Prostitution Report
from Thailand

I've been reading this site for about eight months now when I decided to go to Thailand. People seemed very honest and always ready to answer any question. I was hoping to make a post like Nasty Dog's a couple of months back complete with tons of pics. I've got some good info but am lacking on any really good pics. I got too caught up in what I was doing, didn't have the nerve to take many shots, and ended up staying with one girl most of the time(who I promised I would not put any pics of her on the internet.)

Arrived in bangkok on March 11th, left March 23. Tons of scammers the second we left the airport. We took a metered taxi to the Nana area of Bangkok which cost about 170 or so. We did not use the highway. Pulled up to the Dynasty, got some rooms and walked around a bit. I was completely overwhelmed. I haven't travelled much(Mexico and many trips to Montrael) and this was quite a sight for me. For better or worse the Dynasty is right near the Nana complex/Nana Hotel. The amount of people, street vendors, and sheer number of prostitutes was overwhelming.

Had a drink at a bar right next to the Hotel, the Golden something. It was after 2 at this point. We walked a bit but were grabbed every two seconds by some overly aggressive (and strong) prostitutes. Talked to one girl for a bit. As I was speaking to her a guy I was speaking to earlier whisper in my ear "That’s a guy mate." That was my first experience with lady boys. By the end of the trip I still couldn’t tell them apart from regular guys on every occasion. That freaks me out and turns me off a bit.

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Back to the hotel. I couldn't sleep but had to catch our Ko Samui flight in a couple of hours. 150 dollars round trip got us to Ko Samui. Bangkok Airways is well run, has 16 flights a day, lets you change your flights the day before, and has some of the hottest employees. I've got a thing for small petite Thai girls. Not too many of these in the states or Montreal.

First off this was in no means a pure "sex" vacation. This was a tourist vacation. We wanted to take in as many sites as possible. Lamai beach is where we stayed. This is a small maybe one-mile strip of town. There are tons of Go Go's, tons of places to eat, some of the best non Go Go bars I found. What seems to be occurring on Lamai beach is that a local Businessman (American actually) is putting in a bunch of theme/non sex bars. He has mud wrestling, tons of live shows, Elvis, a chess bar, movie bar and a few others. I liked that a lot. Here is a picture of his chess Bar complete with Thai cover band.

So the lamai nightlife is nice. During the day we went on pretty standard tours, explored the island, bodysurfed (big waves), and ate a lot of food. The food was really cheap. I did not bar fine any girls for probably my first week. I guess that was for a combination of reasons. I had my first massage and could not believe how good it was. Sometimes you get extra services sometimes you don't. It’s kind of a catch 22, as the really good massage places don't always give extras while the "brothel" massage parlors seemed to give terrible massages just to try to get you to pay for some extras. Eventually I found some good places, legit and otherwise. My first few days I went twice a day. Once in the early afternoon and once at night when I was stumbling home. I could not resist the pull of the late night massage.

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We met eight Irish girls (St. Patty’s) and had an insanely good time with them. I was surprised at the amount of young Western girls in Thailand. It seems most of these girls do not have the moral hang-ups that American girls have. I met a British couple (well father and daughter) that was exploring Thailand. The father was doing his thing with the Thai ladies, the girl was totally cool with this.

It also seems that every Thai person I met was trying to introduce me to his or her daughters/ cousins etc. Once in Bangkok regular Thai girls (I guess I don't know if they are legit) were constantly striking conversations. I felt like a rock star I guess. For awhile things were going so well I seriously thought this would be all we do, and that was fine by me.

We began hanging out in go go bars on a more regular basis, normally after we caught some shows. I love the atmosphere of these places. You walk in, are instantly talking to some nice young Thai hotties, drinking beers and normally playing games. Western bars need to have this, even if they are legit its a ton of fun. I think we challenged every mama sun (sp?) to at least a few connect four matches. I think it’s a thing of pride with these ladies. They live and breath connect four and do not take too kindly to a loss. Does every bar in Thailand have connect four, Jenga, dominoes and that silly dice game?

We went back to Bangkok. The massages were getting to be not enough, the girls in Ko Samui could not hold a candle to those in Bangkok, lady boys were everywhere (had a pack of them follow me back to my bungalow one night as I was normally pretty drunk. I hate the fuckers, nothing more than a pack of dogs). Back to the Dynasty. 990 bacht a night, near the Nana/Sky train, usually great rooms (not all) plenty of friendly Westerners there, and I was never charged a fee for bringing in a lady, nor was my buddy. I even went to the desk the first time thinking I had to pay. There is Internet across the street (although the Nana Hotel internet is much faster). There is a great pool hall down the street a bit and across the street. Now that I think of it there is pretty much everything you could want in that area (except a beach).

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After fooling around with the Sky train/River boats a bit and going shopping (Pantip Plaza, got my Return of the King DVD region 1 5.1 audio) we decided to check out the Nana Plaza. I was in awe the first time I walked into this place. The lights, number of bars, quality of women, stray cats etc was quite a sight. We sat outside a bar called Angel Witch I think it was called. Spoke to quite a few attractive girls. My buddy is the kind of guy who becomes the life of the party as soon as he enters a place (for better or worse). I think we got there before the place even opened and all the girls were eating bugs (crickets, other nasty things). The girls were taking great pleasure in trying to get us to eat a variety of dead insects. They kept ordering these things, eating them in front of us, then leaving with some poor Westerner who was minutes away from getting a moth full of crickets. I think my buddy has pictures of this and other stuff I’ll post later when he sends them. Anyways, this was a cool bar. We drank outside and inside for probably 7-8 hours. The beers were insanely expensive if I remember correctly. At one point my buddy gave the Mama sun a huge hug and asked to bar fine her. I think every girl there fell over with laughter. I spent most of the night with a very nice girl with a British accent. She was a class act and I did not think I would find that kind of girl in a Go Go bar. I look over at my buddy as he gets slapped by some girl as he asks her "you lady boy?" I guess you can't win with that battle.

I ended up with this girl for most of the rest of the trip. I only took one other girl during our drunken 2-night pattaya visit. While I was with her my buddy took a few people to the Hollywood, a mix of Angel witch girls, gay men and even a couple of lady boys I believe. He says he remembers almost getting beat up by some kick boxer (guy asks him to have a drink with him, my buddy says no, there is ice in the drink, guy takes offense. One of those language barrier things.) I also went to the Hollywood one night with a couple of Angel witch girls. It’s a cool place with some nice shows that get better after a few bottles of scotch.

Anyways the girl with the British accent and I had a great time. She took us on some sightseeing trips, out to clubs, Pat pong, Soi Cowboy. My buddy was normally with another girl from Angel witch. I paid 1500 a day for her (and 600 in bar fines) I also bought her meals but that’s it. No complaints. She took us around town, spoke great English, and drove me crazy with how sexy and petite she was. I have already e-mailed her etc. I know the stories of people who do this but fuck it I'd love to see her again. I have pics but promised I would not "do anything" with them.

Somewhere in the middle of our Bangkok trip we decided to check out pattaya for two nights. The pattaya music festival was during the two nights we stayed. I have no previous experience to know if pattaya is normally this active with beach shows, beach discos, live shows etc. I liked it. I realize there is no culture here, the beach sucks, and there are way too many old men walking or wheeling around. I thought it was much cheaper than Bangkok and Ko Samui for food, hotels, and gifts. The Dynasty has a free transfer to its sister hotels in Pattaya. We spent two days shopping, taking in shows, eating great food and drinking heavily. We went to a bar called Dick's and a couple of other Go Go's. One night we managed to buy out the entire Go Go bar, well my buddy did. 200 a person from one of those small bars. This was after we had been playing a few hours of games. I guess he wanted to take the girls to one of the beach discos. We had a crazy night. We spent close to 3000 buying rounds of beers but it was a crazy setup they had on the beach. Pickpockets were everywhere, but nothing a good money belt can't handle. I was easily seduced by one of the girls, as was my buddy. I took her back to the Dynasty (no fee here either). She was a pretty horny girl making for a fun night and an even better morning. I liked her sister as well; in fact she was one of the best girls I saw in Thailand. She just looked too young. Damn she was hot though. I wish I had the name of the bar but I am sure I can find a picture of them.

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