Prostitution Report
from Indonesia

Day Three - Monday January 21, 2002 I woke up alone in my beautiful suite, wishing three was some Indonesian godess beside me. shots of my suite at the Hyatt Regency

After having breakfast I went to the travel agency located within the hotel and I let this very charming lady sell me a one way ticket on Garuda to Jakarta tomorrow afternoon. Having nothing to do in the afternoon I caught a cab to Surabaya Zoo as I wanted to see the reputed near disputed Komudu Dragon. The zoo was ok, apart from some enclosures smelling a little bit. My only critism was all the animal/reptile info was written in Bahasa. It would be better to attract tourists by printing a book on information of all the enclosures in say four or five different lanuages. I also enjoyed seeing the deadly black cobra snake. After the zoo I went to sogo department store to buy something to take home and the taxis wouldn't take me to my hotel as it was too short a distance. That night I started at The Tavern which was very quiet then went to the Westin Hotel to check out JJ's. Here they also had a 2 for 1 beer offer but it was much much busier. They had a good band and from the looks of the crowd there were a few girls working the bar. A girl who had been staring at me, walked by and said bye as she and her companions left for greener pastures. If I had been quick enough, I would of found out where she was heading. I thought JJ's had a lot more girls and people going for it than The Tavern. After I finished my two beers I caught a cab back over to Desperado's. I was hoping for a different girl than the first night in Surabaya but I walked straight into Tina's arms. Being the gentleman I am, I offered her a drink and before long we were in a taxi going back to The Hyatt having negotiated 400K down from the 800K I paid Tina on my first night when I was green!!!

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Final day - Tuesday January 22 2002

When I woke up Tina was already in the shower. She was complaining of stomach curry pains. She didn’t offer me a morning session but that was OK as I was due to visit Dolly this morning for a final “Surabaya” fling. However she did offer me her handphone number. After Tina left I went and had my final complimentary breakfast downstairs. Amazingly I made three out of three, and it was very good. After breakfast I took a cab to Dolly and he dropped me basically where I started last time. Except today it was 10.30am instead of 10.30pm. Instead of all the clubs being open, only a handful had their doors open. Today I discovered A new main street that veered off the original that I visited on Sunday evening. I walked up to the end then began walking back and allowing myself to be lured in by the papa’s. In most there were only one or two girls at most on duty when the other night there was anywhere in-between 10-15 girls for hire. One papa even took me to a bedroom of a sleeping girl to wake her up for my custom. I smiled and told the papa to tell the girl to wake up and freshen up before starting work. Don’t know if he understood me but I tried anyhow. When I got down to the bottom of the street, Directly opposite from Hollywood where Dali entertained me on Sunday night I found Eva. There were two girls here and Eva was 200%prettier than her friend was. The papa even went out into the street to buy me a sprite. Eva wasn’t smiling but when I asked her if she wants boomboom, she was all smiles. I said let’s go. She directed me upstairs to a similar room as Dali’s. The same setup, mattress bed, small table for her personal effects and a wash area for the old wash and bucket procedure. She couldn’t speak hardly any English and me hardly any Bahasa but at least we could both Laugh. Let the fun begin. Eva gave good service. One thing I have noticed on this trip so far and was going to notice as I continued on to Jakarta that in comparison to Thai’s and Filapinas all girls will give a BJ and all loved performing it. Sometimes it’s hit and miss with Thai’s and Filapinas. After we finished I gave her 50K and she didn’t even finch as I placed it into her back Jean pocket. I thanked the Papa and paid him his room fee of 55K. So all in all it only cost 105K plus cabfares plus one softdrink. I caught a cab back to the hotel and packet my bags. The cabs metre was very dodgy before when we got there it read 120K so I mentioned it to the bellboy as I got out. He spoke to the driver and then told me “only 15K sir” I then had a proper shower and checked out and caught a cab to airport. The airport seemed further away than when I arrived. But this time we took mostly highways so maybe it was the route. I had enjoyed my time in Surabaya but think next time when I come back one day I may check out the rates for the Shangri La as Desperado’s is downstairs and it is close to Dolly for afternoon fun before the main event. Another hotel that I heard that is reasonable in price is The Novotel who are only asking 300K. Well now it time to head for the delightful delights of Jakarta… And all those paddyfields.

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