Prostitution Report
from Russia

Just returned from a 3+ week trip to Moscow. I won't waste your time with a "blow-by-blow" description, but will instead try to pass on some info that may help someone headed that way.

First of all, I was surprised to find that the 3 line-ups that I visited in November and December have mysteriously disappeared during the weekdays. I don't know if it's because of the cold OR if it's because there's apparently some big-time heat coming down on the city gov't for the continued high level of prostitution in Moscow. The line-ups continue on Friday and Saturday with huge quantities of both girls and customers. So, if you decide to visit a line-up, I suggest you get there early, 9-10 p.m.Now, regarding the gov't pressure, there was an article in the Russian Journal last Thursday that indicated that a proposal was pending in the Duma to make prostitution illegal and subject to fines throughout Russia. This article expected the law to pass because elections are coming up soon and the pols don't want to be seen as against a law barring prostitution. However, many politicians were quoted as saying that the law would not work... duh!!!

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CF continues to be off and on... Doug was apparently experimenting with keeping out the ho's until 12:30 or later on some nights, which makes some of the nights very dull in the early evening. However, I did notice that the semi-pros continue to float in from time to time. Two short stories...On my first Monday night, I went to CF at about 1045 and was shocked to find about 6-8 very nice girls that I had never seen there. There was one tall girl with a model-like body, 20 y.o., and I immediately jumped on her. But, before departing, I spotted a very cute strawberry blonde girl with a cute black-haired friend dancing and I didn't think they were WG's and decided to take a chance and dance before leaving with the tall model-like chick. So, I asked the s-b girl and by chance, it was a slow dance and I got to talk to her with my very limited Russian. I couldn't communicate my usual question... "Are you working?", so I decided to drop the bomb... "Skolka?" (How much"?) She pulled away like she was very offended... so, off I went with the tall chick. Turns out it was her first time at CF and I wound up spending the next couple of nights with her... Total GFE Xperience! Then on Thursday night, went back to CF and the tall chick had brought back one of her 19 y.o. friends, very cute, and I wound up leaving with her. It was her very first paid experience and she was scared to death... all in all I wished I'd left with the tall chick again...

But, to continue the story... 2 weeks later, on Monday, I was dancing and all of a sudden the SB hair girl and her black haired friend were there. They were being hit on by every hard-dick Russian in the place, so I focused on other opportunities. Finally at about 0130 I decided that I'd pass and head home... then out of the blue the black haired friend comes up to me and asked if they could go home with me? Now, taken a little off guard by this suggestion and apparently looked a little shocked, but managed to ask "how much"?... $300! Now, in a normal world I would never ever pay $150 for any girl at CF... However, I was feeling especially needy that night and decided that everyone needs something sometime and these were definitely the things and the time. (Sorry CAR!) So... off we went for an unbelievable several hours. Turns out they were 24 y.o. sisters, same dad/different mom, and I had apparently "planted a seed" two weeks earlier with my "Skolka?" question and they decided that I'd be the first one they asked since they knew my intentions were not honorable! Total GFE experience X 2!

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One last story for all the pro football fans out there... Super Bowl XXXVII... kick off scheduled for 0300... 0200 rolls around and the level of talent was very limited because there was no dancing... Actually very boring watching the games from last week, but I happen to notice a cute girl talking to her friend off to themselves. So, off I went to see if they were Raider fans! I asked my normal "Are you working?" question... No, they had come to CF on the last Metro and were shocked that there was no dancing and they were stuck until 0600 or so. I immediately told them that if she wanted to dance we could go to my apartment and dance to MTV... She said unfortunately she was with her friend... and I told her that we could all go to my apartment for the rest of the night and "dance". The response was less than enthusiastic, so I told her that if they wanted to leave to come get me at my table and we'd go. Finally, just as the kick off at about 0315 or so, I look up and she's telling me that they are ready to leave! Missed the game, but had a full night of no-holds barred, "in the trenches", full body contact! Absolutely the best GFE sex X 2 in a long time! Gave them taxi money the next morning so they didn't have to deal with the Metro.

What's the moral of these stories? You never know what's going to pop up at CF's... You may find nothing but the same ol'ho's or you find one (or two) fresh beauties willing to "ride you hard and put you up wet!"One last note... both times with the doubles, I was stopped by the Militia... fortunately they all had their paperwork in order. The Militia has been working the other side of the street hard and underpass as you leave CF. So, be careful if you go to the other side to catch a car.

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