know the kind that gives you an instant hardon without even touching you. Was humid and hot. Rained 3 of so full days out of my 14 day stay. I had breakfast for $1 and dinner for $3 at my casa. Good large meals. 500ml ice cream was $1 from Los pinos which I would have almost everyday for desert sometimes twice a day. There were many nights I would go to the discos and just dance with 2 or 3 chicas I would have a good time. Overall I had a good time and I’m planning to go back soon. I did make the mistake of settling a little to quickly on chicas that were not that hot and I think next time I will be able to control myself better. But I hope I will see more hotties where ever I go next.

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